Faculty Handbook

Summer Curriculum-Related Activities

The Collective Bargaining Agreement provides for stipends during the summer for curriculum-related activities. Individuals should address their requests to the Dean. Faculty deadline is March 1. The Dean must submit requests to the Academic Vice President by March 6. An advisory group composed of up to three members from CUCAS and up to three members from the Graduate Council, with at least one representative from each school, will then review the proposals. Faculty who are awarded stipends for summer curriculum-related activities must submit a brief report to the Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Standards and the Graduate Council in the Fall semester following completion of activities.

The basic guidelines used by the Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Standards in reviewing summer curriculum-related activities shall include: (1) the proposals should be for curriculum development (development of courses and programs) and not for training, assessment, or promotion of programs; (2) funds can go only to full-time members of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Unit in accordance with that agreement (Article 9.11); (3) preference is given to new curriculum development over revising existing courses; (4) preference is given to those who had not received funds in recent years over those who had recently received funds; and (5) faculty who fail to file a report will not be considered for funding until such report is filed.

Senate approval: Oct. 20, 1993 (R93-10-3)
Admin. Approval: Dec. 13, 1993
Rev. Senate: (R-05-04-02)
Admin. Approval: Sept. 16, 2005
Rev. Senate: R0-6-04-05
Admin. Approval: 9/6/06

Please answer the following questions.  Please keep your response to no more than two pages.  You are to submit your proposal to your Dean by March 1st.

1. What is the title of your proposal?

2. How many credits are you requesting?

3.  What is the primary purpose of your proposal?

4.  Briefly explain which of the following your proposal addresses and how?

a. New Curriculum Proposal

b. Revision of existing program or existing courses

5. Describe your proposal in detail.  Include your rationale for the proposal and why this work is needed.  Include the goals of the proposed program or courses.

6. What are the goals you plan to accomplish this summer?

a. What will be the schedule of your work plan?

b. What will be the output from this activity?

Describe this in detail.

7. When do you plan to implement your program or course(s)?

Previous funding

Have you ever received funding for Summer Curriculum-Related Activities?  Yes___                          No___


When was the most recent time you received funding?


Report on funding

Following funding, did you file a report on your activities with the Provost and Chair of CUCAS at the completion of these activities?


Provost:                           Yes___                      No___


Chair of CUCAS:            Yes___                      No___



At the completion of this activity you are required to file a report with the Provost and Chair of CUCAS.  Please include an assessment of how your goals for the proposal/funding were met.

Senate Approved R-12-05-02

Administrative Approval 5/10/12


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