Faculty Handbook

Division of Academic Affairs

Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
The Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs assumes major overall responsibility for the entire area of academic affairs and the total instructional program of the University, in accordance with established policy and the direction of the University President.

The Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs exercises academic leadership and promotes the intellectual life of the University.  He/she guides, plans and controls all academic projects and serves as chief academic and executive officer for the President.

The Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for the administration, coordination and supervision of all academic personnel and related programs and services.  He/she coordinates and integrates the activities of the schools under his/her jurisdiction and works with others in coordinating activities among the various areas, schools and departments of the University.

The Provost/Academic Vice President makes recommendations to the President regarding policies, personnel, plans and procedures in the area of academic affairs.  He/she maintains liaison with the Vice President for Finance and Administration and, with him/her, develops procedures for implementation of administrative and/or University policy.  He/she is also responsible for executing academic strategic planning and coordinates the institutional, regional and state accreditation processes.

In addition, the Provost/V.P. for Academic Affairs assures student advocacy, promotes and represents the University to external publics as appropriate, plans for and allocates critical resources, and implements quality assurance/assessment measures.

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs assists the Provost/VP for Academic Affairs with matters of student concerns, curriculum, assessment, and accreditation, including general education and undergraduate majors; and supervises the office and staff of the Division of Graduate Studies as well as all aspects of graduate programs, the extension campus facilities, and the budgets for the Division of Graduate Studies and extension campus facilities.

Reporting to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs are: International Services Coordinator and External Programs.

  1. International Services Coordinator
    The International Services Coordinator assists students (and their spouses/dependents) in obtaining and maintaining F-1 non-immigrant visa student status.  The Coordinator guides students when navigating the processes of non-immigrant F-1 regulations and university procedures.  The Coordinator can provide general information regarding other non-immigrant visa types (J-1 and H-1), assists with change of status to F-1 non-immigrant student status and referrals to appropriate resources.  The Coordinator leads the international student orientation program/on-going programming to facilitate learning about U.S. culture and maintaining valid F1 non-immigrant status and all the benefits associated with it.
    The International Services Office plays a key role in internationalizing the university.  The Coordinator supports course abroad program development, international travel authorization processes, funding, and exchanges of faculty/students.  The Coordinator serves as a programming resource for international issues and cross-cultural activities
  2. External Programs
    External Programs at Waterbury oversee the university’s external academic programs, such as bachelors degree-completion programs in Management and Nursing on the Naugatuck Valley Community College campus. Responsibilities include the planning, marketing, and implementation of such programs, and coordination with host schools, the external community, and the home campus.  Quality of instruction is ensured through the use of Western’s faculty members, course outlines, and materials at all external locations, as well as the particular school dean’s involvement in all administrative and academic operations.

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
The Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services provides strategic leadership for enrollment and retention planning and management efforts for the University under the Division of Enrollment and Retention Management in collaboration with the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Associate Vice President is responsible for and oversees the delivery of assigned academic support functions and services, developing strategies for organizing resources, setting professional standards, assuring fiscal integrity by developing forecasts and budgets, determining funding sources, and assuring a professional and support staff capable of effective performance.

Reporting to the Office of Enrollment & Retention Management in the Division of Enrollment and Retention Management are: Academic Advisement, Admissions, Registrar, Student Financial Services, Publication and Design and Veteran Services Liaison.

  1. The Office of Admissions is responsible for all phases of undergraduate student recruitment and admission. 
  2. The Registrar is responsible for the direction and administration of all phases of registration including scheduling of all courses and examinations, student registration instruction, academic record keeping for all students, and generating academic data. 
  3. Student Financial Services is responsible for the administering of student financial aid programs in compliance with the terms of agreement between the University and the Office of Education and other state and federal requirements.  Student Financial Services also monitors and maintains the records for the Perkins Loan Program.
  4. Publications and Design is responsible for designing and producing academic and administrative publications, media advertising and, promotional and special events printed material.
  5. Academic Advisement is designed for students who have not yet decided on an academic major, as well as for students who wish to explore a change of academic majors, the center not only provides up-to-date information on all academic programs, policies and procedures, but also provides assessments to help students determine a suitable field of study. All students are welcome at the center, regardless of academic major.
  6. Veteran Services Liaison is responsible for providing a wide range of support and referral services for all undergraduate and graduate students who are: veterans currently serving active duty, Reserve or National Guard; vocational rehabilitation, and qualified dependents. Appropriate services are determined and provided based upon the student's specific need and the academic requirements of the appropriate department, school or program.

Library Services
The Director of Library Services is responsible for coordinating, supervising and directing all aspects of the libraries.  This includes strategic planning, budget development, staff development, library services programs, library consortia agreements, delivery of services to all staff utilizing new information systems and media technologies, community outreach programs and evaluation of donated materials.

Institutional Research & Assessment
The Director of Institutional Research and Assessment is responsible for compiling surveys, interpreting enrollment, admissions and faculty statistics, assessing student outcomes, and coordinating the students’ semester evaluations of faculty.


The Office of Sponsored Research Administrative Services
The Director of the Office of Sponsored Research Administrative Services is responsible for assisting faculty and staff in the development, preparation, and submission of proposals for external funding; for assuring that project directors effectively manage funded grants and contracts; and for establishing and maintaining effective working relationships between grant applicants/recipients, funding sources, WCSU administrative departments and external regulatory agencies.



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