File Shares Support for Faculty & Staff

Accessing File Shares from Windows

Accessing files on the network can be done with Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer can be found in the Programs sub-menu of the Start menu.Upon opening Explorer, the following three drives will be visible:

Move vs. Copy

It is important to understand the subtleties and consequences of moving files and copying them. When a 1-MB file is moved from one location to another -- e.g. from a biology professor's H:\ drive to the Arts & Sciences temporary folder (K:\Temp - Arts & Sciences) -- the biology professor is charged with 1 MB from his/her quota. If the same professor instead decides to copy the 1-MB file from his/her H:\ drive to the Arts & Sciences temporary folder, 2 MB will be charged from the professor's quota -- one for the copy on the H:\ drive, one for the copy in the Arts & Sciences temporary folder.

Drag and Drop

Cut, Copy and Paste

Using the DropOff Folders

As eluded to earlier, the DropOff folder is located in the Common area (K:\ drive). There is a folder for each department in the DropOff folder that every faculty and staff member has the ability to write in, but only the members of the named department have the ability to read or remove the contents. This will enable a professor in the music department to give a file to the Registrar's office only. The file will be charged to the music professor's quota.

Manually Connecting to your file shares

It may become necessary to manually map a drive to the file share server. The following steps outline how to connect to your file shares:

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