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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Minor in Humanistic Studies

All Humanistic Studies classes are interdisciplinary. They can include aspects of every subject available at the University: the natural and social sciences, professional studies, the arts, and the humanities. Every class always draws from at least three different disciplines, so a humanistic studies minor is effectively a minor in interdisciplinary studies—which is an excellent complement to any major because it demonstrates your ability to think beyond the conventions and constraints of a particular discipline.

A minor in humanistic studies requires 18 HUM credits, including HUM 151 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, and at least 9 credits at the 200-level or above. All current HUM courses can be applied toward the minor as elective classes.

Current Humanistic Studies Classes

HUM 101 Our Relation to Nature (FY)

HUM 102 Art and Experience (FY)

HUM 105 FY for Humanities (FY)

HUM 110 Moral Issues in Modern Society (CT + OC)

HUM 114 The Greek Experience (FY)

HUM 124 The Roman Experience (FY)

HUM 151 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (CP + OC)

HUM 212 Technology and Humanity (IL + W2)

HUM 213 Artificial Intelligence: Minds & Machines (IL + W2)

HUM 222 Sustainability: Economics, Ecology, Ethics (HW + IL)

HUM 223 Immigration Rights and Wrongs (W2 + IC)

HUM 224 Thinking about Race (IC + OC)

HUM 230 Madness and Civilization (W2 + IC)

HUM 242 Gnosticism

HUM 243 Mysticism (IC + W2)

HUM 244 Christianity: Religion, Politics, Art (CT + IC)

HUM 245 Comparative Religions (IC + W2)

HUM/HPX 246 Approaches to Well Being in Indo-Tibetan Philosophy (IC + HW)

HUM/HPX 247 Indigenous Spirituality & Environmental Activism (IC + IL)

HUM 250 Art & Death (OC + CP)

HUM 251 Philosophical Issues in Literature (CP + OC)

HUM 262 The Family & the State

HUM 263 Love in Western Civilization (CT + OC)

HUM 270 Intro to Cultural Studies (IL + W2)

HUM 280 Marx & Marxism (CT + W2)

HUM 311 Incompleteness in Logic, Language and Life (CE + W3)

HUM 312 Knowledge and Power (W3 + CE)

HUM/HPX 346 Tibetan Buddhist Art, Philosophy & Culture (HC + IC) (study abroad in India)

HUM 370 Advanced Cultural Studies (W3 + CE)

HUM 421 Development & Humanitarian Ethics (IC + HW) (study abroad in Cuba)

HUM 451 Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (CE + W3)