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Social Media Intern

Department: WCSU Libraries

Location: Haas Library, Midtown Campus

Description: Social Media Intern – Building off of the current Social Media Policy, the Library social media intern will develop and manage the library’s presence and “personality” on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The intern will collaborate with others to create, post, and share content and events related to the Library and the WCSU community, and they will seek to improve the “followship” of the various sites.

Requirements/Desired: Applicants should have an interest in social media marketing and experience using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Attention to detail, including good writing and organizational skills, is a must.

Hours/Schedule: 10 hours / week, flexible days and hours based on course schedule.

Pay Rate: $12 / hour and/or internship credit (enrolled in CED course)

Payroll Type: Federal Work Study only

Contact: Applicants should submit a resume and letter of interest to Susan Scaza at scazas@wcsu.edu.


Updated: 08/14/20