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 WCSU Official Mathematics Placement Policy

A score of 570 in the SAT Mathematics Test is the proficiency mark for entering first year students.  Students scoring below the 570 threshold are classified as remedial.  The mathematics department currently offers three levels of remedial math courses:

  • MAT 098 – Elementary Algebra
  • MAT 100 – Intermediate Mathematics
  • MAT 100P – Intermediate Algebra Plus.

Complete descriptions of all three are in the college catalog.

  • Students scoring between 530 and 560 should register for MAT 100.
  • Students scoring between 420 and 520 should register for MAT 100P.  This is a 4-credit one-semester course that works the same as MAT 100 for prerequisite purposes.
  • For students scoring below 420 the department strongly recommends registering for MAT 098.  Upon earning a passing grade in MAT 098, the student will then register for MAT 100.  Since MAT 098 does not earn academic credit, CT State law specifies that students may only take this course one time.

The MAT 098/100 two-course sequence is the same as taking MAT 100P.  This sequence is open to any student who wishes to complete this remediation at a slower pace.

Placement for first year and transfer students is determined by SAT scores as described in the table below.

Students wishing to challenge the SAT placement may take a test administered through the Admissions Office.  More information on testing dates and procedures can be found here.

Category Test Score Course Eligibility
Remedial SAT 520 or below

ACT: 1-17

MAT 100P: Intermediate Algebra Plus. First order linear equations, manipulation of algebraic expressions, solution of linear equations and inequalities, graphing and applications
SAT 530-560

ACT: 18-21

MAT 100:  Intermediate Mathematics.  Polynomials and rational expressions; algebraic techniques including solution of first and second degree  equations and inequalities; solution of systems of equations and inequalities; graphing of linear equations and applications; exponential functions and logarithms
General Education/Precalculus Placement SAT 570-610

ACT: 22-23

MAT 110, 113, 118, 127, 120, 133 and 170 and any other general education math course for which MAT 100 is the only prerequisite
Calculus SAT 620 and above

ACT: 24-36

MAT 110, 113, 118, 127, 120, 133, 165, 170 and 181 or any general education math courses for which MAT 100 or MAT 133 is a prerequisite.
AP -AP Calculus for a 3 or higher on the AP Calculus AB test A score of 3 or higher in the AB portion of the exam gives four credit hours towards Calculus I MAT 181