Faculty Handbook

X.  Office of University Events

The Office of University Events is under the supervision of the Director of University Relations, and is responsible for the operational facets of Commencement Exercises and other such public occasions for the university. The office is the liaison for the room reservation system, open to both on and off campus community organizations.

Facility reservation requests should be made two to four weeks prior to an event date. A completed facilities reservation form is required for approval for your event. Please have the following information ready when you call: date and time of event, desired location, equipment and set up requirements, and number of attendees. To plan meetings, contact the University Events Office at 837-8800 or 837-9010 or e-mail: events@wcsu.edu. to check event space availability and request facilities reservation form.

Reservations for either the Campus or Student Center should be sent directly to the Operations Manager at 837-8211.

Form: Food Service Request Form

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