Faculty Handbook

Procedure for Planning, Establishing or Revising a Non-Curricular University- Wide Academic Initiative

  1. This procedure is to be used for all non-curricular, university-wide academic initiatives.
  2. The applicant/department prepares and approves a proposal and uses the proper cover routing sheet from the Faculty Handbook. The proposal should include the following:

    a.  Rationale for the initiative.

    b.  How does proposed initiative meet the University strategic planning objectives?

    c.  Detailed budget including 1st year start-up costs and subsequent maintenance costs.

    d.  Equipment needs.

    e.  Staffing needs (over a 4-year period, including release time, clerical time, etc.).

    f.  Any special room, facility, transportation needs.

    g.  How much library material is already available on campus; how much more library material would be needed?

    h.  Plans for program assessment and time schedule.

  3. For all proposals:

    a.  1 copy, via email attachment, sent to the UPBC Chair.

    b.  All materials, including appropriate signed cover sheet, should be routed from the applicant/department chair to UPBC. Relevant department chair signatures indicate that all other affected departments have been notified.

  4. UPBC reviews the proposal to determine whether it fits into the strategic planning of the university and to assess the possibilities for staff, equipment, facilities, etc. If approved, the proposal is sent to the President (or designee) with simultaneous copy to the applicant/department chair(s). If disapproved, the proposal, with reasons, comments, or recommendations, is returned to the applicant/department chair(s). UPBC may consult with applicant and/or department(s) for clarification throughout the process.
  5. After administrative review, the President (or designee) will simultaneously inform the applicant/department Chair(s), the UPBC Chair, and the appropriate Dean of administrative approval and anticipated starting date or of administrative disapproval with reasons, comments, or recommendations.
  6. All records will be maintained in the Office of the Provost.

Form: Procedure for Planning, Establishing or Revising a Non-Curricular University- Wide Academic Initiative

Senate Approved: R-05-12-9
President Approved: March 9, 2006


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