Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs


The Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs at Western Connecticut State University offers students going into their Junior and Senior year in high school the opportunity to participate in our Dual-Enrollment for the preparation of an education or computer science degree.

a) Danbury Teaching Fellows Pipeline
The Danbury Teaching Fellow Pipeline offers students supervised field-based opportunities for learning about, observing, applying, and reflecting on instructional methods and materials used to support English Language Learners in English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual classrooms at the elementary and secondary levels.
Accepted candidates, referred to as Teaching Fellows, will take a two-semester college course, TESOL/ Bilingual Introductory Practicum, at Western Connecticut State University. This course will be taught during summer (ED 103) and fall (ED 104). Danbury Teaching Fellows who successfully complete each semester will earn a total of three (3) college credits (2 credits for the summer and 1 for the fall), which can be transferred to any university of their choice.

b) Computer Science Pipeline
The Computer Science Pipeline offers students the opportunity to use problem-solving based approaches. Accepted students during the summer will be enrolled in CS 110 Website Production where they will be introduced to the various aspects of website production including problem specification, requirements analysis, image, video, audio, HTML and programming using a scripting language such as JavaScript. Through the use of interactive, hands-on sessions, students will be able to construct a website that satisfies a specific set of requirements. Once completing the course, students will earn 3 free college credits that can be transferred to other institutions.
In addition to earning 3 college credits, students who submit an official transcript to Dr. Martins at Danbury High School will be eligible to receive elective high school credit towards graduation. Successful completion includes attending all scheduled course classes and field teaching/observation assignments.

Some additional services for our Dual-Enrollment participants include:

A. Tutors can be arranged for students who are having difficulty with a subject and who are unable to get extra help from their teacher. We encourage students to use the school’s tutoring labs during school. Tutoring will take place after or during school at the student’s high school. Students are to ask their advisors if they need a tutor.
B. Career Counseling. Career counseling activities are available which are aimed at helping students become aware of career possibilities and interests.
C. College Board Examinations and Workshops. Fee waivers will be provided by the program. Juniors taking the SATs will begin compulsory classes in January and continue taking these classes in their senior year until they take the test for the second time in Nov./Dec.
D. Career & College Counseling. As they approach their senior year and the important decision of where they will attend college and what they plan to study, the students’ involvement in career counseling will be critical in helping them with these decisions. On an individual basis, seniors will be assisted in the selection of three to six post-secondary institutions to which they will apply during the first term of school. Application fee waivers will be provided by the program.
E. Financial Aid Workshop. In October of the senior year, Parents will meet with a staff to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); which is used to determine a student’s eligibility for the financial aid program and other forms of aid.
F. College Scholarship Awards. Participants will be eligible to apply for merit scholarships and grants offered by colleges and universities.

Applications for both our Dual-Enrollment Programs will be available on April 1st.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Jessica Coronel, Assistant Director of the Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs at or via phone at 203-617-5582.