Graduates in the Spotlight

2018 Graduates in the Spotlight

As Western Connecticut State University prepares for its 120th annual Commencement ceremony, we pause for a moment to look back at our past — and ahead to our graduates’ futures.

Depending on the year they passed through our gates, our students have received a degree from the Danbury Normal School (1906 – 1936), Danbury State Teachers College (1937 – 1959), Danbury State College (1960 – 1967), Western Connecticut State College (1967 – 1982) and Western Connecticut State University (since 1983).

We’ve grown from early graduating classes of several dozen students to more than a thousand in recent years, conferring undergraduate, masters and, starting in 2008, doctoral degrees.

In the class of 2017, our graduates hailed from 16 U.S. states and 115 Connecticut cities and towns. The average age was 25 for those obtaining a bachelor’s degree and 34 for those obtaining a master’s degree. The mean grade point average in 2017 for WCSU students receiving a bachelor’s degree was 3.22. For graduate students, it was 3.80.

The numbers for the class of 2018 are still being written. Here is a glimpse at what some of our graduates’ futures hold.


Image of Jessie Bajwa Jessie Bajwa
B.B.A. in Financial Accounting
 Image of Melanie Jones Melanie Jones
B.S. in Music Education (PreK-12)
 Image of Leah Begg Leah Begg
M.A. in English
 Image of Kaitlyn LaBonte Kaitlyn LaBonte
B.A. in Political Science
Image of Ruby Cantoni Ruby Cantoni
B.A. in Art – Graphic Design
 Image of Joanne Marques Joanne Lee
B.S. in Nursing
Image of Ralph Deluca Ralph DeLuca
B.S. in JLA – Legal Studies
Image of Shannon McFarland Shannon McFarland
B.A. in Biology – Ecology
Marcus Estevez
B.B.A. in Marketing
Image of Nicole Mierzejewski Nicole Mierzejewski
B.B.A. in Finance
Image of Sean Feibusch Sean Feibusch
B.B.A. in Finance
 Image of Jesse Navarra Jesse Navarra
M.F.A. in Art
 Image of Quinn Fleeting Quinn Fleeting
B.B.A. in Management Information Systems
Image of Hieu Hguyen Hieu Nguyen
B.A. in Mathematics
M.A. in Mathematics
 Image of Jenna Gaudioso Jenna Gaudioso
B.S. in Nursing
Image of Darien Talley Darien Talley
B.A. in Communication Studies
 Image of Sarah Hoegler Sarah Hoegler
B.A. in Psychology
Image of Sydney Varick Sydney Varick
B.A. in Communication Studies
B.A. in Theatre – Performance