Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Course List

The current list of Philosophy and Humanistic Studies classes that we offer is below.

Please note the following:

  • All Philosophy and Humanistic Studies classes count toward the old General Education humanities distribution requirement (prior to fall 2016). For this Gen Ed requirement you need to take a total of 5 courses in the humanities and as many as 3 of those can be philosophy or humanistic studies courses.
  • All Philosophy and Humanistic Studies classes also count toward in the current General Education program that went into effect fall 2016. All Philosophy and Humanistic Studies classes include at least one competency in the new Gen Ed program—please see the list below for the specific competencies that each class fulfills. Competencies for the current Gen Ed program are in parentheses.
  • All Philosophy and Humanistic Studies classes at the 100 and 200 levels have no prerequisites and are open to all students. All of these classes can serve as good introductory classes. The 200 level classes are more focused on a specific area, theme or topic than the 100 level classes, but they are still intended as introductory classes and any motivated student can do well in a 200-level class without any previous experience in philosophy or humanistic studies.
  • Philosophy and Humanistic Studies classes at the 300 and 400 level have a prerequisite of at least one previous class or permission of the instructor. If you are interested in taking a 300 or 400 level class but have not taken a Philosophy or Humanistic Studies class before, please talk to the instructor for the class. Instructors can waive the prerequisite if they believe you can handle the course material.
  • The University Catalogue hasn’t been updated to reflect changes we recently made in our curriculum, so if you notice differences between the list below and the Catalogue don’t be alarmed. The course names, numbers and prerequisites on this list are all up to date.

Current Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Classes as of March 2022

Humanistic Studies Classes
(Courses marked with * are offered periodically.)

HUM 105 FY for Humanities (FY)

HUM 110 Moral Issues in Modern Society (CT + OC)

HUM 114 The Greek Experience (FY)*

HUM 151 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (CP + OC)

HUM 154 Interdisciplinary Problems (OC + IL)

HUM 190 Social Issues in Film (CT + CP)

HUM 213 Artificial Intelligence: Minds & Machines (IL + W2)

HUM 222 Sustainability: Economics, Ecology, Ethics (HW + IL)

HUM 223 Immigration: Rights and Wrongs (W2 + IC)

HUM 224 Thinking about Race (IC + OC)

HUM/HPX 246 Approaches to Well Being in Indo-Tibetan Philosophy (IC + HW)

HUM/HPX 247 Indigenous Spirituality & Environmental Activism (IC + IL)

HUM 250 Art & Death (OC + CP)

HUM 262 The Family & The State

HUM 263 Love in Western Civilization (CT + OC)

HUM 270 Introduction to Cultural Studies (IL + W2)

HUM 290 Science and Technology in Film (CT)

HUM 291 Utopia and Dystopia (CT + CP)

HUM 292 Science and Society (IL + OC)

CHE/HUM 293 The Science and Culture of the Atomic Bomb (IL + CT)

HUM 312 Knowledge and Power (W3 + CE)

HUM 315 Conspiracy, Truth and Lies (CP +IL)

HUM 317 Discipline and Punishment (CT + CE)

HUM 390 Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Moving Image (CT + OC)

HUM 391 Big Data and Society (CT + IL)

HUM/HPX 397 Tibetan Buddhist Art, Philosophy & Culture (HC + IC) (study abroad in India)*

HUM 451 Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (CE + W3)


Philosophy Classes

PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy (IL/CT)

PHI 104 Philosophy Through Television (FY)

PHI 105 Philosophy Through Fiction (FY)

PHI 106 Philosophy of Happiness (FY)

PHI 120 Introduction to Ethical Theory (CT/OC)

PHI 205 Engaged Philosophy: Peace & Justice Studies (IC + HW)

PHI 209 Informal Logic (OC + CT)

PHI 211 Formal Logic (OC + CT)

PHI 221 Ethical Issues in Business (OC + CT)

PHI 223 Ethical Issues in Health Care (OC + CT)

PHI 225 Ethics and Animals (OC + CT)

PHI 226 Environmental Philosophy (CT + W2)

PHI 227 Ethics in Computing (IL + W2)

PHI 229 Philosophy of Law & Legal Theory (CT + W2)

PHI 231 Ancient Philosophy (W2 + OC)

PHI 232 Medieval Philosophy (W2 + OC)

PHI 233 Modern Philosophy (W2 + OC)

PHI 234 19th & 20th Century Philosophy (W2 + OC)

PHI 240 Philosophy of Religion (W2 + IC)

PHI 241 Buddhist Philosophy (W2 + IC)

PHI 242 Islamic Philosophy (W2 + IC)

PHI 244 Philosophy of the Self (W2 + IC)

PHI 245 Philosophy of Death and Dying (W2 + IC)

PHI 250 Philosophy of Art (OC + CP)

PHI 251 Philosophy in Literature (CP + OC)

PHI 252 Philosophy in Film (OC + CP)

PHI 259 Philosophy and Pop Culture (OC + CP)

PHI/WS 260 Philosophy of Women & Gender (CT + W2)

PHI 262 Philosophy of Love and Friendship (CT + OC)

PHI 315 Philosophy of Language (W3 + CE)

PHI 316 Philosophy of Science (W3 + CE)

PHI 320 Social & Political Philosophy (W3 + CE)

PHI 332 American Philosophy (W3 + CE)

PHI 334 Existentialism (W3 + CE)

PHI 338 Postmodern Philosophy (W3 + CE)

PHI/WS 339 Women in the History of Philosophy (W3 + CE)

PHI 340 Non-Western Philosophy (CT + IC)

PHI 381 Plato’s Dialogues (W3 + CE)

PHI 388 Kierkegaard and Hegel (W3 + CE)

PHI 389 Schopenhauer and Nietzsche (CE + W3)