Faculty Handbook

Policy Concerning

Faculty Authored Textbook at Western Connecticut State University

Consistent with Section 1-84 of the Connecticut General Statutes and the State of Connecticut Ethics Commission’s requirement in Advisory Opinion 2001-7, WCSU requires that all faculty utilizing their own published works as required or recommended readings in a course not profit from that use.

Having chosen to use my own publication______________________________________________________________
(as author, editor, or contributor) in my course___________________________________________________________
  Course Title
I will donate all royalties from the sale of my work to my WCSU students to _____________________________________
Signature____________________________________________________ __________________________20__
Printed Name_________________________________________________
A completed copy of this form shall be sent to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Every semester the Vice President for Academic Affairs shall instruct faculty to refer to the appropriate page in the Faculty Handbook on which the above appears.
Senate Approval: R-03-05-04
Administrative Approval: 6/18/03


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