Faculty Handbook

Suggested DEC Chairperson’s Memorandum

TO: _________________________________________________  
FROM: _________________________________________________, DEC Chairperson
  _________________________________________________ Department
RE: _________________________________________________  
DATE: _____________________________________________20___  
The Department Evaluation Committee of the _________________ Department is scheduled to evaluate you. The purpose of this evaluation is ____________ . The members of the Department Evaluation Committee who will conduct the evaluation are as follows:
Please be aware that you have the opportunity to submit material directly to the DEC in accordance with the evaluation due dates established in Table 1 (in Article 4) of the CSU-AAUP collective bargaining agreement. You also have the opportunity to appear personally before the DEC prior to the DEC’s recommendation.
CC: _________________________________________________, Academic Dean or Appropriate Director
  _________________________________________________, Human Resource Department
  _________________________________________________, Chair of the P & T Committee 1
Rev. Senate R-01-09-06
Admin Approval 1/3/02

1- The Chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee should only be issued a copy of this memorandum for candidates who are being considered for either tenure or promotion in rank.


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