Faculty Handbook

Local and Contract Procedures Concerning Professional Assessment

I. Contract Procedures

Each tenured member shall receive one Professional Assessment every six (6) years unless: (a) the DEC, in an effort to assist, schedules the next Assessment in less than six (6) years; or (b) the affected member requests more frequent Assessment. The DEC shall honor such requests. The purpose of this assessment shall be to measure the member’s teaching effectiveness, and/or primary professional function, service to the department and university, scholarship, and professional activity in order to further the member’s professional growth.

In making its Assessment, the DEC shall seek and use student and peer assessments as indicated by Article 4.11.7 of the CSU-AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement. (See also Article 4.12) Peer evaluation (classroom observation) in the form of a written report and data from a written student survey instrument are required components of a Professional Assessment of members whose workload includes classroom teaching. All Assessments completed by the DEC will be reviewed by the appropriate Academic Dean and Academic Vice President, as referred to them by department chairpersons, before transmitting a copy of the Assessment to the President.

The original DEC Professional Assessment shall be placed in the member’s personnel file.

II. Local Procedures Developed by The University Senate

  1. The DEC shall inform each member to be assess in writing of:

    a.  the opportunity to submit information to the DEC.

    b.  the fact and purpose of the assessment.

    c.  the opportunity to appear before the DEC

  2. Each Assessment shall be signed by all members of the DEC.
  3. A copy of the assessment shall be:

    a.  sent to the affected member upon issuance.

    b.  placed in the member’s personnel file.

    c.  sent to the appropriate dean or director.

  4. The Professional Assessment form which must be used follows this page and should be placed in the member’s file by February 1 of the appropriate academic year.

Form: Professional Assessment

Form: Professional Assessment Of Tenured Faculty

March 19, 1980; Revised: March 1996
Senate Revised: May 19, 1999
Adm. Approved: Sept. 1999

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