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Since its founding in 1903, Western Connecticut State University has put students first. Today, the collective and individual efforts of all its faculty and staff continue to focus on that goal. This year’s WCSU annual report demonstrates how our student-focused environment also benefits residents of the local community and of the entire state. Well-educated, engaged and determined graduates move into our cities and towns as members of the workforce and volunteers. They participate in the democratic process, donate to charities and start families. Some of their children will attend Western, and thus the cycle continues, with WCSU contributing to both individual and collective success throughout Connecticut.

The annual report illustrates how Western acts as a catalyst for the economy, for academic achievement, for community growth and for the promotion of civil dialogue on crucial issues. You will hear from our students, alumni and friends. You will see how athletics, involvement in community projects, and academic rigor produce student success. And you will get an image of Western as a dynamic, thriving institution that is a vital contributor to both the present and the future advancement and welfare of our society.

Please note as well that this is the second year we have produced the annual report solely as an electronic document. Doing so saves money that we would have spent on paper, printing and postage. Moreover, an online publication allows us to give you information in many formats — in addition to print and photo we also provide video and links to other electronic sources. The only way to get a more comprehensive, up-close picture of WCSU today is to enroll here.

If you have comments or questions about anything you read or hear in the annual report, let me know at I look forward to hearing from you.

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President James W. Schmotter