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Local middle schooler wins NOAA B-Wet Stewardship Award

image of Eva George

Eva George

DANBURY, CONN. — Danbury resident Eva George recently received First Place honors in the Western Connecticut State University 2020 NOAA B-WET Stewardship Competition. George attends Westside Middle School Academy. The 12-year-old science enthusiast is entering eighth grade.

Dr. Theodora Pinou, WCSU professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences and faculty curator of the H. G. Dowling Herpetological Collection, runs Finding Our Way: An Experiential Watershed Learning Program for Middle School Children and Their Families, an environmental science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills education program. With a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Pinou provides students from regional middle schools with a wide-ranging educational experience focusing on water resources and ecosystem biodiversity as part of the NOAA Office of Education’s Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) Program.

Traditionally, the program offers 30 seventh-grade middle school students and their families a yearlong integrated environmental community stewardship experience focused on New England watersheds. Due to the coronavirus, the program this spring was restricted to independent stewardship projects. There were six applicants in the competition; five from Danbury and one from New Fairfield.

“I applaud the teachers for trying to motivate their kids to apply and engage in personally rewarding activities,” Pinou said. “With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, I know it was a challenge.

“Eva did an outstanding job documenting her stewardship time, and an impressive job including local community leaders in her development,” Pinou added.

George’s commitment to her watershed stewardship earned her the top $100 prize. Her project was developed out of her concern for the health of her family and friends, and their pets, all of which use the lawn by their home for recreation. George learned about the chemicals used by the landscaping company, and suggested that manually removing dandelions was a more efficient way to control this weed, and in return, increases insect and pollinator diversity. Her project included observation and experimentation, as well as using her data and observations to communicate alternative approaches to managing recreational spaces that also support healthier watersheds because there is less chemical runoff.

George’s teacher at Westside Middle School Academy, Beth Manning, also was recognized for sharing the stewardship opportunity with her students and encouraging them to participate in safe, personally relevant and impactful outdoor learning experiences. The Finding Our Way program will recognize Manning by awarding $100 toward outdoor learning classroom supplies for next year.

Judges included Pinou, Finding Our Way Project Assistant Amanda Moline and WCSU Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Hannah Reynolds.

Pinou said, “Eva aims to continue her research for her 8th-grade science fair project, and the judges wish her lots of luck!”



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WCSU graduate student’s project promotes biodiversity in Norwalk River

Nealon works with WCSU biologist to reestablish native aquatic plant

DANBURY, CONN. — The disappearance of the hornleaf riverweed from many Connecticut rivers over the past century in the wake of widespread dam building and agricultural and industrial development has gained scant public attention until recently, but Western Connecticut State University graduate student Kelly Nealon has embarked this year on a project to demonstrate the humble aquatic plant’s importance to the ecological balance of local river systems.

image of Kelly Nealon at Norwalk River site

Kelly Nealon at Norwalk River site.

Kelly Nealon, a Southbury resident pursuing a Master of Science in Integrative Biological Diversity at WCSU, has undertaken field work this spring and summer on the banks of the Norwalk River in Wilton to launch an experiment with several approaches to introducing new growth of hornleaf riverweed. Also known by its scientific name Podostemum ceratophyllum, the hornleaf riverweed is native to rivers in the eastern United States and is adapted to flourish by rooting to rocks in river rapids. It disappeared decades ago from many Connecticut rivers impacted by damming, industrial and agricultural uses that negatively affected the ecological balance for many aquatic vertebrate, invertebrate and plant species.

As environmental preservation efforts in recent years have heightened awareness of the importance of promoting biodiversity and protecting clean fresh-water resources, the WCSU Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences has introduced the M.S. in Integrative Biological Diversity program as a pathway to educate students in the scientific and social dimensions of biodiversity and prepare them for professions that require critical analysis, assessment and management of biodiversity issues. Nealon, who entered the M.S. program in fall 2019, is collaborating in her master’s thesis field work and research with WCSU faculty mentor Dr. Thomas Philbrick, a Connecticut State University Distinguished Professor of Biology.

image of Kelly Nealon preparing test specimen

Kelly Nealon prepares hornleaf riverweed test specimen in mesh.

“The negative impacts that human activities have had on rivers in Connecticut reach back over several centuries and have taken a heavy toll on the ecology of these rivers,” Nealon observed. While the loss of migratory fish and other animal species as a result of river dams has been extensively studied, she said, “loss of native river vegetation is not as well recognized, yet plants play a fundamental role in all biotic communities including those that are aquatic.”

Nealon noted that the hornleaf riverweed has been identified as a “foundation species” on which many other plant and animal species rely. “Beds of this plant create habitat for invertebrates and vertebrates, including trout and other freshwater fish, within river rapids,” she said. “Hornleaf riverweed also contributes to the ecosystem by shunting important resources into the food chain, sequestering dissolved elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium from the water column and contributing significant amounts of detritus.”

The opportunity to restore the hornleaf riverweed to the Norwalk and other river systems across Connecticut and beyond has arisen because of the efforts in recent years by environmental, state and local organizations to remove dams where possible and restore natural river flow that favors the renewal of native biotic communities.

Together with Philbrick, Nealon has collected hornleaf riverweed specimens from surviving communities at the Little River in Oxford and the Eight Mile River in Lyme and established three experimental methods to test in the waters along a section of rapids on the Norwalk River in Wilton. One method features rocks with plant growth partially scraped before relocation, to determine the timeframe and extent of regrowth; a second features placement of root fragments on granite, secured with plexiglass, to test root attachment to a new surface; and a third features placement of a rock with plant growth between two clean rocks, secured with a plastic mesh cage, to measure the spread of plant rooting to adjacent rocks as the species gains a foothold in the river habitat.

Beyond the immediate goal of restoring a population of hornleaf riverweed to the Norwalk River, Nealon said that she seeks to establish a viable methodology that can be used in transplanting the species to other river systems where it can play a positive ecological role. “Once it has been shown that hornleaf riverweed can be successfully transplanted, others will want to do the same thing in other locations,” she said.

The project is a collaborative venture that has joined the WCSU Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences in partnership with the Mianus chapter of Trout Unlimited, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and the city of Wilton. Nealon remarked in her project summary that this cooperative outreach to community and government partners is in keeping with the M.S. program’s emphasis on “environmental stewardship as a community effort and responsibility. It can only be effective when it is addressed by stakeholders with different perspectives who share a common goal of restoring and improving ecosystems and natural resources.”

“I have formed working relationships through our partner organizations with individuals who have been incredibly knowledgeable and very supportive of the work for this research project,” she said.

Nealon earned her B.S. in Animal Science with a minor in Sustainability from the University of Maryland, and remarked that the “close-knit community” she has discovered at WCSU has been an important asset in her graduate studies. “The faculty in the biology department seem especially invested in their students,” she noted, while the smaller size of the faculty “allows students to know their professors on a much more individual basis and opens up unique and exciting opportunities.” She has previously worked as a graduate assistant with Dr. Theodora Pinou and as a research assistant in the Tickborne Disease Prevention Laboratory with Dr. Neeta Connally and Dr. Rayda Krell, and her work in Philbrick’s Aquatic Vascular Plants course inspired her to seek out his mentoring in the Norwalk River project.

Nealon plans to complement her research work with an active community education program that will include signage, talks to local civic groups and other discussions with members of the Wilton community. “The goal of these outreach efforts is to make the public aware of the restoration work that is being conducted, and help them to understand why supporting this type of work will benefit the community and protect natural resources both locally and statewide,” she said.

“Biological diversity is incredibly important because it is central to nearly every environmental issue,” she observed. “I believe this master’s program and my current research project will be excellent preparation for wherever I go next.”



Western Connecticut State University changes lives by providing all students with a high-quality education that fosters their growth as individuals, scholars, professionals and leaders in a global society. Our vision: To be widely recognized as a premier public university with outstanding teachers and scholars who prepare students to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.



‘We are ahead of the curve’

WCSU spring 2020 Dean’s List

DANBURY, CONN. — The following students have been named to the Dean’s List for the spring 2020 semester at Western Connecticut State University:


Amston: Riley Gardner, Political Science

Ansonia: Jazmin Benavides, Social Work; Tatyanna Galarza, Nursing; Christopher Marganski, Management; Jadon Richardson, Art; Michael Spinelli, Exploratory Studies

Ashford: Sabrina Cosgrove, Nursing

Avon: Aurora Schloat, Musical Theatre

Bantam: Brooke Tomascak, Nursing; Zachary Bennard, Elementary Education

Beacon Falls: Jennifer DiZazzo, Music; Sarah McVeigh, Nursing

Berlin: Ethan Skinner, Justice and Law Administration

Bethel: Aniqa Ahmed, Psychology; Maria Andachi, Management; Pietro Baia, Business Administration; Grace Ballard, Exploratory Studies; Erin Belcourt, History; Sophie Bjornson, Nursing; Julia Boni Silva, Health Promotion Studies; Michael Broussard, Social Work; Alex Cabrera, Economics; Brian Calle, Psychology; Kevin Cooper, Business Administration; John Daly, Management; Lilian Daniels, Nursing; Maria D’Arco, Elementary Education; Michael D’Arco, History; Luis Paulo De Bastos Ricarte, Psychology; Alexandra DeLuca, Nursing; Kaitlyn Deluca, Pre-Nursing; Giovanna Diniz, Health Education; Karen Duffy, Biology; Alejandro Duque, Chemistry; John Michael Failla, Business Administration; Stephanie Ferguson, Health Promotion Studies; Patrick Fernandes, Marketing; Allee Feuerman, Communication; Heather Fotheringham, Management; Daisy Gesualdi, Art; Mariah Gutierrez, Communication; Shafaq Hashmi, Biology; Jason Henry, Management; Eileen Heske, Health Promotion Studies; Emily Hoegler, Biology; Jennifer Hoyt, Nursing; Nicholas Imperati, Health Promotion Studies; Bakhtawar Izzat, Political Science; Hannah Kelm, Interdisciplinary Studies; Heidi Kelm, Nursing; Mason Kelsey, Mathematics; Corynn King, Health Promotion Studies; Rachaelann Lanuto, Exploratory Studies; Nikolai Lapierre, Finance; Lua Leite, Psychology; Christopher Marji, Biology; Ryan Marji, Mathematics; Nicholas Martin, Applied Computing; Jacklyn Mathews, Psychology; John Mattera, Music Education; Morgan Matthews, Marketing; Connor Meenan, Accounting; Sophie Morton, Accounting; Mustafa Mufti, Accounting; Barbara Uanda Nader, Digital Interactive Media Art; Danielle Nielsen, Art; Caitlyn O’Brien, Biology; Rachel Perfetti, Communication; Jackson Plimpton, Accounting; Madison Purcell, Communication; Courtney Ravo, Elementary Education; Sara Reseska, Health Promotion Studies; Isabela Ricardo, Marketing; Ismael Ricardo, Finance; Elizabeth Rizzo, Health Promotion Studies; Britney Roach, Marketing; Deirdre Roberts, Social Work; Elizabeth Rogers, Psychology; Adam Ross, Accounting; Sarah Sadiq, Health Promotion Studies; Abigail Saunders, Justice and Law Administration; Julianna Schaedler, Social Sciences; Eric Schmidt, Finance; Rachel Serna, Psychology; Lungile Shange, Social Work; Daniel Simonelli, Social Work; Stephen Spinella, Management; Bryce Staib, Exploratory Studies; Nicholas Steinerd, Management; Hannah Tamburino, Social Work; Seth Tarrant, Marketing; Mary Tedesco, Art; Eamon-Antonio Toland Matos, Finance; Autumn Tooker, Elementary Education; Amanda Towey, Pre-Nursing; Jessica Tran, Health Promotion Studies; Taylor Truchsess, Nursing; Taisha Vargas, Psychology; Aliyah Walker, Communication; Alexandra White, Exploratory Studies; Shenghui Wu, Computer Science; Marco Yeung, Nursing

Bethlehem: Rebecca Basile, Nursing; David Cawley, Marketing; Myranda Dudley, Elementary Education; Jakob Kelsey, Theatre Arts; Patrick Moody, Business Administration; Ember Wheeler, Psychology

Bloomfield: Kimani Campbell, Accounting; Christina Szachon, Chemistry

Branford: Adam Jackson, Music Education; Hope McCormack, Elementary Education; John Tedeschi, Performance, Classical

Bridgeport: Nikayla Ashley, Elementary Education; Jade Broadnax, Professional Writing; Jasmine Bustillo, Social Work; Paul Costa, Accounting; Timia Graham, Media Arts; Brittany Johnson-Staton, Management; Carmela Louis, Justice and Law Administration; David Masala, Psychology; Mellissa McCalla Brown, Social Work; Stephanie Miller, English; Franz Muhaj, Economics; London Parker, Psychology; Nicholas Quinones, Professional Writing; Matthew Restrepo, Business Administration; Lyric Reyes, Exploratory Studies; Malik Roc, Computer Science; Jasmin Rodriguez, Social Work; Gloire Sebabi, Social Work; Ashton Sneed, Art; Connie Tucker, Marketing; Chantel Williams, Social Work; Isis Williams, Accounting; Sashyana Wright, Justice and Law Administration

Bridgewater: Lyndsey Del Vecchio, Psychology; Meghan Dibella, Nursing; Jack Fico, Professional Writing

Bristol: Chad Alger, Accounting; Regina Capozzi, Social Work; Myah Croze, Exploratory Studies; Jordan Fitzsimons, Justice and Law Administration; Deon Francis, Nursing; Hope Johnsky, Art; Gabriel Kurasz, Finance; Mary Manning, Psychology; Brianna Martinez, Psychology; Evan McGinley, Social Work; Brittany Stancavage, Justice and Law Administration; Sarah Warkoski, Psychology

Brookfield: Nicholas Acquanita, Elementary Education; Nicholas Ahle, Accounting; Mariam Alqifi, Psychology; Isabella Alvarenga, Psychology; Marcelo Araujo, Media Arts; Jeremy Bahr, Audio and Music Production; Raquel Bernal, Biology; Anna Bishop, Management; Lylah Bottelsen, Mathematics; Amanda Bray, Marketing; Anna Brown, Biology; Rebecca Brown, Communication; Andrea Capilupi, Pre-Nursing; Kiley Cassidy, Psychology; Gabriella Casturani, Health Promotion Studies; Raquael Chapman, Pre-Nursing; Subhatra Chelladurai, Management Information Systems; Shengrui Chen, Computer Science; Jennifer Cioffi, Elementary Education; Jessica Cohen, Theatre Arts; Christopher Comizio, Finance; Abigail Corna, Social Work; Bryce Dang, Management; Ryan Donnelly, Justice and Law Administration; Pooja Dudhedia, Nursing; Nicolette Duncan, English; Lisa Emmerson, Nursing; Brian Emro, Professional Writing; Kasondra Fanning, Psychology; Zaina Fayad, Exploratory Studies; Anthony Fiorenza, Communication; Krisa FitzGerald, Biology; Julia Font, Nursing; Theresa Fox, Pre-Nursing; Camila Garcia, Accounting; Samantha Gerber, Social Work; Alyssa Gilbert, Marketing; Tara Grandmaison, Marketing; Jackson Greenberg, Management; Emily Hallet, Exploratory Studies; Jeffrey Heckmann, Computer Science; Dianne Hollingsworth, Management; Zachary Honse, Business Administration; Liriana Iljazi, Finance; Cailyn Jobin, Pre-Nursing; Shawn Johnson, Communication; Angelique Jones, Social Work; Madison Katz, Pre-Nursing; Isabel Lara Trinidad, Health Promotion Studies; Sarah Lauri, Nursing; Alyssa Lionetti, Health Education; Daisy Lowe, Performance, Classical; Sequoia Lowe, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Anna Lunezzo Alves, Exploratory Studies; Justin Lyons, Applied Computing; Anthony Masella, Communication; Isabella Mercaldo, Musical Theatre; Sarah Meyer, Exploratory Studies; Erin Mingey, Accounting; Erica Morey, Justice and Law Administration; Morgan Norkowski, Psychology; Theodore Palagonia, Economics; Ruth Quattro, Communication; Seth Quattro, Exploratory Studies; Kyle Raines, Psychology; Evania Reisen, Nursing; John Riley, English; William Rodrigues, Professional Writing; Alison Rotty, Art; Aharon Schwartz, Justice and Law Administration; Rachel Stenton, Biology; Chloe Vettorino, Exploratory Studies; Hanna Yi, Psychology; Daniela Zach, Biology; Miranda Zeqiri, Health Promotion Studies; Kaylee Kolf, Justice and Law Administration

Brooklyn: Corey Stanley, Musical Theatre

Burlington: Joseph Fortuna, Management; Jack Markelon, Accounting; Erin Roben, Nursing; James Wilcox, Interdisciplinary Studies

Colchester: Dawson Bertrand, Performance, Jazz

Cornwall Bridge: Blake Buckley, Secondary Education; Kaitlyn Buckley, Elementary Education; Caitlin Redmond, Digital and Interactive Media Arts

Cos Cob: Shanice Joaquin, Accounting; Jennifer Steinberg, Psychology

Cromwell: Kyle Martin, Business Administration

Danbury: Amina Abdulrehman, Psychology; Anna Adebambo, Marketing; Ijaj Ahmed, Computer Science; Rameezah Ahmed, Health Promotion Studies; Hilary Albarracin, Management; Jaymeejoy Alfonso, Pre-Nursing; Alan Almeida, Psychology; Angela Almeida, Nursing; Millena Almeida, Political Science; Susana Almeida, Biology; Angel Almonte, Art; Felipe Alves, Nursing; Vincenzo Anastasia, Professional Writing; Daniel Aristizabal, Finance; Amanda Attina, Nursing; Daniel Baker, Art; Steven Balbuca, Health Promotion Studies; Digby Barrios, Exploratory Studies; Anthony Barzelatto, Accounting; Mackenna Beirne, Health Promotion Studies; Mudra Bhavsar, Management; Robert Boccuzzi, Cybersecurity; Emily Bogues, Management; Scott Bongiorno, Psychology; Allison Boylan, Nursing; Hannah Brennan, Communication; Bria Brown, Social Work; Kelsey Bustelo, Social Work; Leonardo Bustillo, Health Promotion Studies; Caitlin Byrne, Management Information Systems; Joao Caetano De Sa, Justice and Law Administration; Joelle Calderon, Art; Matthew Caraballo, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Christine Cardamone, English; Adriana Cardenas, Nursing; Erika Cardenas, Psychology; Carina Cardoso, Secondary Education; Gabriella Cardoso, Biology; Rachel Carter, Pre-Nursing; Juan Casanova, Music Education; Yimabell Chacon, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Emma Chapman, Accounting; Alexandra Charles, Social Work; Jennifer Chavez, Justice and Law Administration; Juliana Chetcuti, Music Education; Celia Ann Chikezie, Accounting; Lourdes Chimbo, Justice and Law Administration; Kelly Clavette, Psychology; Ebonie-Star Clemmons, Social Work; Colin Coe, Pre-Nursing; Julia Coelho, Elementary Education; Taina Colon, Social Work; Marcello Confeiteiro, Justice and Law Administration; Katelyn Contreras, Pre-Nursing; Alexander Cornwall, Marketing; Lesley Coronel, Elementary Education; Ariana Costa, Justice and Law Administration; Catherine Costa, Nursing; Myckland Cothias, Justice and Law Administration; Pamela Cruz Aguirre, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Dominick Curra, Business Administration; Andrew Davis, Accounting; Carlane De Oliveira, Health Promotion Studies; Finan Deakin, Biology; John Deakin, Marketing; Camiele Debonis, Professional Writing; Frank Deocampo, Accounting; Alanna Diciacco, Finance; Hali Dinh Seng, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Rachel Dionne, Nursing; Kayla Dohoney, Social Work; Daniel Dong, Finance; Kauli Dos Santos, Finance; Katherine DuFrirsz, Biology; Christopher Dwyer, Biology; Victoria Eanniello, Health Promotion Studies; Azure Edwards, Psychology; Matthew Edwards, Performance, Classical; Kiara Escribano, Management; Michelle Espana, History; Kathryn Evans, Nursing; Catherine Failla, Social Work; Angelina Fajardo, Pre-Nursing; Eleftherios Farina, Art; Sarah Felizardo, Social Work; Anna Fernandes, Social Work; Sherry Ferreira, Justice and Law Administration; Liam Flaherty, Media Arts; Oona Furey, Pre-Nursing; Sohit Gaba, Finance; Michael Gaboardi, Music Education; Iver Galarza, Finance; Ashley Germain, Elementary Education; Robert Germain, Marketing; Ronald Ginin, Justice and Law Administration; Kissila Goncalves, Justice and Law Administration; Connor Goodwin, Business Administration; Jack Grace, Cybersecurity; Rebecca Grace, Computer Science; Sarah Green, Pre-Nursing; Dara Grozdinski, Exploratory Studies; Britney Guachun, Justice and Law Administration; Jessica Guallpa, Justice and Law Administration; Gissel Guzman-Chavez, Business Administration; Chloe Haddad, Psychology; Taylor Haddad, Communication; Kayla Handberry, Social Work; James Hannon, Biology; Noah Havasi, Psychology; Kanalla Hay, Secondary Education; Taylor Hay, Contract Major; Lily Hennig, Biology; Brian Hernandez, Marketing; Jennifer Hernandez, Biology; Jonah Hinh, Psychology; Richie Ho, Computer Science; Taylor Hobart, Elementary Education; Cassidy Holmes, Communication; Teresa Hood, Psychology; Bruna Horta, Marketing; Sarosh Husain, Accounting; Lauren Ifkovits, Psychology; Christian Irizarry, Business Administration; Tiffany Izzo, Secondary Education; Dalia Jennings, Communication; Kayla Jessup, Justice and Law Administration; Eliany Jimenez, Business Administration; Gabriela Jimenez, Communication; Alvin Josi, Economics; Kennedy Joyner, Professional Writing; Seku-Baye Kariamu, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Elisabeth Kelly, Psychology; Linda Keo, Nursing; Amanda Keokot, Elementary Education; Mohammad Khan, Management Information Systems; Alexandra King, Communication; Alex Kouch, Management Information Systems; Ahmed Kouhail, Management Information Systems; Ourania Koutoumba, Justice and Law Administration; Ashley Kovacs, Exploratory Studies; Nicholas Kroeger, Earth And Planetary Sciences; Sharon Labarbera, Justice and Law Administration; Jacob Laham, Music Education; Jessica Leclair, Anthropology/Sociology; Jamye Leon, Exploratory Studies; Taylor Lewis, Psychology; Meng Li, Pre-Nursing; Trevor Lilly, Professional Writing; Jason Linn, Biology; Milbia Lopez, Nursing; Jimena Lozovikas Garabedian, Social Work; Jennifer Macancela, Exploratory Studies; Yasmin Macancela, Exploratory Studies; Laura Maldonado, Nursing; Brigitt Marcos, Psychology; Andrew Marquis, Exploratory Studies; Melvyn Marrero, Management; Anthony Martinez, Accounting; Bianca Martins Leite, Social Work; Alec Masi, Accounting; Karla Matos, Nursing; Robert McArthur, Biology; Mikhaela McFarlin, Psychology; Beth Mcguire, Psychology; Nicole Mcintosh, Elementary Education; Molly McMahon, Biology; Tyler Medeiros, Marketing; Mariah Melendez, Nursing; Deanna Melillo, Social Work; Tuanny Melo, Finance; Jamilly Mendes, Exploratory Studies; Nicholas Mercado, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Stephani Meza-Montes, Psychology; Alexander Miller, Health Promotion Studies; Haylee Milone, History; Shannon Miranda, Biology; Keira Mohan, Psychology; David Montero, Justice and Law Administration; Nichole Mora, Elementary Education; Eternal Morris, Justice and Law Administration; Jay Mortara, Pre-Nursing; Samantha Mortara, History; Courtney Mosher, Computer Science; Matthew Mullen, Audio and Music Production; Taylor Murphy, Professional Writing; Adrian Murtishi, Management Information Systems; Namir Naba, Mathematics; Stephanie Nascimento, Secondary Education; Kennon Negron, Cybersecurity; Bianca Nguyen, Art; Hao Nguyen, Mathematics; Allison Novella, Art; Eduardo Nunes, History; Nicole O’Brien, Psychology; Thais Oliveira, Management; Andrew Olson, Art; Rocky Ongaro, Exploratory Studies; Brianah Pais, Theatre Arts; William Palardy, Accounting; Alison Palmer, Nursing; Sagar Panchal, Health Promotion Studies; Yamile Paredes, Psychology; Hela Patel, Biology; Faith Pelerin, Psychology; Logan Pennarola, Biology; Cian Pennell, Biology; Alyssa Perez, Social Work; Rohiny Perez Racua, Secondary Education; Ryan Perreault, History; Stephanie Peterson, English; Casey Phillips, Justice and Law Administration; George Pintado, Social Sciences; Daniela Pontaza-Santander, Art; Sarah Porto, Nursing; Gisell Posadas, Nursing; Kylie Pruneau, Exploratory Studies; Fiza Qureshi, Nursing; Laiba Qureshi, Political Science; Ariana Ragoo, Biology; Kamil Ramey, Cybersecurity; Pedro Ramirez, Marketing; Kariny Ramos, Nursing; Prachi Rana, Management; Mohammad Raza, Finance; Esteisy Reynoso, Secondary Education; Allen Riego De Dios, Pre-Nursing; Mackenzie Riofrio, Finance; Sean Roberts, Secondary Education; William Roberts, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Denisse Rodas Toledo, Exploratory Studies; Alexander Rodrigues, Justice and Law Administration; Jasmely Rodriguez, Secondary Education; Derek Ross, Finance; Kaija Rothrock, Management; Katelyn Rotkewicz, Communication; Zachary Ruscoe, Justice and Law Administration; Jaxxon Saloman-Reed, Psychology; Sandra Sanchez, Social Work; Viviana Sanchez, Social Work; Jorge Sanchez-Flores, Elementary Education; Elihle Sangweni, Justice and Law Administration; Tiffany Saviano, Political Science; Nevean Sayegh, Psychology; Pascal Sayegh, Psychology; Andrew Scarfi, Cybersecurity; Jonathan Schachter, History; Beatriz Shymidt, Exploratory Studies; Lori Sigua, Social Work; Shirley Siguenza, Biology; Andreia Silva, Political Science; William Silvia, Psychology; Bhadrangi Soni, Art; Jessica Soni, Psychology; Shivam Soni, Psychology; Rackell Souza, Interdisciplinary Studies; Joanna Starling, Interdisciplinary Studies; Jessica Stewart, Justice and Law Administration; Frank Strazza, Accounting; Rachana Talati, Health Promotion Studies; Jasmine Tenesaca, Professional Writing; Roshawna Thomas, Psychology; Madison Tibbetts, Exploratory Studies; Michael Tomanio, Nursing; Ryan Tomasini, Health Promotion Studies; Nicole Torrau, Psychology; Angie Tovar Vanegas, Elementary Education; Michael Tralli, Media Arts; Manuel Triani, Business Administration; Devin Trotta, Exploratory Studies; Angelyn Tuano, Exploratory Studies; Maricela Turcios, Chemistry; Hayden Turk, Health Promotion Studies; Raquel Uchoa, Justice and Law Administration; Michelle Vallejo, Psychology; Alex Vargas, Accounting; Johnson Varghese, Biology; Cassandra Varian, Psychology; Janeece Vega, Elementary Education; Alejandro Velasquez, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Whitney Velastegui, Social Work; Gabrielle Velepucha, Biology; Michael Vitolo, Communication; Jayme Vitorino, Justice and Law Administration; Jenniefer Vizhco, Exploratory Studies; Arusha Waheed, Accounting; Dezia Worrell-Wright, Media Arts; Paul Wright, Justice and Law Administration; John Yung, Psychology; Sandra Yunga Quito, Accounting

Darien: Pattaraporn Boonyarattaphan, Nursing; Arianna Stravato, Secondary Education

Deep River: Abigail Cunningham, Theatre Arts

Derby: Nicholas Blanchette, Performance, Jazz

East Hampton: Jessica Abbotts, Theatre Arts; Brittany Cassella, Justice and Law Administration; Anthony Dezinno, Theatre Arts; Emily Rovillo, Digital and Interactive Media Arts

East Hartford: Emily Calano, Art; Elijah Lewis, Social Work; Robert Sam, Accounting; Ana Bourque, Theatre Arts

East Haven: Alyssa Barcomb, Psychology; Haylee Funaro, Nursing; Victoria Gentile, Theatre Arts; Kara Hanson, Marketing

East Lyme: Lucie Tangney, Elementary Educatio

Easton: Colleen Callahan, Theatre Arts; Dana Mitac, Pre-Nursing; Alec Wilson, Exploratory Studies

Ellington: Logan Terry, Marketing

Fairfield: Geovanna Badaro, Biology; Meghan Geraghty, History; Elizabeth Hinds, English; Leah Lavin, Nursing; Mark Morataya, Health Promotion Studies; Tiffany Nixon, Management; Alexander Petshaft, Audio and Music Production

Gaylordsville: Tracey Howard, Communication; Claudia Miranda, Elementary Education; William Stanton, Pre-Nursing; Ryan Weeks, Exploratory Studies

Glastonbury: Macayla Cody, Art; Gabrielle Johnson, Psychology; Christopher Paszek, Accounting

Goshen: Madison Fecteau, Social Work; Melinda Mucka, Accounting

Granby: Sean O’Neil, Management

Greenwich: Juztin Lord Reyes, Accounting

Griswold: Katelynne Main, Audio and Music Production

Groton: Adrian Abbiati, Business Administration

Guilford: Madison Conklin, Music Education

Haddam: Isabella D’Ottavio, Musical Theatre

Hamden: James Cantafio, Meteorology; Jessica Davis, Accounting; Troi Frost, Psychology; Aidhan Gavriel Roque, Audio and Music Production

Hartford: Roshawn Brown, Business Administration; Sierra-Anne Jackson, Communication; India Joshua-McGriff, Health Promotion Studies; Shevonae King, Interdisciplinary Studies; Dat Nguyen, Nursing

Hebron: Madeline Glode, Business Administration

Jewett City: Zachary Brown, Musical Theatre; Sophia Foss, Professional Writing; Max Gregory, Health Promotion Studies

Kent: Megan Ackerman, Accounting; Bentley Lewis, Performance, Jazz; Sarah Mauri, Exploratory Studies

Lakeville: Olivia Geiger, Professional Writing

Ledyard: Carter Smith, Musical Theatre

Madison: Benjamin Elliott, Musical Theatre; Lauren Shoemaker, Theatre Arts

Manchester: Holly Dewitt, Nursing; Dean Martin, Musical Theatre; Eric Simmons, Audio and Music Production; Katelyn Tremblay, Social Work

Mansfield Center: Mackenzie Roberto, Justice and Law Administration; Gina Sydie, Theatre Arts

Marlborough: Erica Tardif, Nursing

Meriden: Madison Chatman, Pre-Nursing; Alyssa Donahue, Pre-Nursing; Khalil Hissouf, Theatre Arts; Charlotte Lavin, Nursing; Aurelio Marinelli, Accounting; Anastasia Miller, Music Education; Jalynne Nelson, Business Administration; Dayna Nieves-Rodriguez, Justice and Law Administration; Daniela Sevilla, Exploratory Studies; Thalia Torres, Biology; Malanie Young, Health Promotion Studies

Middlebury: Patrick Cassidy, Theatre Arts; Ethan Fiske, Audio and Music Production; Natalie Kelly, Music Education; Matthew Landusky, Art; Carly Matasavage, Health Promotion Studies; Andersen Neblett, Cybersecurity; Samantha Rosen, Theatre Arts; Jason Stevens, Digital and Interactive Media Arts

Middletown: Celina Kestecher, Theatre Arts; Hannah Krayeski, Elementary Education; Samantha Michaud, Theatre Arts; Mark Sumner, Musical Theatre

Milford: Brendan Ahern, Justice and Law Administration; Monica Bello, Nursing; Sydney Maher, Musical Theatre

Monroe: Samantha Azinheira, Health Promotion Studies; Allison Bahiense, Psychology; Alexander Baudouin, Exploratory Studies; Matthew Carloni, Management; Courtney Cascone, Political Science; Charles Davila, Management; Connor Feeney, Art; Elias Levy, Theatre Arts; Brittany Man, Psychology; Riley Mcguire, Justice and Law Administration; Jenna Pannese, Secondary Education; Jessica Pannese, Exploratory Studies; Hanna Parham, Exploratory Studies; Emily Pelella, Theatre Arts; Leslie Pizzagalli, Professional Writing; Taylor Roberts, Health Promotion Studies; Cassidy Swanson, Elementary Education; Zak Wilgan, Marketing; Madeline Winters, Music Education

Morris: Sara Slaiby, Nursing

Naugatuck: Lirim Beluli, Management; Peter Bigica, Computer Science; Zachary Colangelo, Communication; Erin Doris, Social Work; Brianna Durante, Communication; Dania Fedrick, Theatre Arts; Jasmine Grey, Biology; Kathryn Healy, Communication; Steven Hong, Chemistry; Hannah Lauth, Art; Jacob Maisto, Social Work; Benjamin Meleschnig, Secondary Education; Raymond Mercure, Music Education; Amanda Montoni, Social Work; Yineth Perez, Social Work; Sean Price, Art; Julia Rocchio, Musical Theatre; Joseph Taveras, Social Work; Fethullah Yilmaz, Biology; Cristina Trabanco, Health Promotion Studies

New Britain: Kassandra Figueroa, Nursing; Donavon Lighty; Accounting

New Fairfield: Angelika Anacta, Management: Brooke Baldelli, Social Work; Randal Bogues, Theatre Arts; Kayla Boylston, Management; Tyler Cannale, Media Arts; Manuel Caraballo, Secondary Education; Sophia Caselnova, English; Jake Costanzo, Communication; Justina Courgi, Health Promotion Studies; Hana Dakaj, Secondary Education; Michael Dasilva, Accounting; Julianne Davis, Professional Writing; Dominique Demarsico, Elementary Education; Matthew Eilertsen, Management; Paul Fehling, Justice and Law Administration; Sydni Frisch, Media Arts; Rachel Gilroy, Nursing; Sydney Gouveia, Health Promotion Studies; Aviv Jennings, Contract Major; Jonathan Kalema, Accounting; Jay Kilcourse, Management; Mitchell Kindred, Exploratory Studies; Liliana Licht, Justice and Law Administration; Aaron Liner, Pre-Nursing; Michelle Luukko, Psychology; Kimberly Magana, Accounting; Joseph Maglio, Art; Yvonne Mancuso, Music; Mariana Martins, Social Work; Alexander Melfi, Computer Science; Nicholas Melfi, Computer Science; Lucy Milano, Social Work; Rachel Mirel, Health Promotion Studies; Lauren Moore, Elementary Education; Jake Nevins, Biology; Christopher Nuccio, Communication; Rachel Ohring, Secondary Education; Emily O’Toole, Marketing; Joshua Pasquariello, Management; Brandon Peet, Marketing; Rebecca Pendergast, Elementary Education; Arianna Perlman, Elementary Education; Victoria Salerno, Justice and Law Administration; Michael Schiavo, Management; Ryan Seaman, Health Promotion Studies; Alexander Seeds, Management Information Systems; Shelby Simpson, Computer Science; Julian Soares, Business Administration; Frederick Tauro, Chemistry; Henry Valle-Ayala, Chemistry; Jaclyn Vanacore, Social Work; Joselyn Vargas, Political Science; Sheila Vargas, Pre-Nursing; Brian Williams, Social Work; Meredith Yoho, Theatre Arts; Vicki Zheng, Accounting

New Hartford: Kevin Ashworth, Business Administration

New Haven: Sydney Kuhn, Theatre Arts; Justin McClain, Nursing; Amanda Pereira, Psychology; Jaezmyne Pheanious-Browne, Performance, Classical; Tamia Scott, Justice and Law Administration; Rayania Streater, Exploratory Studies; Artavia Walden, Health Promotion Studies

New Milford: Dominic Adams, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Sabrina Albuquerque, Management; Alexia Alves, Psychology; Tyler Amorando, Professional Writing; Kathryn Antonelli, Accounting; Kayvon Atherton, Exploratory Studies; Ethan Baur, Art; Cristina Bayas, Social Work; Luke Beebe, Justice and Law Administration; Tanjeena Begum, Management Information Systems; Jenna Benvenuti, Nursing; Jason Bonansinga, Media Arts; Christiany Borges-Freitas, Accounting; Tyler Bowe, Management; Steven Brooks, Social Work; Martha Castillo, Media Arts; Caitlyn Chemero, Exploratory Studies; Tallulah Comaskey, Art ; Kristen Conrad, Interdisciplinary Studies; Lauren Conrad, Anthropology/Sociology; Kyle Daly, Justice and Law Administration; Ryan D’Amato, Marketing; Abbi Debes, Art; Caitlyn DeFalco, Justice and Law Administration; Rebecca Delucia, Art; Celine Demers, Exploratory Studies; Nicholas Edwards, Nursing; Krystal Ferrante, Nursing; Rozette Figueroa, Nursing; Zachary Fisher, Marketing; Kelly Flynn, Nursing; Micayla Flynn, Health Promotion Studies; Taylor Franzese, Psychology; Kevin Gonzalez, Justice and Law Administration; Maria Granato, Elementary Education; Esteban Granda, Management Information Systems; Marisa Gueli, Communication; Anthony Harkin, Musical Theatre; Seamus Harvey, Psychology; Olivia Heaton, Theatre Arts; Erika Henkel, Exploratory Studies; Madison Herring, History; Matt Hogan, Professional Writing; Aradhana Kainth, Pre-Nursing; Steven Kast, Management; Dallas Kelly, Management; Ryan Kelly, Nursing; Hannah Kenny, Psychology; Isabela Lamorte, Social Work; Ryan Laurentus, Finance; Lycia Lopez-Torres, Psychology; Kelly Lourenco, Psychology; Trinity Luis, Social Work; Alexander Mars, Pre-Nursing; Anthony Martarella, Interdisciplinary Studies; Blendi Mataj, Finance; Kevin McNulty, Music Education; Ryan Mcnulty, Music Education; Kandyce Miltenberger, Exploratory Studies; Satil Moni, Psychology; Korin Monroe, Psychology; Mikayla O’Brien, Management; Mark Ostner, Management Information Systems; Victoria Pascento, Nursing; Natalie Patrick, Management; Kiara Pereira, Psychology; Nathan Pongsamorn, Economics; Michael Pringle, History; Luke Psenicnik, Cybersecurity; Jack Reardon, Chemistry; Laura Rindone, Social Work; Keegan Robertine, Nursing; Brandon Romero, Justice and Law Administration; Nicholas Rufa, Business Administration; Olivia Ruiz, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Victoria Schmidt, Justice and Law Administration; Cordelia Schoen, Social Work; Erin Shaughnessy, Theatre Arts; Mikayla Silkman, Professional Writing; Sarah Springer, Justice and Law Administration; Katherine Sterk, Health Education; Brooke Strand, Exploratory Studies; Nowshin Tabassum, Art; Souraya Taouil, Pre-Nursing; Kevin Terry, Exploratory Studies; Sheah Tooley, Pre-Nursing; Trang Tran, Cybersecurity; Alexis Turian, Nursing; Amy Valedon, Exploratory Studies; Stephen Vogel, Management; Jenna Weber, Health Promotion Studies; Danielle Weiss, Biology; Breanna Welsh, Pre-Nursing; Ava Westervelt, Art; Meghan Woolley, Psychology; Monica Woolley, Music Education; Divanie Yamraj, Chemistry; Sydney Zottola, Psychology; Rebecca Zullo, Elementary Education; Nicolette Zuris, Interdisciplinary Studies

New Preston: Kayleigh Mckay, Exploratory Studies; Sara Stone, Theatre Arts; Olivia Moore, Health Promotion Studies

Newington: Skylar Couillard, Pre-Nursing; Neve Manion, Meteorology; Victoria Santiago Toro, Musical Theatre; Oksana Veres, Musical Theatre

Newtown: Lila Abbagnaro, Justice and Law Administration; Chaeli Allen, Anthropology/Sociology; Amanda Basso, Elementary Education; Isabel Campos-Axilote, Justice and Law Administration; Garrett Cebry, Management Information Systems; Carlin Cohane, Anthropology/Sociology; Kaitlyn Crumb, Professional Writing; Kelly Daly, Psychology; Alan Diaz, Computer Science; Katherine Fossum, Chemistry; Jeff Hess, Professional Writing; Jonathan Holden, Professional Writing; Matthew Kornhaas, Media Arts; Rachel Krehel, Social Work; Tara Krehel, Social Work; David Lawrence, Biology; Heather Liscinsky, Psychology; Allison Montague, Secondary Education; Katherine Moran, Art; Kaylee Perrone, Justice and Law Administration; Jack Riebe, Exploratory Studies; Elle Sauli, Management; Jacob Schultz, Exploratory Studies; Isabelle Silver, Nursing; William Stanley, Mathematics; Patrick Sullivan, Management; Jason Taweh, Psychology; Lory Tomassi, Art; Taylor Traisci, Psychology; Jenna Visca, Professional Writing

North Branford: Gianna Castaldi, Exploratory Studies; Brett Lequire, Business Administration; Collin Ouellet, Audio and Music Production

North Haven: Morgan Cairns, Professional Writing; Grace McGovern, Musical Theatre; Navjot Sidhu, Psychology

North Stonington: Shelby Coombe, Music Education

North Windham: Skylar Cioffari, Elementary Education

Northford: Bella Dimartino, Communication; Mackenzie Kaiser, Justice and Law Administration; Carly Monge, Nursing; Maxwell Siegman, Exploratory Studies

Norwalk: Erin Arcoite, Biology; Jun’S Bien-Aime, Communication; Ronald Bouzy, Justice and Law Administration; Renato Calderon, Management; Micah Cardamone, Political Science; Alexandra Claudio, Biology; Marco Flores, Management; Shavante Graham, Exploratory Studies; Jessica Hayes, Justice and Law Administration; Isaac Jean-Pierre, Management; Mustafa Kapadwala, Cybersecurity; Soleil Londono, Music Education; Mark Masone, Computer Science; Lesli Montenegro, Accounting; Jerry Narcisse, Social Work; Daniella Palumbo, Art; Alec Parker, Music Education; Mckenzie Perna, Finance; Briee Preston, Psychology; Esteven Restrepo, Social Work; Juan Ruiz Quintero, Accounting; Mons Scaria, Finance; Nicholas Skjelmose, Finance; Marysia Slowik, Health Promotion Studies; Maurice Torian, Communication; Nicholas Vega, Elementary Education; Alejandro Velasquez, Health Promotion Studies; Anthony Walker, Justice and Law Administration

Norwich: Alexis Tomasto, Professional Writing

Oakville: Daniel Gursky, Performance, Classical; Fjoralba Mukollari, Music Education; Michael Overton, Social Work; Veronica Pedraza, Elementary Education; Ashley Stoto, Elementary Education; Hayley Zemaitis, Music Education

Old Lyme: Bailey Nickerson, Theatre Arts

Orange: Matthew D’Onofrio, Health Promotion Studies; Alaina Dwyer, Theatre Arts; Kalynna Hauser, Pre-Nursing; Ryan Hemstock, Theatre Arts; Olivia Pisano, Pre-Nursing; Ryan Rappaport, Musical Theatre

Oxford: Lilia Avina Morales, Management; Jordan Cornell, Justice and Law Administration; Alec Golding, Exploratory Studies; Kelly Greathouse, Pre-Nursing; Sanya             Kayfus, Psychology; Ariana Keller, Performance, Classical; Amanda Lopez, Justice and Law Administration; Gonzalo Lozovikas, Economics; Kaylee Manka, Justice and Law Administration; Thomas Rackiewicz, Management Information Systems; Jessica Roberts, Nursing; Kelly Shpak, Marketing; Nicholas Villano, Accounting; Laura Wachter, Secondary Education

Plainfield: Michael Esposito, Cybersecurity

Plainville: Brady Callahan, Accounting; Elizabeth Dinielli, Music Education

Plantsville: Michael Abucewicz, Music Education

Pomfret Center: Wanjiru Gatheru, Health Promotion Studies

Preston: Savannah Beaupre, Music Education

Prospect: Jacob Bethin, Biology; Allison Cerasale, Psychology; Taylor Dragon, Nursing; Casandra Frenette, Nursing; Sydney Sills, Elementary Education; Christina Vlamis, Theatre Arts

Redding: Nikolas Brannan, Performance, Classical; Luigi Catterino, Business Administration; Charlee Cordle, Exploratory Studies; Adrian Franzino, Art; Emily Haug, Psychology; Grace Hubbard, Psychology; Marian LeLash, Psychology; Julia Mullin, Pre-Nursing; Alizabeth Neville, Biology; Stephen Osika, Psychology; Alexa Owen, Psychology; Emma Paltauf, Justice and Law Administration; Alexey Pilyugin, Psychology; Emily Shaw, Pre-Nursing; Tomas Tavares Zlock, Communication; Valerie West-Rosenthal, Art; Lukasz Zbroszczyk, Economics

Ridgefield: Evan Brenner, Theatre Arts; Nicola Campos, Accounting; Ciara Carruthers, Anthropology/Sociology; Anthony Colombero, Professional Writing; Tamara Colombero, Justice and Law Administration; Madeline Conway, Psychology; Andrew Curiano, Cybersecurity; Benjamin Dreskin, Exploratory Studies; Ralph Francisco, Communication; Kyle Getz, Computer Science; Troy Gladstone, Exploratory Studies; William Hogan, Professional Writing; Adam Jeniski, Computer Science; Briana Locicero, Performance, Classical; Cody Loweth, Communication; Daniel Madeson, Audio and Music Production; Jordan Marcus, Exploratory Studies; Kyle McDonald, Management; Kristina Miceli, Social Work; McCarthy Oliveira, Management Information Systems; Ashley Raymond, Theatre Arts; Daniel Rothwell, Mathematics; Lawrence Sixbey, Business Administration; Harry Smolin, Communication; James St. Pierre, Exploratory Studies; Paul Standish, Psychology; Benjamin Stanley, Justice and Law Administration; Juliana Waite, Management; Kimberly Wroblewski, Political Science

Rocky Hill: Tim Halligan, Theatre Arts; Brigid Schulenburg, Management; Christa Tucker, Music Education

Roxbury: Thomas Andrews, Economics

Samford: Rebeca Saint-Louis, Exploratory Studies

Sandy Hook: Ayesha Ali, Secondary Education; Briana Alves, Nursing; Brielle Chieffo, Nursing; Anthony Crisalli, Marketing; Theresa Davenport, Justice and Law Administration; Connor Flint, Economics; Paige Galanis, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Shannon Lynch, Nursing; Kathryn Malinosky, Health Promotion Studies; Maxwell McCleary, Nursing; Joy Metzger, Exploratory Studies; Ian Neff, Professional Writing; Stephen Price, Marketing; David Romano, Chemistry; Richard Sandler, Social Work; Avery Stampp, Justice and Law Administration; Amanda Vitti, Contract Major; Lauren Wilcox, Elementary Education

Seymour: Nicole Augustitus, Nursing; Gabriella Demaro, Pre-Nursing; Zachary Edwards, Secondary Education; Emily Mansi, Art; Noelle Milia, Music Education; Mia Pinto, Justice and Law Administration; Janna Rudy, Nursing

Shelton: Louis Baldino, Justice and Law Administration; Kade Bendici, Justice and Law Administration; Javier Chiluisa Jimenez, Accounting; Lindsay Gowans, Social Work; Allison Gutmann, Social Work; Kaley Hanna, Nursing; Hope Komornik, Biology; Jillian Komornik, Secondary Education; Meredith Marrone, Professional Writing; Tyler Munroe, Secondary Education; Kaleigh Panek, Health Promotion Studies; Erika Sabovik, Contract Major

Sherman: Kyle Basso, Communication; Zachary Brown, Music Education; Peter Calbi, Biology; Julia Clark, Communication; Jordan Cowan, Theatre Arts; Sidney Gerken, Communication; Hannah Jellen, Biology; Julia Krier, Health Promotion Studies; Dylan Worden, Health Promotion Studies

Simsbury: Jeffrey Baker, Cybersecurity; Jazmin Infantas, Psychology; Benjamin Poirot, Performance, Classical; Thomas Polizzi, Audio and Music Production; Christopher Rurka, Digital and Interactive Media Arts

Somers: Sarah Renzoni, Theatre Arts

South Glastonbury: Malin Carta, Performance, Jazz; Julia Serdechny, Nursing

South Kent: Emily Giampietro, Nursing

South Windsor: Reilly McMahon, Nursing

Southbury: Michael Bellesheim, Cybersecurity; Hannah Brooks, Music Education; Conor Burke, Art; Janelle Chandler, Art; Jeanna Defusco, Secondary Education; Dominic Frasca, Accounting; Jason Hesse, English; Christina Imperioli, Accounting; Nathalya Januth, Social Sciences; Abbigail Joseph, Nursing; Christopher Josephs, Management; Armend Klenja, Secondary Education; Victoria Korzan, Biology; Jamie Leo, Theatre Arts; Liliana Meleshkewich, Justice and Law Administration; Mary Metzger, Social Work; Bernard Monagan, Finance; Ava Ouellette, Psychology; Matthew Pendagast, Business Administration; Thomas Pendagast, Finance; Jordan Polvere, Chemistry; Katherine Roberts, Music Education

Southington: Hannah Comparone, Nursing; Evelyn Holbrook, Nursing; Crystal Madore, Theatre Arts; Christina Renzi, Biology; Michael Ricciardone, Musical Theatre; Kendall Suski, Exploratory Studies

Stafford Springs: Jenna Castonguay, Theatre Arts; Isaac Combs, Health Promotion Studies

Stamford: Ashley Antoine, Accounting; Ramon Cabailo, Nursing; Audrey Camino-Jara, Social Work; Daniel Catalan, Business Administration; Karla Catalan, Accounting; Will Dorvilier, Justice and Law Administration; Destiny Elliott, Psychology; Jason Figueroa, Accounting; Joseph Gambino, Finance; Kelly Gonzalez, Elementary Education; Aemir Lopez, Social Work; Maria Lopez, Accounting; Maria Lopez, Health Promotion Studies; Luis Maradiaga, Accounting; Shackeria Mckenzie, Justice and Law Administration; Sheila Medina, Accounting; Diana Nguyen, Accounting; Sophia Orejola, Nursing; Samantha Ripegno, Secondary Education; Rickah Roc, Accounting; Joseph Rodriguez, Management; Irvingh Rubinos Soto, Accounting; Sarah Sprogis, Art; Josue Syvelsaint, Psychology; Fengyi Tang, Accounting

Stonington: Daniel Heetmann, Finance

Stratford: Robert Arsenault, Music; Elmar Barrios, Nursing; Suzana Casasnovas, Health Promotion Studies; Brenden Castro, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Nicole Collins, Health Promotion Studies; Alec DeRosa, Justice and Law Administration; Laurie Dominique, Elementary Education; Jessica Fresilli, Health Promotion Studies; Joane Jean-Baptiste, Psychology; Raissatou Karim, Theatre Arts; Kelsey Lepesko, Musical Theatre; Melani Piacentini, Theatre Arts; Jaslene Ruiz, Health Promotion Studies; Loren Smith, Justice and Law Administration; Bay Tait, Theatre Arts

Suffield: Kelli Martin, Social Work

Taftville: Geary McLeod, Interdisciplinary Studies

Terryville: Joshua Wright, Justice and Law Administration

Thomaston: Claire Greene, Justice and Law Administration

Tolland: Matthew Abbate, Justice and Law Administration; Juliana DeRosa, Nursing; Andrew Kolano, Marketing; Carlee Marti, Nursing; Chelsea Weaver, Theatre Arts; Tricia Campanelli, Pre-Nursing; Ora Curry, Business Administration; Andrew Schimanski, Political Science; Kathryn Vidal, Social Work

Trumbull: Magdalena Bassendowski, Management; Griffin D’Amato, Audio and Music Production; Skylar Jorge, Pre-Nursing; Sophie Leeds, Marketing; Andrew Lojko, Political Science; Tyrone McBurnie, Exploratory Studies; Alexis Reda, Musical Theatre; William Riczu, Communication; Erin Vawter, Nursing

Unionville: Nicole Wuller, Health Promotion Studies

Vernon/Rockville: Sophie Bonadies, Interdisciplinary Studies; Adam Muzsi, Accounting; Zora Valentine, Pre-Nursing

Wallingford: Jessica Boucher, Social Work; Elijah Carbone, Theatre Arts; Autumn Chappell, Elementary Education; Gabrielle Christofor, Theatre Arts; Ryan Doyle, Communication; Jack Gaynor, Justice and Law Administration; Samantha Larkin, Pre-Nursing; Kovina Menelas, Biology; Bradley Olmstead, Justice and Law Administration; Megan Smith, Nursing

Warren: Cassandra Frisbie, Management; Alexandra Mazza, Justice and Law Administration; Shyam Patel, Management Information Systems

Washington: Jordan Buchholz, Justice and Law Administration; Gwyneth Rosa, Health Promotion Studies; Jenna Williams, Elementary Education

Washington Depot: Jacalyn Doerwald, Art

Waterbury: Herny Almonte Fernandez, Justice and Law Administration; Kellie Barys, Management; Shekerah Berkeley, Justice and Law Administration; Samantha Braker, Theatre Arts; Raul Calderon, Theatre Arts; Angelica Colon, Social Work; Makenzie Counts, Nursing; Dante Cyr, Theatre Arts; Kristina Dogramatzis, Nursing; Nellie Drewry, Elementary Education; Lucy Gallagher, Art; Jessie Geremia, Management; Jarylis Gonzalez, Psychology; Sherry Guzman, Psychology; Aaron Hernandez-Mozo, Accounting; Erin Keeley, Elementary Education; Arica Kennedy, Elementary Education; Melissa Lamy, Social Work; Matthew Mancini, Social Work; Aida Mecka, Nursing; Beth Owen, Management; Angela Pacheco, Social Work; Eduarda Pages, Management; Yazmelin Rodriguez, Social Work; Skyler Smith, Nursing; Felizaida Tejada, Elementary Education; Johanna Toledo-Bravo, Psychology; Yelizaveta Tolstokoraya, Nursing; Ryssa Toussaint, Nursing; Samantha Wong, Nursing

Waterford: Rebecca Clark, History

Watertown: Skylar Bartush, Psychology; Valmira Bebri, Nursing; Samantha Cross, Psychology; Matthew Daddona, Finance; Emily Lynch, Elementary Education; Gabriella Orsini, Psychology; Giuliana Rinaldi, Music

West Hartford: Alayza Audain, Accounting

West Haven: Nathanael Bloom, Musical Theatre; Matthew Peters, Business Administration; Courtney Skeens, Theatre Arts; Erika Stang, Pre-Nursing; Faythe Thibodeau; Exploratory Studies; Camry Young, Theatre Arts

West Redding: Christine Conway, Social Work; Elizabeth LaRoche, Social Work; Matthew Zbroszczyk, Political Science

West Simsbury: Avery Gottshall, Music Education

Westbrook: Lili Dickey, Psychology

Weston: Kathryn Burke, Marketing; Chrystal Campbell, Theatre Arts; Pedro Mattos Bessa Lima, Digital and Interactive Media Arts; Leanna McAllister, Health Promotion Studies

Westport: Peyton Chaplick, Media Arts; Olivia Sosnoski, Biology

Wethersfield: Dina Dimarco, Theatre Arts; Nicholas Kallajian, Performance, Jazz

Willington: Kienan Giller, Justice and Law Administration

Wilton: Annette Andronaco, Psychology; Michael Dicostanzo, Business Administration; Henry Mcdowell, Accounting; Valentina Montalbano-Beqiri, Justice and Law Administration; Burleigh Prahl, Management; Megan Purvis, Social Work

Windsor: John Coleman, Management; Alaina Mueller, Musical Theatre

Windsor Locks: Kyron Davis, Social Work

Winsted: Adrian Delacruz, Marketing; Jazmin Giles, Music Education

Wolcott: Caitlyn Barry, Psychology; Gabrielle Hamel, English; Alexander Niatopsky, Theatre Arts; Philip Olmstead, Exploratory Studies; Kaitlyn Roberts, Meteorology; Reagan Smith, Theatre Arts

Woodbridge: Abigail Burford, Health Promotion Studies

Woodbury: Benjamin Cooper, Exploratory Studies; Skylar Delp, Nursing; Juan Pablo Gonzalez Moraga, Political Science; Mariam Haidar, Art; Evan Landry, Political Science; Aneesh Mistry, Communication; Garrett Quirk, Management Information Systems; Shannon Rupar, Secondary Education; Jane Stock, Management

Woodstock Valley: Sydney Campbell, Theatre Arts




Shingle Springs: Laura Roberts, Musical Theatre



Auburn: Serena Kelly, Musical Theatre

Boxford: Sophia Putney, Art

Charlton: Dominick Mogstad, Meteorology

Chelmsford: Heather Conti-Clark, Musical Theatre

Dover: Lauren Waite, Musical Theatre

Hampden: Joseph Burzdak, Meteorology

Kingston: Colleen Foley, Psychology

Lakeville: Melissa Krim, Psychology

Marshfield: Caroline Galligan, Chemistry

Natick: Julia MacBlane, Elementary Education

Rutland: Madison McColl, Health Promotion Studies

Shrewsbury: William Stewich, Theatre Arts

Swansea: Derek Alexander, Musical Theatre; Julia Morin, Musical Theatre

Westfield: Julia Bussell, Theatre Arts



Alton: Angela Nicastro, Audio and Music Production

Pelham: Samuel Sigman, Audio and Music Production

Portsmouth: Sam Rogers, Musical Theatre



Belvidere: Samantha Dultz, Psychology; Logan Farley, Musical Theatre

Berkeley Heights: Dexter Carlin, Exploratory Studies

Bound Brook: Sidrah Saleem, Justice and Law Administration

Chatham: Daniel Hyland, Business Administration

Manahawkin: Sean Macgillivray, Health Promotion Studies

Manalapan: Samantha Romano, Theatre Arts

New Egypt: Troy Pomykala, Management

South Plainfield: Darius Mullens, Musical Theatre



Amawalk: Austin Flynn, Audio and Music Production

Ardsley: Tyler Olmo, Justice and Law Administration

Babylon: Anna Schipf, Art

Baldwin Place: Jacqueline San Jose, Nursing

Beacon: Dillon Joseph, Nursing; Nicholas Lepere, Secondary Education

Bedford: Jesse Dunn, Justice and Law Administration; Ashley Gagliardi, Health Promotion Studies

Bedford Hills: James Cornelio, Health Promotion Studies; Anahy Guevara Varela Exploratory Studies

Brewster: Evelyn Alarcon-Cardona, Accounting; Jonathan Amatulli, Management; Amanda Badillo, Professional Writing; Brianna Barbosa, Exploratory Studies; Einy Barrios, Exploratory Studies; Joseph Bettcher, Social Work; Rebecca Collins, Psychology; John Delgado, Justice and Law Administration; Nico Dellavalle, Anthropology/Sociology; Ryan Denmark, Theatre Arts; Joseph Desanctis, Accounting; Edward Dougherty, History; Matthew Eskenazi, Pre-Nursing; Zachary Fimmano, Cybersecurity; Alia Galvez-Rolon, Social Work; Daniel Hasa, Accounting; Austin Kaelin, Justice and Law Administration; Sean Lyon, Exploratory Studies; Michael Meliambro, History; Carly Mengler, Biology; Samantha Napolitano, Communication; Kaitlin Neider, Secondary Education; Tara O’Hanlon, Marketing; Joseph Oliveri, Communication; Theresa Peppe, Accounting; Yassmin Peralta, Exploratory Studies; Lindsey Ramos Guerra, Nursing; Nicholas Santucci, Accounting; Jack Tyndall, History; Dominick Walch, Theatre Arts

Bronx: Susie Asamoah, Social Work; Zoilo Carmona, Justice and Law Administration; Johanna Flores, Social Work; Shardai Pryce, Professional Writing

Brooklyn: Rachel Faria, Musical Theatre; Lauren Herman, Health Promotion Studies

Carmel: Daphne Alicea, Communication; Zainab Amara, Elementary Education; Stephanie Boudreau, Nursing; John Corbett, Exploratory Studies; Jaclyn Grippo, Elementary Education; Jessica Halvorsen, Nursing; Kelly Harper, History; Sia Kassoh, Accounting; Madeline Labanowski, Nursing; Thomas Langkafel, History; William Launzinger, History; Sarah Lynch, Secondary Education; Cameron Mackie, Performance, Classical; Nicole Medina, Art; Julia Miletti, Exploratory Studies; Gordon Moccio, Media Arts; Megan O’Connell, Business Administration; Devin Rivalsi, Justice and Law Administration; Luke Sciortino, Justice and Law Administration; Hannah Sexton, Chemistry; Kyle Shilling, Health Education; Michael Sweeney, Justice and Law Administration; Samantha Vidal, Psychology

Chappaqua: Alessandra Turano, Art

Chester: Brielle Skrutskie, Secondary Education

Cold Spring: Bailey McCollum, Elementary Education

Cortlandt Manor: Gabriela Cruz, Psychology; Ryan Henry, Theatre Arts

Dobbs Ferry: Katelyn Fanning, Justice and Law Administration

Dover Plains: Raymond Drogan, Social Work; Patrick Hamilton, Political Science; Lauren Janecek, Secondary Education; Wyatt McIntyre, Health Education

East Meadow: Brianna Pota, Elementary Education

East Northport: Melissa Robertson, Justice and Law Administration

East Setauket: Max Gironda, Management

Farmingdale: Vitale Yenzer, Musical Theatre

Fishkill: Alexis Brown, Psychology; Danielle DePasquale, Management

Gansevoort: Lucas Gifford, Business Administration

Glen Cove: Sara Tenke, Elementary Education

Goshen: John Poplaski, Justice and Law Administration

Highland Mills: Corry Moskowitz, Justice and Law Administration

Holbrook: Meaghan Lombardo, Secondary Education; Angelina Miller, Justice and Law Administration

Holmes: Sean Mooney, Communication

Holtsville: Mikaela Bergen, Elementary Education

Hopewell: Griffin Downs, Professional Writing

Hopewell Junction: Robert Carey, Economics; Joseph Couto, Justice and Law Administration; Victoria D’razio, Musical Theatre; Jason Fleming, Marketing; Sabrina Frank, Marketing; Kendra Garrett, Justice and Law Administration; Joseph Giardina, Finance; Joelle Grady, History; Ryan Greco, Music Education; Ashley Green, Psychology; Alexis Lainchbury, Secondary Education; Haley Napier, Theatre Arts; Jake Toth, Business Administration; Mark Tricarico, Business Administration; Caroline Wade, Nursing

Horseheads: Abigail Swartout, Musical Theatre

Huntington: Connor Mayette, Accounting

Hyde Park: Jordyn Gala, Psychology

Katonah: Adriana Sinapi, Communication

Lagrangeville: Alex Besio, Audio and Music Production; Ashley Cross, Health Promotion Studies; Jacqueline Djinaj, Pre-Nursing; Gabriella Ferreira, Justice and Law Administration; Michael Kirchner, Justice and Law Administration; Stephen Kraska, Management; Kelsey McFadden, Professional Writing; Alexandra Perzel, Nursing; Jennifer Rodriguez, Psychology; Timothy Schoeberl, Theatre Arts

Lake Carmel: Joseph Doherty, Cybersecurity

Lindenhurst: Stephen Cicchetti, Justice and Law Administration; Erica Romeo, Social Work; Sean Young, Secondary Education

Mahopac: Miriam Ahmed, Biology; Randy Alfonso, Cybersecurity; Benjamin Argo, Biology; Maria Teresa Avitabile, Pre-Nursing; Kimberly Brower, Nursing; Patrick Burns, Art; Frank Casagrande, Justice and Law Administration; John DeMuro, Secondary Education; Christopher Fragano, Meteorology; Nicole Gardineer, Liberal Arts; Francesca Gennusa, Music Education; Casey Gruppuso, Elementary Education; Natalie Hromulak, Management; Steven Korin, Cybersecurity; Daniel Marino, Justice and Law Administration; Jennifer Mastropietro, Social Work; Natalia O’Brien, Psychology; Jessica Paternoster, Art; Amanda Patierno, Pre-Nursing; Katelyn Pearl, Management; Michael Rivera, Elementary Education; Amanda Spano, Accounting; Michael Truschelli, Management; Nicole Ward, Interdisciplinary Studies

Mamaroneck: Loria Perri, Justice and Law Administration; Tiana Rosado, Social Work; Mariah Segura, Psychology

Manorville: Benjamin Hawthorne, Exploratory Studies

Massapequa: Jenna Clougher, Pre-Nursing; Alexa Riggio, Exploratory Studies

Middletown: Victoria Cottone, Theatre Arts; Kayla Fischer, Theatre Arts; Brooke Gallagher, Health Promotion Studies; Ashlee Miller, Social Work; Travis O’Neill, Exploratory Studies; Gabrielle Passick, Performance, Classical

Millbrook: Ryan Auffarth, Finance

Mohegan Lake: Tara Costello, Psychology

Monroe: Vincent Scancarello, Management

Montgomery: Anthony Prestia, Justice and Law Administration

Mount Kisco: Jodi Nechamkin, Justice and Law Administration

Nanuet: Sarah Varghese, Pre-Nursing

New Hampton: Azeneth Perez, Psychology

New Rochelle: Alexis Cuomo, Elementary Education; Theresia Young, Theatre Arts

New Windsor: Berny Balbuena, Music

New York: Ashley Kong, Communication

Newburgh: Camellia Fletcher, Social Work; Rita Robinson, Justice and Law Administration

North Bangor: Kari Wheeler, Media Arts

North Bellmore: Elias Koukoulis, Psychology

North Salem: Mariana Alpizar, Biology

Nyack: Alyssa Mcdonald, Musical Theatre

Orangeburg: Ashley Rilley, Pre-Nursing; Braeden Stout, Interdisciplinary Studies

Patterson: Jeysha Ayende-Rodriguez, Biology; Emma Danvin, Social Work; Neida Duarte, Social Work; Emma Guiney, Exploratory Studies; Jessica Hamel, Biology; Cristel Leiva Diaz, Biology; Angela Rivera, Exploratory Studies; Nadina Vukovic, Nursing; Christopher Zavras, Biology

Pawling: David Divitto, Cybersecurity; Sierra Mayhew, Theatre Arts; Dana Schiavone, Nursing; Rachel Sloane, Music Education; Cassidy Vittorini, Justice and Law Administration; Shannon Ward, Justice and Law Administration

Peekskill: Jordan Illescas, Management

Pleasant Valley: Sabrina Haussmann, Nursing

Pleasantville: Katie Keane, Nursing

Port Jefferson: Jason Friia, Health Promotion Studies; Phalina Sciara, Pre-Nursing

Port Jefferson Station: Elizabeth Fagan, Justice and Law Administration; Faith Webb, Social Work

Poughkeepsie: Ashia Collins, Musical Theatre; Shelby Fahr, Nursing; Jessica Ferrantino, Social Work; Jack Hamel, Justice and Law Administration; Luis Jordan, Theatre Arts; Alyssa Manocchi, Psychology; Elizabeth Quinby, Theatre Arts; Alexis Solares, Social Work; Brooke Wallace, Theatre Arts

Poughquag: Patrick Clarke, Management; Brenna Corrigan, Pre-Nursing; Anthony Gallo, Elementary Education

Pound Ridge: Molly Henry, Elementary Education; Martha Slivka, Management

Purchase: Hafsat Bande, Management

Purdys: Deana Collins, Justice and Law Administration; Drew Nohe, Communication

Putnam Valley: Ashley Valentino, Nursing

Queens: George Pinnock, Musical Theatre

Rhinebeck: Maria Madden, Marketing

Rockville Centre: Kevin Molina-Medina, Psychology

Rocky Point: Liela Samon, Management

Ronkonkoma: Nicholas Gambino, Secondary Education

Saint Albans: Aquil Facey, Marketing

Saratoga Springs: Olivia Rando, Musical Theatre

Scarsdale: Ralph Capriglione, Art

Schenectady: Annaleigh Lester, Musical Theatre

Selden: Andrew Colletti, Finance

Smithtown: Matthew Kolasinski, Communication

South Salem: Danielle Cruz, Art; Amanda Wien, Psychology

Sparrowbush: Steven Smalls, Social Work

Spring Valley: Shelcie Alexis, Social Work

Staatsburg: Isabella Harris, Psychology

Stanfordville: Lauren Cerul, Music Education

Staten Island: Jashua Alvarez, Health Promotion Studies; Morgan Knight, Exploratory Studies; Nicolette Lomando, Communication; Maryjo Moreau; Exploratory Studies; Francesca Saccomagno, Musical Theatre

Stormville: Kimberly Dankelman, Psychology; Connor Light, Marketing; Zachary Macina, Accounting; Ryan Sahle, Secondary Education; Daniel Talt, Cybersecurity; Matthew Wilson, Management Information Systems

Tarrytown: Jasmine Pena, Justice and Law Administration

Thornwood: Amber Babich, Accounting

Walden: Alexander Clum, Accounting

Wantagh: Brittany McNally, Elementary Education; Donald Schaumloffel, Marketing; Michelle Shapiro, Musical Theatre

Wappinger Falls: Joseph Taylor, Theatre Arts; Alyssa Carpentieri, Secondary Education; Colin Gallaher, Musical Theatre; Tyler Gallaher, Musical Theatre; Jayla Perales, Finance; Shawn Phillips, Management; Elliot Schwarz, Nursing; Kathryn Schwarz, History; Stavros Skyrianos, History

Wassaic: Mohamed Zenaty, Management

Webster: Alina Furino, Social Work

West Islip: Jennifer Arigoni, Social Work; Connor Harris, Exploratory Studies

Westbury: Jennifer Sawicki, Psychology

Wingdale: Raymond Abreu, Finance; Jordan Akey, Social Work; Ahlea Hade, Communication; Kelby Mill, Management; Henry Portillo Ramirez, Pre-Nursing

Yonkers: Emily Reyes, Justice and Law Administration

Yorktown: Joseph Giorgio, Justice and Law Administration

Yorktown Heights: Jesse Bambach, Communication; Bianca Ferraiola, Elementary Education; Victoria Lopez, Theatre Arts; Jillian Roche, Nursing; Gina Scandurra, Psychology; Sergio Spiniello, Finance; Rebecca Tally, Social Work; Aidan Tobia, Interdisciplinary Studies; Emily Warden, Nursing



Delaware: Isabella Bosco, Musical Theatre



Fredericksburg: Ashley Winner, Management



Colchester: Alex Ratkovits, Meteorology

White River Junction: Alexander Rushton, Theatre Arts




Bethel: Emily Cruz, Nursing; Christine Dalton, English; Caitlin Davis, Chemistry; Tamara Isaykina, Management; Sarah Khalid, Management; Kristina Macnicholl, Psychology; Briana McCann, Anthropology/Sociology; Madison Spremulli, Exploratory Studies; Maria Veilleux, Management; Suzanne Westerberg, Nursing

Bethlehem: Marisa Valente, Social Work

Bridgewater: Brian Dibella, Computer Science

Bristol: Vincent Wiggins, Nursing

Brookfield: Melissa Burke, Nursing; John Carroll, Chemistry; Chris Catania, Management; Steven Delvalle, English; Alexander Hesse, Art; Lauren Kerton, History; Courtney Morlock, Nursing; Rachel Raymond, Communication

Danbury: Gabriela Cevallos, Finance; Yvaine Chu, Nursing; Channaly Chuk, Nursing; Ebeliza Collado, Social Work; Skylar Connolly, Biology; Christi Davis, Management; Melanie Desouza, Psychology; Len Ferreri, Finance; Erin Geary, Social Work; Celino Grigorio, Interdisciplinary Studies; Danielle Henion, Psychology; Derek Kalish, English; John King, Justice and Law Administration; Ryan Koschel, Health Promotion Studies; Pleasant Paschael, Professional Writing; Tara Pratt, Marketing; Danielle Ramos, Pre-Nursing; Emily Rose, Elementary Education; Michele Ruscoe, Management Information Systems; Riley Slusarz, Art; Melissa Steele, Interdisciplinary Studies; Jemeela Twumasi, Nursing

Milford: Ivan Mok, Nursing

Monroe: Jaime Krajewski, Accounting

Naugatuck: Kimberly Bari, Nursing; Michaela Begg, Justice and Law Administration; Nicole Mariano, Nursing; Angie Perez, Art; Kandy Reilly, Nursing; Steven Wilcox, Psychology

New Fairfield: Samuel Benicewicz, Justice and Law Administration; Kathleen Cothren, Psychology; Amanda Pergar, History

New Milford: Dylan Benz, Pre-Nursing; Katherine Koulogianis, Interdisciplinary Studies; Douglas Muckerman, Accounting; Courtney Savino, Secondary Education

Newtown: Louis Belanger, Accounting; Andrew Self, Chemistry

Northfield: Brianna Leduc, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Norwalk: Maria Casey, Management; Neeleigh Lipson, Psychology; Iryna Zaiats, Accounting

Plymouth: Jessica Pontbriand, Biology

Ridgefield: Campbell Mitchell, Social Sciences

Sandy Hook: Dayna Djonne, Management; Eugene Giorgio, Cybersecurity; Sydney Hansen, Social Sciences; Peiyi Li, Biology

Shelton: Gino Memoli, Psychology; Rachel Merriam, Performance, Jazz

Sherman: Marissa Barca, Pre-Nursing

Southbury: Erika Corner, Elementary Education; Elaine Poeltl, Nursing; Sarah Sajda, Psychology

Southington: Bailee Graveline, Management

Stamford: Wendy Marroquin, Justice and Law Administration; Angelo Natalie, Audio and Music Production

Stratford: Matthew Jossick, Management

Torrington: Cassidy Stone, Social Work

Trumbull: Christina Bergers, Management; Kellie Ann Bielonko, History

Waterbury: Shannon Gaskin, Justice and Law Administration; Cristina Medina-Manzo, Social Work; Ileen Megnath, Nursing; Shanel Montaque, Nursing

West Cornwall: Jonah Whiteside, Biology

Westport: Hunter Peterson, Anthropology/Sociology

Wilton: Gabriel Aly, Spanish; Charles Clark, Justice and Law Administration

Woodbury: Christopher Connelly, Social Work; Margaret Peters, History; Jacinda Wilkas, Exploratory Studies





Brewster: Phillip Estevez, Management; Chris Giron, Accounting; Christina Mead, Health Promotions Studies

Carmel: Cerena Akutsu, Social Work; Megan Fernandez, Social Work; Luis Quinde, Cybersecurity

Fishkill: Abigail Mandia, Biology

Mahopac: Brett Moskwiak, Interdisciplinary Studies; Christopher Wolff, Psychology

Yorktown: Emily Olivier, Performance, Classical



Western Connecticut State University changes lives by providing all students with a high-quality education that fosters their growth as individuals, scholars, professionals and leaders in a global society. Our vision: To be widely recognized as a premier public university with outstanding teachers and scholars who prepare students to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.


Another Attack On Our Community

A Message from President Ojakian and Dr. Clark

Dear WCSU University Community,

Please read the most important and urgent message from President Ojakian below regarding the latest attack on our international students. As President Ojakian so eloquently states, we will stand united in our defense of our students who are studying here from overseas. Indeed, all of our students deserve the opportunity for an education which hopefully leads them to their American dream. This latest action by the administration is mean-spirited and against the very ethos of what it means to be a true American. To the international students at WCSU, please know you have my full support and that of our community.

Best wishes,


Dr. John B. Clark
Western Connecticut State University




Dear CSCU Community,

Yesterday, the Trump administration released another pointless regulation aimed at attacking immigrant students. This time, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says that international students must participate in in-person classes in order to remain in the United States. In other words, if an institution moves to online-only education but chooses to leave residence halls open, international students would be evicted from student housing, taken away from their fellow students, and forced to finish the semester from their home country, where they may or may not have the infrastructure and resources to complete their coursework.

This is yet another harmful action from a federal administration hell-bent on attacking immigrants, people of color, LGBTQ communities, and anyone they can define as the “other.” At its best, public higher education helps provide a pathway to opportunity for people, regardless of their background or life circumstances, to realize their dreams – and by extension improve their communities. We don’t always live up to that ideal, but regulations like this only serve to make it more difficult.

International students are part of our community. They make our colleges and universities stronger. In many cases they go on to live, work, and raise a family in Connecticut. The federal administration’s decision to specifically target them is antithetical to our mission and offensive to me personally.

We will evaluate our legal options and take whatever steps possible to defend our international students.


Mark E. Ojakian
CSCU President



WCSU’s Hegel studies impact of COVID-19 on informal workers

DANBURY, CONN. — Western Connecticut State University Associate Professor of Anthropology Dr. Christine Hegel has partnered with the international non-governmental organization Women in Informal Employment, Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) on a study that aims to measure the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on informal workers. The study focuses on informal workers in 12 cities around the world, and Hegel is collaborating with Dr. Chris Hartmann (Public Health, SUNY Old Westbury) and Dr. Sari Kisilevsky (Philosophy, Queens College, CUNY) to implement the New York City node of the research. WIEGO has allocated nearly $12,000 for this portion of the study.

image of canners

Canners at Sure We Can

Three work sectors are being studied (domestic workers, street vendors and waste pickers), and Hegel and Hartmann are overseeing data collection on waste pickers, also known as “canners,” in New York City. Canners collect, sort and redeem deposit-marked containers to earn or supplement a living, and there are an estimated 8,000-10,000 canners in New York City. Hegel has been doing anthropological research in the canning community of Brooklyn since 2018, and works closely with the nonprofit redemption center Sure We Can. Her research contributes to ongoing advocacy efforts aimed at recognizing canning as a low-barrier livelihood for economically vulnerable residents that also makes a positive impact on diversion rates of renewable materials in New York City. Most recently, Hegel’s research was used to design a census mobilization plan in the canning community, funded by a $50,000 2020 Census Complete Count Outreach Grant received by Sure We Can.

For the waste picker node of the WIEGO Covid-19 Crisis Study, Hegel and Hartmann put together a team of 10 researchers that includes WCSU and SUNY Old Westbury students and canners in New York City; they are currently in the process of surveying 70 canners via phone or in-person interview in English, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. WCSU Anthropology/Sociology students Charla Beauvais and Clay Martin are employed as research assistants on the project, conducting portions of the interview and recording data. This project builds on their research methods coursework in the Department of Social Sciences and provides real-world experience on a rapid-response study. They also are learning about this low-income, marginalized community through the survey, which collects data on economic activities, housing conditions, household composition and survival strategies during the early and later stages of the state-mandated lockdown.

image of canners

Canners at Sure We Can

Across the globe, waste pickers contribute significantly to reducing landfill and recovering renewable materials. In countries like India and Brazil, more than 1% of all workers in the country are waste pickers, providing income for millions of families. Hegel’s research on waste pickers in New York City contributes to a better understanding of both informal labor working conditions in the urban U.S. and the impact of informal workers on the waste management infrastructure in New York City. An upcoming phase of this study (2021-22) will include research with WCSU students on canners in Danbury.

Recent articles by Hegel and Hartmann on canners include: https://nacla.org/news/2020/04/16/informal-recyclers-fight-survival-gentrifying-brooklyn and www.gothamgazette.com/opinion/9520-informal-recyclers-canners-essential-just-green-nyc-survival. Hegel also has published scholarly articles on issues relating to informal recycling labor in the Proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference.

For more information, send an email to pr@wcsu.edu.



Western Connecticut State University changes lives by providing all students with a high-quality education that fosters their growth as individuals, scholars, professionals and leaders in a global society. Our vision: To be widely recognized as a premier public university with outstanding teachers and scholars who prepare students to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.



Research, teaching awards recognize WCSU professors

DANBURY, Conn. — Two Western Connecticut State University professors from different disciplines have been recognized for a singular trait they share: a passion for working with students.

Dr. Neeta Connally, associate professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences, was recognized with the system-wide research award by the Board of Regents of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, of which WCSU is a part. The BOR also cited Connally with a WCSU campus research award.

Dr. Howell Williams, assistant professor of Social Sciences, was recognized by the BOR with the campus Teaching Award for WCSU.

image of Dr. Neeta Connally

Dr. Neeta Connally

Connally, a medical entomologist who teaches and oversees the Tickborne Disease Prevention Laboratory at WCSU, is known for her work studying blacklegged ticks, which can carry multiple disease-causing agents including the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. For the past 10 years she has spent her summers monitoring tick populations and conducting studies to better understand backyard risk for tick-borne diseases. Her studies frequently include a human behavior component, enrolling household members who live in high-tick areas of the region.Connally’s research team includes undergraduate students who learn how to collect and identify ticks, how to properly handle scientific data, and how large-scale research studies work.

“Hopefully the students get a true experience of what research is really like,” Connally said. “In our case they may find it’s not glamourous or that data doesn’t come to you beautifully set out and ready for analysis. Sometimes collecting quality data involves sweating in the sun or risking mosquito bites or poison ivy.” She said some students realize research is not for them, while others are surprised at how excited they become about being part of the research process. “I’ve had students realize that you don’t have to go to medical or nursing school to do work that can improve human health. Every student has something to offer our work. Every year they learn to work together as a great team, each contributing their own strengths. Each summer I think they can’t get any better, and they always find a way to exceed my expectations. I’m so proud of what they can accomplish, and they should be, too.”

Connally’s research is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Environmental Protection Agency. She and students also collaborate on Lyme disease prevention projects with the Ridgefield Health Department, the Nuvance Health hospital network, Yale Emerging Infections Program, the Connecticut Department of Public Health, and the TickEncounter Resource Center at the University of Rhode Island.

Dr. Patrice Boily, chair of the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, lauded Connallys work with students.

“I can attest that her research accomplishments are not only remarkable, but also significantly enhance the educational experience of our undergraduates by providing meaningful hands-on research opportunities,” Boily said in a letter nominating Connally for the BOR award.

image of Dr. Howell Williams

Dr. Howell Williams

Williams is a political scientist who teaches on a range of topics, including American government, political institutions, political theory, and gender and sexuality politics.

His classes often use role-playing games to introduce students to historical events such as the Constitutional Convention and Supreme Court rulings.

Williams also brings in experts to discuss current events. He collaborated with the office of Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton for a course about local public administration, which allowed students to visit local government offices and get hands-on experience with the workings of city governance. He has also invited State Representatives, members of local media organizations, and sitting members of the U.S. Congress to meet students and discuss their role in America’s governing institutions.

In a spring course that Williams taught with History Professor Dr. Leslie Lindenauer, students examined what life was like for workers in the hatting industry in the early 20th century.

“You can use role-playing and hearing from today’s decision-makers to help students learn concepts like separation of powers and checks and balances in U.S. government,” Williams said. “I love research, but I was really inspired by the great teachers I had growing up. Teaching was what made me get a Ph.D.”

Social Sciences Professor Dr. Averell Manes wrote in support of Williams’ nomination that he “is the kind of scholar that you most want to see in the classroom. He involves students by using a broad range of techniques: writings in class on questions, videos, a broad range of readings, in-depth discussions, and a variety of interesting assignments.” 

The awards — both campus-based and system-wide — recognize faculty for excellence in teaching or research. The awards are given to adjunct faculty members and assistant and associate professors in tenure-track or tenured positions who have distinguished themselves as outstanding teachers, promote instructional improvements for their departments, and are doing exceptional research, scholarly, and/or creative work.




Western Connecticut State University changes lives by providing all students with a high quality education that fosters their growth as individuals, scholars, professionals, and leaders in a global society. Our vision: To be widely recognized as a premier public university with outstanding teachers and scholars who prepare students to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.




WCSU Applied Behavior Analysis program ranks in top five nationwide in survey

DANBURY, CONN. — The Western Connecticut State University master’s degree program in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has received recognition from EduMed.org in its recently released 2020 rankings for “Best Graduate Certificates in Applied Behavior Analysis Online.” WCSU’s program ranked fifth on a list that compared factors including cost, online availability, academic counseling, career placement and availability of financial aid at both public and private, for-profit institutions that offer an ABA degree online.

EduMed.org founder Wes Harris Ricketts wrote in his letter announcing WCSU’s top ranking, “I wanted to reach out to congratulate you and your department at Western Connecticut State University. EduMed.org has just released its 2020 rankings, and your school has been named one of today’s best for online learning in applied behavior analysis. … To create the rankings, EduMed researched more than 7,700 accredited schools using data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and from the schools themselves. Our data science team then applied a proprietary algorithm to rank all qualifying schools according to seven core metrics. Schools with the best combinations of online learning opportunity, affordability and student support earned top honors. To qualify, a school must offer at least part of its applied behavior analysis program online and hold active regional accreditation.”

According to its website, “EduMed.org connects students with the best and most affordable higher education programs in the medical and allied health fields.”

This latest recognition for WCSU’s ABA program comes on the heels of a number of similar top rankings.

In 2019, the program received the highest honors in a survey by the research group Intelligent.com as the nation’s best master’s program for students seeking to pursue careers as Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

Intelligent.com, a Seattle-based organization that provides guides and rankings designed to inform student choices of degree programs at higher education institutions nationwide, also cited the online Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis program at WCSU as the fourth most affordable nationwide among 34 institutions evaluated in the survey.

The Intelligent.com survey’s overall program rankings were based on the strength and reputation of the university’s ABA curriculum, experience in online education, affordable cost for degree completion, student engagement and graduation rates, and projected return on investment through post-graduation employment. WCSU ranked as the No. 1 “Intelligent Pick” among all online ABA programs surveyed, achieving an elite 99.89 score on a 100-point scale.

“Our top picks for the best online BCBA program are respected, accredited and affordable,” the survey overview said. “Students who pursue any one of these programs can expect to gain employment much quicker in comparison to candidates without a degree.”

Additional recent honors that have drawn national recognition to the excellence of the ABA master’s program at WCSU include the 2019 Applied Behavior Analysis Programs Guide, which ranked WCSU at No. 2 among higher education institutions nationwide that offer an online master’s degree in applied behavior analysis. The ABA Programs Guide profile of WCSU noted that the university’s fully online instructional program prepares students “to effectively quantify and measure behavior in order to make effective changes that will improve overall behavior of an individual, group or organization.” The guide noted students in the WCSU program learn how to measure behavior, collect and analyze data, and make suitable modifications to increase appropriate behavior and decrease inappropriate behavior.

The autism advocacy and treatment organization Action Behavior Centers also cited WCSU in its “Top 50 Online ABA Master’s Programs and Certificates in 2018” survey of higher education institutions across the United States. The survey listing recognized the university as “an institution dedicated to higher standards of education and research. WCSU provides high-quality behavior analytic instruction to practitioners, earning its online ABA program a spot on this list.”

The WCSU ABA master’s degree, housed in the Department of Education and Educational Psychology, is achieved through completion of a rigorous curriculum of nine courses for a total of 30 credit hours. The M.S. program includes 22 credits of core coursework designed to qualify graduates to sit for the BCBA examination sponsored by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). The WCSU program includes a required course in Assistive Technology for Applied Behavior Analysis, an area of study with important applications in the profession.



Western Connecticut State University changes lives by providing all students with a high-quality education that fosters their growth as individuals, scholars, professionals and leaders in a global society. Our vision: To be widely recognized as a premier public university with outstanding teachers and scholars who prepare students to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.



Jane Goodall Center receives several grants for garden

DANBURY, CONN. — Western Connecticut State University’s Jane Goodall Center for Excellence in Environmental Studies (JGC) recently received grants to support operation of its Permaculture Garden on the university’s Midtown campus. The funding awards include a $3,000 grant from the Fairfield County Community Foundation, $1,300 from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund and $400 from The Women’s Club of Danbury/New Fairfield. The grants will be used to pay student interns to care for the on-campus garden, as well as for the maintenance and development of the garden itself.

The summer internship program at the JGC is designed to teach students about sustainability and permaculture. Among other things, the interns will learn the science and techniques behind permaculture, and will be trained to plan sustainable gardens, pick and plant seeds, understand the benefits of crop rotation, and identify plants correctly to avoid inappropriate weeding. The three student interns, Charla Beauvais, Holly Pais and Astrid Sundberg, also will be responsible for cultivation of the garden’s crop as well as distributing a portion of the harvest to local food pantries.

image of Charla Beauvais

Charla Beauvais

Beauvais, of Bridgeport, is a junior in the Social Sciences department, pursuing a dual major in anthropology and sociology. Of her work at the JGC she said, “As a student at WCSU, my passion for helping others succeed and become a positive role model in the community is very important to me. We have numerous resources here on campus, available to all, and some of which students are completely unaware of. Being a part of the permaculture initiative is my way of sharing my gift and love for planting, and to inspire and empower my fellow peers to understand the connection we have to Mother Earth.”

image of Holly Pais

Holly Pais

Pais was born and raised in St. Albans, Vermont, surrounded by many agricultural farms. Upon moving to Connecticut, she graduated from Danbury High School and enrolled at WCSU. After only one semester at WCSU, she decided to work in banking full time for almost 10 years and then returned to her roots. Currently a junior majoring in Bioscience, she will graduate in 2021. “After WCSU, I plan on attending UCONN for its Plant Science graduate program and finding a career in agriculture, specifically organic vegetable growth,” she said. “I love working in the garden here at WCSU because it makes me feel at home. Being able to instantly identify plants makes me feel comfortable as a newbie. I can’t wait to see what the future holds here and look forward to this summer’s harvest!”

image of Astrid Sundberg

Astrid Sundberg

Sundberg transferred to WCSU as a junior and is majoring in anthropology. The Newtown resident is passionate about food, sciences and nutrition: “I’ve always been surrounded by gardens and nature so the JGC Permaculture Garden is joyous and relaxing, and I love getting to work with my hands.” She is Moroccan and Swedish so food and culture have always been central to her being, and she hopes ultimately to share those cultural food differences and practices with others.

Ciara Carruthers, the summer 2019 intern and a recent WCSU graduate who will continue to assist in the garden, said permaculture goes beyond typical gardening.

“It’s the cultivation of a biological system that thrives almost independently by design,” she said. “It’s sustainable and reduces waste significantly. Our new summer interns will be a great help to the mission of practicing and promoting sustainability at WCSU.”

Carruthers trained under former garden manager and WCSU graduate Ashley Kenney, who worked with Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Consultant and former Chair of the JGC Dr. Laurie Weinstein. After graduating, Kenney took her permaculture gardening knowledge to her position as garden manager and sustainability coordinator for Grace Farms in New Canaan. Kenney said, “I plan to help the JGC at WCSU this year by advising on the planting of some new trees, shrubs and fruit-bearing plants. Urban farming and gardening is an important tool in helping close the hunger gap and to help feed people in need.”

Weinstein said, “We’re very indebted to the Fairfield County Community Foundation, New England Grassroots Environment Fund and Women’s Club of Danbury/New Fairfield for giving us the opportunity to mentor some of our students for careers in sustainability.”

The Jane Goodall Center for Excellence in Environmental Studies, founded over 20 years ago, hosts public speakers and, according to the website, “fosters service learning projects for students throughout the community by reaching out to help with after school programs, animal shelters, the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury, nursing homes, food pantries and soup kitchens.”

For more information about the Jane Goodall Center for Excellence in Environmental Studies, visit www.wcsu.edu/goodall.



 Western Connecticut State University changes lives by providing all students with a high-quality education that fosters their growth as individuals, scholars, professionals and leaders in a global society. Our vision: To be widely recognized as a premier public university with outstanding teachers and scholars who prepare students to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.



A message from President Clark in memory of George Floyd

To students, faculty and staff:

Over this weekend, I had several conversations with members of our University community about the profoundly disturbing and shocking killing of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer. There was agreement a message of condolence about this most current tragedy and support for the fight against racism was in order, but our focus should be on action not just talk. As our faculty colleague, Dr. Theresa Canada put it, “we must be aware we have two pandemics – COVID-19 and racism that have such devastating impacts on our minority populations in terms of equality, opportunity and justice. And we also must be constantly reminded of the countless victims of such brutality, which so taint our country’s history.”

On a personal note, as a person who came of age during the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam War protests, it is disheartening and incomprehensible that a white “police officer” could wantonly kill a person of color in this day and age. After all that our beloved country has been though these past few years, have we learned nothing?

How many times have we seen and heard inspirational speeches and stirring slogans calling for a permanent end to virulent disease of racism only to witness a short time later another killing of a person of color?  And today, while the focus is rightfully on George Floyd, what about Ahmed Aubrey and the countless victims before them.

As noted above, there is an exceptionally strong feeling in our community that while talk has its place, action in the University must be taken to stop this pandemic of racism and its terrible consequences.  Consequently, our University community intends to take action. Below are examples of what can be done in the fight against racism and institutional murder:

  • Createa scholarship fund for students of color who wish to become police officers so our law enforcement agencies can better reflect our communities throughout the state and region.
  • Host lectures, podcasts, discussions, or conduct educational forums like the one we had a few years back entitled “Race, Community, Policing and You – a Conversation to Make a Difference” featuring Danbury Chief of Police Patrick Ridenhour, a State Police representative, WCSU Police Chief Roger Connor, faculty, students and community members to discuss the George Floyd case and other nationally recognized cases as well as to discuss potential solutions to the pandemic of race and violence.
  • As Provost Missy Alexander suggested,with the faculty resources we have in education, healthcare, psychology, social work, justice and law administration, sociology and related fields, we could create a multi-disciplinary research group that focuses on evidence-based solutions to the myriad problems of structural racism. That research must work to propose new policies and advocate for legislation on the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Take advantage of the many resources at WCSU for support, including:

During the coming months, we will discuss other components of our University Action and Research program that will be designed to put an end to racism and its evil consequences that run counter to the spirit of our Declaration Independence: that ALL persons are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

As our Athletic Director Lori Mazza put it so passionately, “We cannot change the past, but we can AS ONE WESTCONN FAMILY, change our future with mutual compassion, listening, respect and, most of all, love.”


Dr. John B. Clark


Western Connecticut State University