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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Psychology Department

Faculty Listing

Daniel Barrett, Ph.D. (Chair); Arizona State University
Specialization: Social Psychology, Social Influence/Persuasion,
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Office Location:
WA 310
Phone Number:
(203) 837-8869
E-mail address: BarrettD@wcsu.edu

Homepage: sites.wcsu.edu/barrettd/

Maya Aloni: Ph.D.; State University of New York at Buffalo
Specialization: Social Psychology, the Psychology of Close Relationships
Office Location: WA 312
Phone number: (203)837-8386
E-mail Address: alonim@wcsu.edu
Homepage: https://sites.wcsu.edu/alonim/
Lab Website: https://sites.wcsu.edu/relationshipresearch/

Jennifer Brennan-Sousa, LPC, PhD; Capella University
Specialization: Licensed Professional Counselor, Health Psychology, and Addiction
Office Location: WA 311
Phone Number: (203) 837-8944
Email address: BrennansousaJ@wcsu.edu

Nicholas Gallucci, Ph.D.; University of Louisville
Specialization: Clinical & Community Psychology, Personality, and Sport Psychology
Office Location: WA 316
Phone Number: (203) 837-8472
E-mail address: Galluccin@wcsu.edu

Bernard P. Gee, Ph.D.; University of Rochester
Specialization: Neuroscience, Biological Psychology, & Perception
Office Location: WA 305
Phone Number:
(203) 837-8450
E-mail Address: geeb@wcsu.edu

Robin Gustafson, Ph.D.; Columbia University
Specialization: Cognitive Psychology, Non-Declarative Learning, Technology and Learning
Office Location: WA 309
Phone Number: (203) 837-8471
E-mail address: GustafsonR@wcsu.edu

Rondall Khoo: Ph.D.; Pennsylvania State University
Specialization: Cognition, Thinking and Reasoning, and Cognitive Learning
Office Location: WA 307
Phone Number: (203) 837-8727
E-mail address: khoor@wcsu.edu

Jess Kraybill, Ph.D.; Virginia Tech
Specialization: Developmental & Biological Psychology
Research Interests: Preschool Cognitive Development and the factors that influence willpower in early childhood.
Office Location: WA 313
Phone Number: (203) 837-9336
E-mail address: Kraybillj@wcsu.edu

Tara Kuther, Ph.D.; Fordham University
Specialization: Developmental Psychology, Adolescence, Social Cognition, and Risk Behaviors
Office Location: WA 316
Phone Number: (203) 837-8694
E-mail address: Kuthert@wcsu.edu
Homepage: http://www.tarakuther.com

Shane Murphy, Ph.D. ; Rutgers University
Former Head of Sport Psychology for the United States Olympic Committee
Specialization: Sport, Health and Performance Psychology
Office Location: WA 311
Phone Number: (203) 837-9398
E-mail address: Murphys@wcsu.edu

Mary Nelson, Ph.D.; Iowa State University
Specialization: Experimental, Statistics, and Biological Psychology
Office Location: WA 313
Phone Number: (203) 837-8477
E-mail address: Nelsonm@wcsu.edu

Patricia O’Neill, Ph.D.; University of California Riverside
Specialization: Cognitive Psychology, Statistics, Evolutionary Psychology
Office Location: WA 308
Phone Number: (203) 837-9383
E-mail address: Oneillp@wcsu.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Martha Cagliostro

(203) 837-8470

E-mail address: Mkcagliostro@wcsu.edu

Jocelyn Chen
(203) 837-8470

E-mail address: Chenj@wcsu.edu

Joseph Conrad
(203) 755-8874 x115 (W)
E-mail address: Conradj@wcsu.edu

Matthew Crandall 
(203) 837-8470
Email address: Crandallc@wcsu.edu

Curtis Darragh IV   
(203) 837-8470
Email address: Darraghc@wcsu.edu     
Curtis Darragh IV, MS, Educational Psychology; K-12 School Counseling, is a middle school counselor at Westside Middle School Academy in the Danbury Public Schools. He earned his master’s degree and certification from the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut in 2015. He has a 375 student caseload working with a diverse group of students and families. He currently runs the National Junior Honor Society as well as the Peer Mediation program at the school. In the summer, Mr. Darragh coordinates the Education First Global Leadership Summit for middle and high schoolers in the area to experience a highly educational research study abroad experience. Curtis Darragh IV is also part of the Connecticut School Counseling Association (CSCA) and is the middle school level liaison for the organization. He proudly also serves on the Government relations and advocacy committee to help bring awareness to educational laws regarding school counselors in the state. His research interests are adolescent psychology and social and emotional learning.       

Rosa Fernandes
(203) 648-2463
Email address: Fernandesrt@wcsu.edu                                                                         

Ruth Grant
(203) 261-1940
E-mail address: GrantRM@wcsu.edu

James Julian
(203) 910-6755
E-mail address: Julianj@wcsu.edu

Patricia LeMay
(203) 837-8470
E-mail address: Lemayp@wcsu.edu
Patricia Lemay earned her Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of Rhode Island and a Master’s Degree in Creative Expressive Therapy from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Since completing her Ph.D. She has been working as a School Psychologist in the public school system where she provided school-based intervention services to children at the elementary level. Prior to Patricia’s entry into the educational system, she worked in various mental health facilities treating a range of populations and age levels. Patricia Lemay’s primary focus in her role as a School Psychologist has been on children presenting with behavioral disruption, emotional disturbance, and autism. She is also interested in investigating the cognitive processes contributing to learning problems experienced by school-age children. In 2007, she was named Connecticut School Psychologist of the Year by the Connecticut Association of School Psychology. In addition to Patricia’s teaching at WCSU, she has taught for the Special Education Graduate Program at Southern Connecticut State University. She has also acted as a Field Supervisor for the School Psychology Department at Fairfield University and Tufts University, Massachusetts.

Stephanie Lyons Keeley
(203) 482-6250
E-mail address: Lyonss@wcsu.edu
Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley, MA, in addition to teaching psychology at WCSU for the past decade, is an adjunct professor of psychology at Naugatuck Valley Community College. Out of graduate school, she began her career as a psychotherapist at a community counseling center, and then at a women’s work release program in partnership with the Lehigh County Department of Corrections in Allentown, PA, where she was later promoted to the position of Director. After moving back to her home state of Connecticut, and when parenthood became her most important life’s work, she elected to utilize her other skills and transitioned to a career with a more flexible work-life balance—freelance journalism. She is a firm believer that her passion for and experiences in understanding the human condition allows her to also tell people’s stories and engage an audience.

For the past dozen years or so, she has collaborated with her husband, Wayne Keeley, an adjunct professor in WCSU’s Communication department, on countless media projects and now wears many hats. She has been nominated for an Emmy Award as well as having earned various other awards for her work. Most of her material has obvious elements of psychology woven throughout. With Wayne, she has produced and directed films (part of one was filmed on the WCSU campus in 2017), stage plays, and public service announcements (for which she earned the Emmy nod). She is the co-author of a published work of contemporary fiction and when she is not teaching, continues to write non-stop, with an ever-growing bounty of screenplays and stage plays, and she and Wayne are currently in the middle of co-authoring three additional novels. If that’s not enough, she also owns a production company, is a partner in another, and co-authors a “He Said/She Said” blog on which she and Wayne chiefly review professional theatre in Connecticut, New York, and beyond. She is a member and on the board of the prestigious Connecticut Critics Circle.

Maud MacArthur
(203) 792-9282
E-mail address: Macarthurm@wcsu.edu
Maud MacArthur is an adjunct professor at Western Connecticut State University, teaching Introductory to Psychology courses and has taught Psychology of Women courses. She has an M.S. in Community Counseling and a B.A. in Psychology. She is also an education mentor, where she works with young adults with intellectual disabilities such as autism, to provide support services, job coaching, functional academics, and daily life skills. Maud MacArthur previously worked as a graduate assistant; supervising students involved in work-study programs as well as tutoring in the English Department at WCSU. She worked at Mental Health Connecticut as a residential counselor, directly involved with helping young adults in recovery who were experiencing chronic mental illness. Other responsibilities included working collaboratively with therapists, monitoring medication, developing individual recovery plans, and teaching coping skills to clients to understand their mental illness. The goal was to assist clients to function independently in the community. Maud MacArthur also worked as a correctional treatment specialist, developed the parenting program, and co-wrote a Parenting Manual, which became a comprehensive guide for parenting children from behind bars. Maud MacArthur also implemented programs focusing on maximizing employment potential at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Other positions that she held included a substance abuse counselor and Psychiatric Technician, where she works collaboratively with the treatment team in developing treatment plans and providing counseling. Some of the awards she has received from WCSU were the Psychology Department Recognition Award, the WCSU Centennial Award, and the Alumni of the Year Award. Maud MacArthur is fluent in French and Haitian Creole.

Annemarie Murphy

(203) 895-0311

E-mail address: Murphya@wcsu.edu

Diana Naddeo

(203) 837-8470
E-mail address: Naddeod@wcsu.edu
Diana is a licensed clinical psychologist. She teaches the Internship in Applied Psychology course within the Psychology Department at WCSU. In addition, she is an adjunct professor for the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at WCSU helping to train the next generation of students entering the counseling field. In addition to her work at WCSU, Diana also runs the Pediatric Assessment program within the Department of Neuropsychology at Associated Neurologists/Nuvance Hospital in Danbury, CT. Diana has broad clinical experience working with children, adolescents, and adults and gained specialty training in college mental health through her pre-doctoral internship at Brooklyn College Counseling Center and post-doctoral fellowship at Sarah Lawrence College Health Clinic. Her research interests in emerging adulthood led to a dissertation that focused on treatment approaches for self-injurious behaviors in high functioning college student females. Diana earned her BA from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, an M.S. in Counseling from Fordham University, and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Chestnut Hill College.

David Rentler
(203) 837-8470
E-mail address: Rentlerp@wcsu.edu
Dr. David Rentler is a licensed clinical psychologist (CT and NY) employed as the Supervising Psychologist for the CT Department of Correction, Division of Parole and Community Services. Prior to that, he was the Supervising Psychologist at the CT Board of Pardons and Paroles for 12 years and a Staff Psychologist in the Federal Prison system for 5 years. He has been an adjunct lecturer in psychology at WCSU since 2007. He also has been teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses in psychology, sociology, human services, and criminal justice at several other state and online colleges and universities for the past 14 years.

Lisa Rene Reynolds
(203) 837-8470
Email address: Reynoldsl@wcsu.edu
Lisa Rene Reynolds, Ph.D., has been an adjunct instructor at WestConn for over 21 years in the Psychology Program. She mainly teaches in the developmental track (Child, Adolescent, Adult), but also created the Psychology/Honors courses, Psychology of Sex, and Psychology of Marriage and the Family. Her Master’s and Doctoral Degrees are in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), the former from Fairfield University, and the latter from Nova Southeastern University. She is full-time at Iona College, where she is an Associate professor and Program Director of the Master’s Program in MFT. She is a licensed LMFT in Connecticut and New York and maintains an active private practice, specializing in work with teens, families, couples, and sexual issues. Dr. Reynolds is a longtime Clinical Member of the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), as well as holding the Approved Supervisor designation there, and is currently the chair of the AAMFT Ethics Committee. She is the author of several books, including the most recent release, Parenting through Divorce: Helping Your Kids Thrive During and After the Split. Additionally, she writes regularly for Family Therapy Magazine, and various other scholarly research journals and mainstream magazines. She has authored a chapter in the new AAMFT Ethic’s book, due to be released next Fall. Dr. Reynolds was a co-creator of the Connecticut State divorce parenting program and the Focus on Kids classes for high conflict divorcing parents. She appears in the training videos for these as well.

Michael Rieve
(203) 241-0808
E-mail address: Rievem@wcsu.edu
Michael Rieve has two master’s in psychology, the first in Bio-neuro Psychology from the University of Hartford, and the second is a six-year Counseling in Mental Health program from the University of Bridgeport. He has worked in the Department of Corrections for 35 years, reaching the rank of Counselor Supervisor. He was directly in charge of numerous counseling programs including two methadone rehab programs in the Connecticut Jails. He started an inpatient program for adolescent’s substance abuse and was responsible for a number of Adult Substance abuse programs. Michael Rieve currently has his own office in which he offers Substance Abuse Counseling, therapy for Depression and anxiety plus other types of Mental Health counseling. He works with a Psychiatrist to offer medications if needed. Michael Rieve also has been a consultant for several private Substance abuse programs including the Apt foundation and Help Inc. Also, he has been working in a number of health care facilities throughout Connecticut, there is a dramatic increase in substance abuse medical problems.

Nicole Rivera
(203) 837-8470
Email address: Riveran@wcsu.edu 
Nicole Rivera is the founder of Creative Solutions for All Abilities located in Trumbull, CT. Nicole holds her Master’s degree in Education and has a minor in Mental Health disorders; she also has a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Massachusetts and is certified as both an Autism Specialist and a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.

Nicole has been in the field of special education for over 20 years and has grown to love and adopt her specialty area to autism-related disorders and dual diagnosis, Fragile X and Angelman’s syndrome, in addition, she also specializes in behavioral interventions. She is a member of the Autism Society of America, ASRC and Autism Speaks. Recognized for outstanding academic achievement by the National Chapter Who’s Who Among Universities, Nicole has done extensive research on the No Child Left Behind Act in the Urban/Suburban Elementary Schools within the Fairfield County, Connecticut sector. Nicole has held adjunct positions at Post University in Waterbury and Western Connecticut State University in both the human service in psychology departments. She most recently found interest has been centered on biomedical interventions and nutritional supplements for children with developmental disorders.

Maggie Sasche-Skidd
(860) 868-6028
E-mail address: Sachseskiddm@wcsu.edu

Beverly Salzman
(203) 837-8470
Email address: Salzmanb@wcsu.edu
Beverly Salzman, MS, MBA has been teaching at the collegiate level for 28 years, currently teaching as an adjunct at WCSU, Housatonic Community College, the University of Saint Joseph, and the University of New Haven teaching predominately psychology courses and grant writing. She is also a content and writing tutor at the University of New Haven and the University of Bridgeport. Ms. Salzman has over 25 years of nonprofit management experience specializing in agencies working with at-risk children and families, and people in crisis.

Beverly Salzman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Physical Education from the University of Bridgeport, a Master of Business degree from Sacred Heart University, and a Senior Professional Certificate in the Applications of Psychology from the University of New Haven. Ms. Salzman completed her second master’s degree with a Master of Science in Psychology from Capella University.

Anthony Santucci
(914) 323-5359
E-mail address: Santuccia@wcsu.edu
Dr. Santucci received his BA degree in Psychology from Iona College (New Rochelle, NY) in 1981 and his MA and Ph.D. degrees in Experimental Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience) from Kent State University (Kent, Ohio) in 1984 and 1987, respectively. He then completed a 4-year postdoctoral fellowship in psychopharmacology and neuroscience at the Bronx VA Medical Center where he conducted dementia-related research and served as a prosecutor for the hospital’s brain-banking team. In 1990 Dr. Santucci was hired as a full-time professor at Manhattanville College (Purchase, NY) where he remains today. Dr. Santucci has taught at WCSU spanning over parts of five decades starting in 1988. He has taught, Introduction to Brain and Behavior, Statistics, Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Principles of Research in Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, among other courses.

Dr. Santucci’s expertise lies in the general area of behavioral neuroscience with specific research interests in the psychopharmacology of learning and memory, drugs of abuse, recovery from brain damage, and emotional processing. Dr. Santucci maintains an active research lab at Manhattanville College and frequently mentors students on research projects many of which result in joint faculty-student journal publication and professional conference presentations. At Manhattanville, Dr. Santucci teaches Physiological Bases of Behavior, Drug Use and Abuse, Psychopharmacology, Research Methods in Psychology, Statistics for the Social Sciences, Learning and Memory, Fundamentals of Psychology, Psychopharmacology, and Sport Brain Injuries. Dr. Santucci holds a Schedule II-V drug license from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Dr. Santucci has been a long-time faithful, but beleaguered, a fan of the New York Jets football team.

Amber Saracino
E-mail address: Saracinoa@wcsu.edu

Kim Sharpe
(203) 860-692-6904 (W)
E-mail address: Sharpek@wcsu.edu
Kimberly S. Sharpe-Mead, MA, LADC is a Connecticut and New York licensed alcohol and drug counselor with a Master’s in Applied Psychology. She is certified in Anger Management, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault Crisis. She is trained in Seeking Safety, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Ms. Sharpe-Mead has experience working with a wide range of mental disorders and extensive experience with clients with dual diagnoses. In her private practice, she specializes in trauma and first responders. She has published works in predictors of self-mutilation in hospitalized forensic patients and on mood and its context in aggressive and non-aggressive individuals and has been an adjunct professor at Teiko Post University, & Gateway Community College. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Justice & Law Administration at Western Connecticut State University (since 1998) and has a private practice in Connecticut and in Georgia. In addition, her background includes being a volunteer firefighter, police dispatcher, fire and EMS dispatcher, and is retired from the Connecticut Department of Correction (CDOC). In her time at the CTDOC she worked in both the custody and treatment areas. At the end of her career, she worked as the Counselor Supervisor of Programming where she conducted clinical supervision and evidenced-based curriculum development throughout the agency.

Mathilde Tarsi-Addessi
(203) 794-1759
E-mail address: Tarsim@wcsu.edu
Professor Tarsi-Addessi graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors from WCSU with a BA in Psychology in 1997. As a member of the PsiChi Honors Society, she also received the Maria S. Bag Award. In 2000, she received her MA with Honors from SCSU where she began as a graduate assistant. Professor Tarsi-Addessi has taught at innumerable colleges and universities, covering all areas of psychology. By far the most rewarding for her was the Introductory Psychology and Professional Seminar (a course in which students are guided in doing their own study and have a poster presentation). She has had the honor of working with other faculty members on papers and poster presentations. She has several CE credits in Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), psychoactive medications, and behavioral therapies. Professor Tarsi-Addessi also volunteers with a society of men and women who donate their time to being Sober Coaches. She spent several years developing a small business in the area using the skills she received from her studies and teaching experiences. Her goal has always been to help students and her employees succeed and to influence them in a positive way.



All our faculty can be found on the third floor of Warner Hall, along with our always-smiling and indispensable Department Secretary, Carol O’Connor: Phone: (203)837-8470 E-mail: oconnorc@wcsu.edu