Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Minor in Humanistic Studies

All Humanistic Studies classes are interdisciplinary. They can include aspects of every subject available at the University: the natural and social sciences, professional studies, the arts, and the humanities. Every class always draws from at least three different disciplines, so a humanistic studies minor is effectively a minor in interdisciplinary studies—which is an excellent complement to any major because it demonstrates your ability to think beyond the conventions and constraints of a particular discipline.

A minor in humanistic studies requires 18 HUM credits, including HUM 151 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, and at least 9 credits at the 200-level or above. All current HUM courses can be applied toward the minor as elective classes.

Current Humanistic Studies Classes (Courses marked with * are offered periodically.)

HUM 105 FY for Humanities (FY)

HUM 110 Moral Issues in Modern Society (CT + OC)

HUM 114 The Greek Experience (FY)*

HUM 151 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (CP + OC)

HUM 154 Interdisciplinary Problems (OC + IL)

HUM 190 Social Issues in Film (CT + CP)

HUM 213 Artificial Intelligence: Minds & Machines (IL + W2)

HUM 222 Sustainability: Economics, Ecology, Ethics (HW + IL)

HUM 223 Immigration: Rights and Wrongs (W2 + IC)

HUM 224 Thinking about Race (IC + OC)

HUM/HPX 246 Approaches to Well Being in Indo-Tibetan Philosophy (IC + HW)

HUM/HPX 247 Indigenous Spirituality & Environmental Activism (IC + IL)

HUM 250 Art & Death (OC + CP)

HUM 262 The Family & The State

HUM 263 Love in Western Civilization (CT + OC)

HUM 270 Introduction to Cultural Studies (IL + W2)

HUM 290 Science and Technology in Film (CT)

HUM 291 Utopia and Dystopia (CT + CP)

HUM 292 Science and Society (IL + OC)

CHE/HUM 293 The Science and Culture of the Atomic Bomb (IL + CT)

HUM 312 Knowledge and Power (W3 + CE)

HUM 315 Conspiracy, Truth, and Lies (CP + IL)

HUM 317 Discipline and Punishment (CT + CE)

HUM 390 Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Moving Image (CT + OC)

HUM 391 Big Data and Society (CT + IL)

HUM/HPX 397 Tibetan Buddhist Art, Philosophy & Culture (HC + IC) (study abroad in India)*

HUM 451 Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (CE + W3)