Planning Department

White Street Safety Improvements

Midtown Campus

This project provides for much-needed pedestrian safety improvements along the White Street corridor at the southern edge of Western Connecticut State University’s Midtown Campus.  Enhancements will include the installation of safety fencing, and landscaping on the north side of White Street, within the snow shelf between the curb and the sidewalk, discouraging jaywalking across the three lanes of street traffic.

This work will be done in conjunction with additional crosswalk improvements being done by the City of Danbury, in support of the White Street safety improvements’ mission for Western’s Midtown Campus area.  All improvements shall be consistent with the intent of the campus master plan and Western’s approved design standards.

White St
Type Site Improvements
Project Budget $175,000
Status Pre-design
Architectural Design In-house
Landscape Design To be determined
Target Completion Spring 2014
Project administered by: Western Connecticut State University

Last updated:  04/16/13