Since its founding in 1903, Western Connecticut State University has evolved from a normal school to a teacher’s college to the multi-faceted university it is today. Change never comes about easily or without significant discussion and as we look ahead, it’s important to acknowledge those who have taken a stand to get us to where we are now … and where we will be going in the future.

This year's WCSU annual report spotlights some of the ways our faculty, staff and students interact with the world around them and the lasting results of those interactions. Whether participating in Banned Books Week events, attending lectures on polarizing topics or speaking out about issues that are important to them, members of the Western community Stand Up for What They Believe In.

The quest for excellence — on our athletic courts and fields; in our classrooms, offices and laboratories — has yielded recognition ranging from statewide achievement awards to a Fulbright scholarship. Because of this, Western’s constituents can Stand Up and Be Seen.

It’s one thing to say you want to change the world. It’s another to make it happen. Whether preparing the next generation of students for collegiate success, supporting community organizations and the individuals they assist or acknowledging the challenges that can be associated with returning to campus as a parent or a veteran, we pay tribute to those who Stand Up and Make a Difference.

Please note as well that this is the third year we have produced the annual report solely as an electronic document. Doing so saves money that we would have spent on paper, printing and postage. Moreover, an online publication allows us to give you information in many formats — in addition to print and photo we also provide links to other electronic sources. The only way to get a more comprehensive, up-close picture of WCSU today is to enroll here.

If you have comments or questions about anything you read or hear in the annual report, let me know at I look forward to hearing from you.

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President James W. Schmotter