Police Department

Important Telephone Numbers and Contacts

For On Campus Emergencies dial 911 from any on campus phone.

203-837-9300         University Police Dispatch Center
203-837-9301         Chief of Police Richard Guerrera
203-837-9099         Lieutenant Richard Montefusco
203-837-9302         Patrol Sergeant

203-837-9308         University Police Parking Office
203-837-9305         University Police Fax – Midtown
203-837-9377         School Closing Information (Snow Line)

Chief of Police
The Chief of Police provides overall management of the University Police Department. The Chief is charged with the responsibility to protect persons, property, and civil liberties of members of the university community, their guests and visitors.  As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the campus, the Chief also insures that all federal, state, and local laws, as well as university policies, procedures, rules and regulations are complied with on the campus.
Email: guerrerar@wcsu.edu

The police lieutenant is the executive officer for the police department and is responsible for supervising the Police Patrol operation and related security functions on the campus. The lieutenant allocates patrol and investigative duty assignments to unit personnel; schedules police personnel to provide for 24 hour coverage, evaluates staff performance, and reports on, recommends, or takes corrective action as required or necessary.
Email:  montefuscor@wcsu.edu

Police Sergeant
The police sergeant supervises and assists an assigned staff in the performance of police functions and duties. The sergeant also assigns duties and reviews results for accuracy, effectiveness, and conformance with policy. He or she also supervises, coordinates and conducts investigation, special assignments, and emergency response situations and performs a full range of public enforcement protection, security administrative functions as assigned to subordinate staff.
Email: ferrarj@wcsu.edu   caseym@wcsu.edu

Police Officer
The police officer is accountable for protection, safety, and security of individuals and property, with full police powers and responsibility for law enforcement. The police officer may conduct periodic vehicle, bicycle or foot patrols, may respond to emergency situations, may initiate and conduct criminal and other investigations of violations, suspicious activities, or reports of incidents occurring within the jurisdiction, and may process arrested individuals.
Email:  | blinnk@wcsu.edu | burket@wcsu.edu  | gillottip@wcsu.edu | mcgrathr@wcsu.edu | mckenziek@wcsu.edu  | vincib@wcsu.edu

Protective Services Trainees (Police Officers in Training)
We currently have no Protective Services Trainees on staff.

Buildings and Grounds Patrol Officer
The Building and Grounds officer is responsible to the shift supervisor for the coordination of all centralized police communications operations. This includes answering all emergency telephones; answering administrative lines after normal business hours; monitoring all radio traffic and alarms, receiving requests for service and dispatching appropriate field units, and accurately maintaining all records, logs, and reports. Also, Building and Grounds officers may assist police officers conducting routine patrols.
Email: allenME@wcsu.edu | chancee@wcsu.edu     | gaudiob@wcsu.edu   | ongarom@wcsu.edu  |  schumacherg@wcsu.edu  |

The parking administration section manages the issuance of student and faculty/staff parking decals, and processes the Parking Citations issued on campus. Various administrative tasks in the support of the Parking Appeals Process is also handled by this office.
Email: allenme@wcsu.edu

The University Police Department welcomes constructive comments from the university community.