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Information Technology & Innovation

University Phone dial plan change

Over the past few years, our WCSU Police Dept. has received an increasing number of false 911 calls.  Users have been inadvertently dialing 91+1+area code/number, instead of 9+1+area code/number. The false 911 calls automatically dispatch Danbury and WCSU Police officers who have to respond and investigate. To address this issue, IT&I will be changing our current ‘dial 9’ for external calls with ‘dial 8’.  The change will be implemented this Friday evening after 6PM.


Please remember to dial 8 for external calls as 9 will no longer work.  Dialing 911 will still reach Danbury and WCSU Police.


If you have any speed dials programmed on your phones, please update them with the new 8 prefix.


Please contact the Service Desk if you need assistance at X78467 or requestit@wcsu.edu.


Thank you in advance for your help in reducing false 911 calls.


Information Technology & Innovation and WCSU Police department