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Office of Judicial Affairs

University Disciplinary Procedures Regarding Sexual Misconduct

The standard of evidence that we use at WCSU is “preponderance of the evidence” or more likely than not.

In cases of an alleged sexual offense, when the accused is a student, the victim/survivor can request that disciplinary proceedings begin promptly. Both the victim/survivor and the accused are entitled to have a support person or advisor accompany them to any disciplinary proceedings (as long as it does not postpone or delay the scheduling of the meeting), present evidence and witnesses on their behalf.

Additionally, both the victim and the accused will be informed in writing of the outcome of any university disciplinary proceeding within one business day after the conclusion of the proceedings.

Following a final determination of responsibility when the allegation involves a rape or other sexual offense, the University Judicial Board may impose any sanction or combination of sanctions, including expulsion. Disciplinary proceedings under this Code may be carried out before, during or after any civil or criminal court proceedings against the accused student. Sanctions up to and including expulsion may be imposed upon a finding of responsibility.

The university shall not disclose the identity of the victim or accused except as necessary to carry out the disciplinary proceedings or as permitted under state or federal law.