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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Suzanne Potter Ironbiter


White Hall 324

After finishing my BA at University of Michigan, I moved east to complete my doctorate at Columbia. I’ve stayed here ever since, teaching interdisciplinary humanities courses at NYU, Hunter College and Purchase College before the pleasure of joining WCSU’s Department of Philosophy & Humanistic Studies in Spring 2018.

My grad school focus was on mystical philosophy and the Platonic tradition. During grad school I also began practicing yoga and meditation. I went on to postgrad studies in Sanskrit and the literature and philosophy of India. My experiences of motherhood and the women’s movement provoked an interest in India’s goddess traditions. Devi and Devi: Mother of My Mind are my poetic interactions with those traditions. My more recent focus has been on Tibetan Buddhist philosophy.

I am interested in the relationship between ideas and experience, the emotional values of the arts, and the examination of the practical consequences of thought, particularly in the context of current gender, environmental, social justice, and mental and physical health issues.