Separation (Exit) Procedure

Procedure Overview:

This procedure relates to taking appropriate measures for the University to safeguard access to information and University property.  The following steps will be taken when an employee separates employment from the University or transfers to a new position at the University.   The following procedure shall be applicable to all full-time employees and permanent part-time employees.

  1. When the Human Resource Department (hereafter referred to as “HR) is notified that an employee will be separating their employment with the University or is transferring to a different department within the University, HR shall notify the following departments of the employee’s separation or transfer and the effective date of their termination or transfer.
    • Payroll

    • Employee’s Home Department

    • Police Department

    • WestConnect Office

    • Information Technology & Innovation

    • Multicultural Affairs & Affirmative Action Programs

    • Finance & Administration

    Each of these departments shall ensure that the appropriate measures are taken to terminate the employee’s access to any physical locations, information, computer systems, telephone services, and any other information or service provided to the employee as a result of their employment with the University. 

  2. The HR department schedules a meeting with all employees terminating employment with the University.  At this meeting the HR department representative will inform the employee of the need to return any University issued property and settle any outstanding payments that may be owed to the University prior to their last day of work.  The employee will be provided with a University Property Checklist form.  It will be the responsibility of the employee to bring the University Property Checklist form to the following departments to assure any applicable University property has been returned or outstanding payments have been made:

    • Employee’s Home Department

    • WestConnect Office

    • Information Technology & Innovation

    • Administrative Services

    • Fiscal Affairs

    • Library Services

  4. The employee shall be responsible for returning the completed University Property Checklist form to the HR department prior to their last day of work.  Upon receipt of the completed University Property Checklist form, the HR department shall authorize release of the employee’s final paycheck.

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