Connecting to the Wireless Network

  1. Take your computer to a “WestConn Wireless Hot spot” (coverage maps can be found at
  2. Right-click the wireless icon in the System Tray.

  3. Make sure your wireless card is enabled.
  4. Select View Available Wireless Networks.
  5. Select the wireless network with the name WestConn.

  6. Check the box next to Allow me to connect to the selected wireless network if it is not already connected.
  7. Click the Connect button.
  8. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape) and go to a web page (your web browser may automatically attempt to go to your default homepage).
  9. You will be automatically redirected to the WestConn Secure Login Web page.
  10. Enter your WestConn username and password (Windows username and password) and press the Login In button

  11. After you have logged in, a Web page will appear that confirms your connection to the wireless network with a link to the web page you selected in step 8.
  12. A web browser pop-up window is available to speed up the logout process, but this window is not required to logout of the wireless network. We suggest that you keep the small window open with the logout button. As long as the small window is open and your signal is not broken (should you move outside the HotSpot area), you will remain logged into WestConn Wireless.

Note: If you have pop-ups disabled in your browser, you will not see the pop-up logout window. You will still be able to connect and log out of the wireless network without the logout window. The benefit to using this window to log out is that a wireless connection associated with your session is not tied up and will free up resources immediately. Your session will time out only if your system is idle for more than 15 minutes or shutdown for more than 6 minutes.

Normally, if everything is set up properly and your network connection is working fine, you can always verify your connection by double clicking the wireless network icon next to the clock. Your connection status will appear.

If no WestConn network is showing up in the list to connect in step 5, then follow the steps below:

  1. Choose View Available Wireless Networks.
  2. From the left column of the Wireless Network Connection window, choose Change advanced settings.
  3. In the Wireless Network Connection Properties window, select the Wireless Networks tab.

  4. Click on Add to add preferred networks settings.
  5. Type WestConn in the Network name (SSID) field.

  6. Click on the Association tab and make sure that IEEE authentication box is not checked.

  7. Click on the Connection tab and check the box Connect when this network is in range option.

  8. Click OK and now WestConn will show up on the list of preferred network box.

  9. Click the Advanced button and make sure you select the radio button Any available network option.

Where to get more help on WestConn Wireless

Please call the IT Help Desk at (203) 837-8467 for additional help with the WestConn Wireless Network.

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