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WCSU Faculty Handbook : University Governance (Committee Bylaws)

Media Services and Library Policy Committee Bylaws

  1. Responsibilities
    1. To review, develop and recommend to the University Senate and Administration policy concerning the academic, administrative, and public role of Media Services and the University Library.
    2. To advise the Director of Information Technology (IT) and Media Services and Director of Library Services on matters concerning the delivery of Media Services and Library Services to students, faculty, administration and the various publics which utilize these services.
  2. Membership (Total 12)
    1. Director of Information Technology (IT) and Media Services or Media Services designee, ex officio.
    2. Director of Library Services, ex officio
    3. Chief Information Officer or designee, ex officio
    4. Library representative elected by and from the Library faculty
    5. Four teaching faculty members, one from each of the four schools, elected for overlapping three-year terms by and from the faculty of their respective schools
    6. One administrative faculty member elected to a three-year term by and from that group
    7. Instructional Designer appointed by Director of Library Services
    8. Two students selected by SGA for one-year terms
  3. Conduct of Business
    1. Meetings
      1. The first meeting of each academic year shall be convened by the Committee’s chair from the prior year, if that person still serves on the Committee. Otherwise, the President of the University Senate will designate a Committee member to convene the Committee.
      2. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the members. Unfilled positions shall not count toward quorum.
      3. With the exception of Director of Library Services, the remaining membership has voting privileges. The Committee recognizes that participating in its actions by the Director of Informational Technology (IT) and Media Services in the role as Committee member shall not prejudice their administrative role.
    2. Officers
      1. The chair shall be elected by majority vote at the last meeting of the academic year.
      2. The position of secretary shall be filled by each member in turn on an alphabetical rotating basis, unless otherwise agreed to by the Committee.
    3. Reports
      1. The Committee, through its chair, shall report all policy recommendations to the University Senate.
      2. The Committee shall submit an annual report to the University Senate.
      3. The Committee shall submit any reports on an advisory basis to the Director of Media Services or the Director of Library Services, whoever is appropriate.
    4. Minutes
      1. Minutes of all meetings shall be distributed to:
      2. All members of the Committee.
      3. University Senate President.
      4. University Senate Archivist (2 copies).
  4. Amendments
    These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at any regularly scheduled meeting, subject to the approval of the University Senate and the President of the University.
Senate Approval:  3/18/1992 (R92-3-4) Admin. Approval 7/14/09
Admin. Approval: 4/23/2007 Senate Approval: 3/22/2017
Admin. Approval:  4/14/1992 Administrative Approval: 4/3/2017
Senate Approval:  11/16/1994 (R94-11-3) Revised Senate Approval 11/20/2019
Senate Approval:  11/15/2006 (R-06-11-03) Administrative Approval 12/6/2019
Revised Senate Approval R-09-04-01