Guide to IT Terminology

When talking technology at WestConn, many terms are used, and it can sometimes get confusing.  Listed below are common terms you might hear or read about and a description of what they all mean.

Terms you might hear   What they mean
Banner ID
university ID
student ID number
  These terms refer to your unique 8-digit identification number. It begins with a "5" and is used by the university in place of your social security number.
Windows account
WestConn account
WestConn Windows Account
Windows username
AD account
Active Directory account
Active Directory username
WestConnduit username
WestConnduit password
  These terms refer to the account (username and password combination) used to log in to the university's computers on campus, it is also used to access Blackboard Learn. "WestConn Windows Account" is the general term used to describe either kind of account.
Local domain
  These terms refer to the network domain in which users will sign in upon logging into a public machine.
Blackboard Learn
  These terms all refer to WestConn's course management tool, Blackboard Learn. 


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