InterCultural Center : Spring 2019 Events Calendar

February Events 2019

2/4- Clubs Carnival (SOC) 

Location- Westside Campus Ballroom 

Time- 3pm-6pm 

2/4- Oh , the places you can go! Go Global !( SOC) 

Location- Westside Campus Center, Second Floor Loft 

Time- 4pm-5:30pm 

Sponsored BY- WCSU Career Success Center

International Services Coordinator

Kathwari Honors Program

Intercultural Affairs

2/5- WCSU Open Forum(IM,CE) 

Theme- Campus Safety and Security

Location- Ives Concert Hall, Midtown Campus

Time- 1:30pm to 3pm 

2/6- Black History Month Dinner Special (SOC) 

Location-Midtown Student Center 

Time- 4pm-7:30pm 

2/6-WCSU Open Forum(IM,CE)

Theme-Campus Safety and Security

Location-North Ballroom, Westside Campus Center 

Time- 3pm to 4:30pm 

2/8- African Caribbean Student Association Presents ” Take Me Out and Show Me Some Love” (SOC) 

Location-Westside Ballroom 

Time- 8:30- 

2/8- Muslim Students Association Interest Meeting(GP) 

Location- Midtown Student Center, suite 202

 Time- 4pm to 5pm 

2/11- 2/18 : Black History Month Lunch Special( SOC) 

Location- Midtown Student Center

Time- All week for Lunch

2/12- Black Student Union Presents ” Black History Month Jeopardy” (SOC) 

Location- Midtown Campus, Honors House 

Time: 8:30pm-9:30pm 

2/12- Black History Month Lecture ” Smoke Screen: Under the Influence of Marijuana Politics & Power” (CA) 

Location: TBD

Time: 8pm-

Sponsored By: PAC , BSU, ICA

2/13- Black Social Workers Association Presents ” The Story Never Changes( Thirteenth) “(CA)

Location: Midtown Campus, White Hall 122 

Time: 9am to 11am 

2/14- Carry the Love Presents” It Just Takes One” (SOC, IM) 

Location- Westside Ballroom  

Time- 7pm- 

Faith Based Program

2/15- Muslim Students Association Presents ” Hijabi for a day” (CA,SOC)

Location-Midtown Student Center Lobby 

Time-  1pm to 4pm 

2/16- Gender and Sexuality Alliance ” Choir Boy Trip”(SOC)

Location- Bus will be leaving From Westside 

Time- 8:30am 

Cost of trip- Tickets go on sale February 4th for 30$ ( Just for students)

2/20- Black Social Workers Association Presents ” Power Hour of Knowledge” (CA) 

Location- Midtown Campus, Warner Hall 

Time- 9:45 am-

2/20- Malik Roc Presents ” The Hate U Give” Sponsored By the Kathwari Honors Program (CA ,SOC)  

Location- Midtown Campus , Kathwari Honors House 

Time- 9:00pm 

2/23- Black Student Union Presents ” Bounce Trip” (SOC) 

Location- Leave from Midtown Campus 


There is no cost for the trip


2/24- Black Student Union Presents ” Soul Food Sunday “(SOC)

Location- Midtown Campus, Colonial Corner 

Time- Starts at 6:00pm

No Cost for this event

2/26- Black History Month KeyNote Lecture: Claire Smith (CA) 

Location- Midtown  Campus, Ives Concert Hall 

Time- 7:00pm- 

Claire Smith is the first black hall of fame sports writer.

She is also an ESPN sports Journalist.


2/27-Black Social Workers Association PresentsCareer Conversation About The Black Experience” (CA)

 Location- Midtown Campus. White Hall room 122

 Time- 7:45 am- Noon  

2/28- Black Social Workers Association Presents ” Rep Your Culture Bash ” ( SOC) 

 Location- Westside Ballroom 

  Time- Doors open at 9pm 







All events are free and open to the public unless noted otherwise.