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Hancock Student Leadership Program

2010-2011 Applied Leadership Projects

Ms. Alexandria Almeida

Mentor: Dean Walter Cramer
Project Title: Greek Life Myths Revealed
Project Description:
The purpose of this project was to bring about a more positive image for Greek Life on the Western Connecticut State University campus.  The project involved holding an event at the beginning of the academic semester that would address common “myths” about Greek Life. Prior to the event, information packets and flyers were passed out at both Summer Orientation programs. This assisted in getting word out to new students about WCSU’s Greek Community. The actual event consisted of an open forum with a panel of Greek members. Each Greek organization had one representative that answered questions regarding hazing, dues, recruitment, and other important concepts of sorority and fraternity life.  “Greek Life Myths Revealed” served as the introduction for Greek Life’s Rush and Recruitment events during the Fall 2011.  The event took great planning, and was an overall success. To date, the number of active sorority and fraternity members has greatly increased. I hope that more forums, information sessions, and events can be held in the future,  to further improve the  Greek image on campus.

Ms. Diana Frascone

Mentor: Ms. Dianne Olsen
Project Title: Dream Week
Project Description:
The Eta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi brings back “Dream Week” to Western Connecticut State University (WCSU). “Helping those in need, by raising money that will better their everyday lives, while helping them follow their dreams.”
The mission of the Eta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi here at Western Connecticut State University is to promote the Universities participation in philanthropic events at WCSU. By doing so, the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi are bringing back, Dream Week. A week full of philanthropic events that any and all student clubs at WCSU can participate it and help raise money for Alpha Delta Pi’s international philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). This philanthropic event is geared to on campus clubs that will sign up as teams to compete in a series of competitions over a 3 days period. Teams must be comprised of between 2-8 people maximum and be present all nights to win. Over the course of each night, teams will earn points and the last night, the team with the most points will win the title of Alpha Delta Pi’s “Dream Team.”

Ms. Alanna Katz

Mentor: Dr. Paul Simon
Project Title: Situational Leadership:  Self Assessment
The main goal of this project was to explore the idea that leaders have the ability to decipher their range of skills and knowledge to fit into different situations. Being a part of so many varying organizations has given me the unique chance to put what I have learned to practical use. In each organization, I have different leadership roles. Through this project I will be examining my diversity of leadership skills and how their use differs from one club to the next. I will then gather all information from myself and other WCSU organization leaders and compare it to the knowledge I have gained through the Hancock Student Leadership Program. With all I have learned, I will attempt to answer the questions of situational leadership, and what the requirements are to becoming an effective leader.

Ms. Brianne LaCombe

Mentor: Mr. Dennis Leszko
Project Title: New Roots Mentorship Program
Project Description:
The New Roots Mentorship Program was designed for new (freshman and transfer) WCSU students for the fall of 2011.  Mentees were paired with upper-class mentors, who had similar majors, interests, and hobbies.  The pairs met for one hour or more weekly to discuss academics, social life, and any other questions or concern the new students may have had.  Bonds were formed between mentors and mentees and those who have stuck with the program for the entire semester have reported that they have learned a wealth of quality knowledge from this unique experience.

Ms. Laurie Lawless

Mentor: Ms. Dawn Bailey
Project Title: Running the Campus Newspaper
Project Description:
At the beginning of the fall 2010 semester, the campus newspaper was in shambles.  The editor-in-chief quit unexpectedly, the organization had no budget, bills from previous semesters had been left unpaid, and the office was incredibly outdated.
Within the first few weeks of the semester, I was elected as Editor-in-Chief, took the reins, and led the way.  With the help of a few other students we were able to get a budget approved, an updated office, bills paid and retrained The Echo staff on job responsibilities and writing and editing styles.
I spent the entire year working incredibly hard to rebuild The Echo’s image on campus and to teach the staff the importance of journalism and the responsibility of the written word.  The Echo’s content came a long way from where it had been previously, and even though the staff made some major errors, they also learned from those errors and were able to grow as professional journalists.  I still see the effect of some of my teachings in the newspaper to this day.

Ms. Kayana McCalla

Mentor: Dr. Theresa Canada
Project Title: Our Struggle
Project Description:
A project on Marriage Equality & LGBTQ Acceptance and Support in the 21st Century.
My project sought to highlight the issues of marriage equality and acceptance within the LGBTQ community. Initially my thoughts were to educate the WCSU community on the acceptance of Proposition 8 by conducting a panel discussion on marriage equality, however, I decided thereafter to further my scope by conducting research on possible resources institutions can use to assure acceptance and safety for LGBTQ students.

Ms. Adaobi Ogbenta

Mentor: Ms. Dianne Olsen
Project Title: Fashion Fights Cancer
Project Description:
My project involved Fashion Fights Cancer, a fashion show fundraiser event to benefit Ann’s Place, The Home of I CAN. The event took place on Friday, September 23, 2011 at the Ives Concert Hall in White Hall; was hosted by W.C.S.U.’s Student Nurses Association and open to students, faculty and staff, and the public to attend. Fashion Fights Cancer was dedicated to raise awareness of Ann’s Place and the support services they provide to people living with cancer and their loved ones, raise funds to donate to Ann’s Place, bring the school and community together, and generate student interest in the greater campus community involvement.

Ms. Susan Owino

Mentor: Dr. Robyn Housemann
Project Title: Continuing Education for Young Mothers
Project Description:
The project centered on empowering women through education. I worked in conjunction with YoungLives which is an organization located in Danbury, CT that works closely with young mothers. The project tried to educate young mothers on the importance of education and how to go about applying for college. This is because with education women can get a career and be able to take care of their families and in some cases break the cycle of poverty. The project had two panels: one was the info panel that gave them information on how to apply for college and the benefits they will get while in school and also after graduating. The second panel was made up of young mothers who are in college or already graduated. They talked about the challenges they faced and how they went about it.

Mr. Daniel Ravizza

Mentor: Mr. Dennis Leszko
Project Title: Affordable Tuition for Connecticut State University Students
Project Description:
The purpose of this project is to create and foster awareness, relationships, and action among faculty, staff, students, Connecticut constituents and elected officials that will result in smaller or no cuts to the CSU budget as the state faces a 3.67 billion dollar state deficit.  The consequence of such cuts would likely result in higher tuition and lower quality education for Connecticut State University System students.  Also, I hope to unite all students of the Connecticut State University System through advocacy for their access to affordable and quality higher education.