Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Minor in Science and Society

This interdisciplinary minor will help students explore the latest research in science and its social, cultural and global implications. One of the goals of this program is to foster scientific literacy among non-science majors. This minor will also allow premed students and science majors to study the social, economic, ethical and political impact of sciences, thereby contextualizing and enhancing their scientific work.


The Minor in Science and Society requires 17-18 credits, including HUM 292 Science and Society (3 credits) and the remaining 14-15 elective credits to be selected from the two groups specified below. Group I brings together a variety of science courses, and Group II brings together humanities and social science courses that examine the social, cultural and ethical impact of science. No more than 9 credits may be taken within the student’s major, and no more than 9 credits may be taken within the same discipline. Students must maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA in the minor.


Required: HUM 292 Science and Society (3 credits)


Group I Electives: (Choose 8-9 credits from the following courses. Choose either two 4-credit courses or three 3-credit courses.)

BIO 100 Concepts of Biology (4 credits)

BIO 107/202 Scientific Inquiry in the Field (4 credits)

BIO 150 Science of Climate Change (4 credits)

CHE 102 Everyday Chemistry I (4 credits)

CHE/HUM 293 The Science and Culture of the Atomic Bomb (3 credits)

CS 102 3D Modeling and Printing (3 credits)

CS 103 Computer Animation and Scripting (3 credits)

CS 110 Website Production (3 credits)

CS 135 Problem Solving with Computers (3 credits)

CS 140 Introduction to Programming (4 credits)

CS 172 Intermediate Java Programming (3 credits)

MAT 110 Great Ideas in Mathematics (3 credits)

MAT 113 Introduction to the History of Mathematics (3 credits)

MAT 127 Introduction to Cryptology (3 credits)

MAT 363 History of Mathematics (3 credits)

PSY 230 Introduction to Brain and Behavior (3 credits)

PSY 251 Psychology of Cognition (3 credits)

PSY 352 Cognitive Neuroscience (3 credits)


Group II Electives: (Choose 6 credits from the following courses.)

HUM 213 Artificial Intelligence: Minds and Machines (3 credits)

HUM 222 Sustainability: Economics, Ecology, Ethics (3 credits)

HUM 290 Science and Technology in Film (3 credits)

HUM 391 Big Data and Society (3 credits)

PSY 260 Health Psychology (3 credits)

PSY 270 Psychology of Sustainability (3 credits)

PSY 309 Social Psychology and the Law (3 credits)

PSY 347 Developmental Psychology and Social Policy (3 credits)