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Identify Yourself! Is One Enough?

HON 298 – Professor Ken Scaglia

Modes of Inquiry: Textual Analysis, Artistic Creation and Analysis

Course Description:

This course will explore various forms of personal identity and how it might manifest
itself. One’s inner self versus the outer self presented to the public may vary
in different degrees. Students will create artwork in a variety of media that seek to
express how they present themselves personally and how they will view themselves
in the larger world after leaving WCSU. Each project will be a forum for discussion
and creation of a tangible result of the discussion.

Current affairs of immigration, travel concerns and restrictions, public and private
personas, and what it means to make your way in a global society will be discussed.
Several outlets for expression will be explored through masks, passports,
color, typography, and baking.

An overall goal of increased self-awareness and empathy will be sought through
discussion and projects. Students will complete projects which change the expectations
of those they encounter.