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During the course of the year Western Connecticut State University may have the opportunity to hire volunteers.  Volunteers are un-paid individuals who usually wish to gain experience in a desired field.  The below process is to be followed prior to a volunteer for an assignment at WCSU.  All volunteers are required to go through a background check prior to beginning their volunteer assignment. 

Volunteer hiring process:

1.     The first step in the process is to receive approval from your Dean or Vice President.  To do this, you should prepare a brief summary of the duties you will have the volunteer do, including the work hours/days.  Attach their CV and email the request to the Dean or VP with a copy to Peggy Boyle in Human Resources.


2.     Upon receipt of the Dean/VP's approval Human Resources will send a confirmation email to the requestor. This email should then be forwarded to your volunteer.  The email explains the background check process and has the necessary forms attached -  a Background Check Release Form and a WCSU Application of Employment.

3.     The volunteer will need to complete the background check forms and return them to Peggy Boyle in Human Resources.


4.     Once the background check is approved (usually 3 – 7 days after receipt) a volunteer letter is prepared and sent to the volunteer, with a copy to the supervisor letting them know they can begin the assignment. A University Parking/ID form is completed as well.

Any questions, please contact: Peggy Boyle, Associate in Human Resources

Phone: 203-837-8662       Email:

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