Office of Emergency Management


The Western Connecticut State University Office of Emergency Management is lead by representatives of the Facilities and Student Affairs Divisions. The goal of the Emergency Management Team is to protect and sustain the University’s mission and goals which may be vulnerable to Emergency situations.

The University Emergency Management Team consists of:

  • Interim Associate VP for Facilities, Luigi Marcone, M.S., CHMM
  • VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Keith Betts
  • Commanding Officer of the WCSU Police Department, Captain Roger B. Connor
  • Interim Director of EHS, Pano Koukopoulos, CET, CHMM.
  • Director, Access Control & One Card Services, Deanna Cibery-Schaab

The Steering Committee meets regularly and establishes actionable plans for University Emergency Preparedness. As part of those plans, the Committee schedules training, drills, and exercises. The team also continues to develop the Emergency Operations Plan, Annexes, and Appendices.

In addition, the Western Connecticut State University Emergency Management Steering Committee communicates and collaborates with a broad and diverse group of community partners and resources including the State Department of Emergency Management, City of Danbury, and community businesses.

Luigi Marcone, M.S., CHMM
Interim Associate VP for Facilities
Higgins Annex 105A
Phone (203) 837-9314
Fax (203) 837-8117

Keith Betts
VP of Student Affairs
Old Main 308
Phone (203) 837-8600
Fax (203) 837-8539

Roger B. Connor
Commanding Officer of WCSU PD
WCSU Police Department
Phone (203) 837-9302

Pano Koukopoulos MA, CET, CHMM
Interim Director, EHS
University Hall 002
Phone (203) 837-9352
Fax (203) 837-8778

Deanna Cibery-Schaab
Director, Access Control
& One Card Services
WESTCONNect Office
Phone (203) 837-9318
Fax (203) 837-9317


Please read the Maintenance Direct requestors’ User Guide before accessing the system and generating work orders. For immediate service, please contact Bill McDevitt at (203) 837-8425 during business hours.  After hours, please contact the university police department at (203) 837-9300.