WCSU Faculty Handbook

Notes on the 2021-2022 Faculty Handbook

Dear Colleagues,

This version of the Faculty Handbook represents the transformation from a print/pdf model to a fully searchable digital text. At least that is the hope. As always occurs in such projects, there are sure to be errors and obvious needs for revisions. This version is my best effort to create a comprehensive document, from which the next, more accurate version will flow.

In the process of turning a series of pdfs into one document, I have made decisions about the organization of information that I hope will be helpful.  For example, in the section on Course Responsibilities there was a statement about selecting textbooks, but the information about Faculty Authored Texts was elsewhere. I have moved that information into the Course Responsibilities.  I have also added some alignments with the CBA (office hours) in a few places. These are in red to indicate that they are not official and must be discussed at Senate. I will bring them for review this fall.

It has been a long process and I am certain that somewhere along the way I have made errors that need to be addressed.  I ask now that we do this as a community.  If you find errors, please send them to me in an email.  If there are updates to be considered, send them to the president of the University Senate for consideration.

For all future Faculty Handbooks the process will be as follows:

The official handbook will be published at the start of the fall semester annually. There will be a pdf version and the web version.  Updates that occur in the fall will be recorded in January. Updates for the Spring will be recorded over the summer. The pdf version for 2021-2022 will serve as the archive at the end of the year. Archives are posted on the faculty handbook website.

Thank you all for your patience and your assistance.


Missy Alexander

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs