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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Psychology Department

Faculty Listing

Daniel Barrett, Ph.D. (Chair); Arizona State University
Specialization: Social Psychology, Social Influence/Persuasion,
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Office Location:
WA 310
Phone Number:
(203) 837-8869
E-mail address: BarrettD@wcsu.edu

Homepage: sites.wcsu.edu/barrettd/

Maya Aloni: Ph.D.; State University of New York at Buffalo
Specialization:Social Psychology, the Psychology of Close Relationships
Office Location: WA 312
Phone number: (203)837-8386
E-mail Address: alonim@wcsu.edu
Homepage: https://sites.wcsu.edu/alonim/
Lab Website: https://sites.wcsu.edu/relationshipresearch/

Nicholas Gallucci, Ph.D.; University of Louisville
Specialization:Clinical & Community Psychology, Personality, and Sport Psychology
Office Location: WA 316
Phone Number: (203) 837-8472
E-mail address: Galluccin@wcsu.edu

Bernard P. Gee, Ph.D.; University of Rochester
Specialization:Neuroscience, Biological Psychology, & Perception
Office Location: WA 305
Phone Number:
(203) 837-8450
E-mail Address: geeb@wcsu.edu

Robin Gustafson, Ph.D.; Columbia University
Specialization:Cognitive Psychology, Non-Declarative Learning, Technology and Learning
Office Location: WA 309
Phone Number: (203) 837-8471
E-mail address: GustafsonR@wcsu.edu

Rondall Khoo: Ph.D.; Pennsylvania State University
Specialization: Cognition, Thinking and Reasoning, and Cognitive Learning
Office Location: WA 307
Phone Number: (203) 837-8727
E-mail address: khoor@wcsu.edu

Jess Kraybill, Ph.D.; Virginia Tech
Specialization: Developmental & Biological Psychology
Research Interests: Preschool Cognitive Development and the factors that influence willpower in early childhood.
Office Location: WA 313
Phone Number: (203) 837-9336
E-mail address: Kraybillj@wcsu.edu

Tara Kuther, Ph.D.; Fordham University
Specialization: Developmental Psychology, Adolescence, Social Cognition, and Risk Behaviors
Office Location: WA 316
Phone Number: (203) 837-8694
E-mail address: Kuthert@wcsu.edu
Homepage: http://www.tarakuther.com

Shane Murphy, Ph.D. ; Rutgers University
Former Head of Sport Psychology for the United States Olympic Committee
Specialization: Sport, Health and Performance Psychology
Office Location: WA 311
Phone Number: (203) 837-9398
E-mail address: Murphys@wcsu.edu

Mary Nelson, Ph.D.; Iowa State University
Specialization: Experimental, Statistics, and Biological Psychology
Office Location: WA 313
Phone Number: (203) 837-8477
E-mail address: Nelsonm@wcsu.edu

Lindsay Oberleitner, PhD; Wayne State University
Specialization: Clinical and Health Psychology, Addiction, Criminal Justice
Office Location: 
WA 321B
Phone Number: 203-837-8944
E-mail address: OberleitnerL@wcsu.edu

Patricia O’Neill, Ph.D.; University of California Riverside
Specialization: Cognitive Psychology, Statistics, Evolutionary Psychology
Office Location: WA 308
Phone Number: (203) 837-9383
E-mail address: Oneillp@wcsu.edu


Adjunct Faculty

Jennifer Brennan-Sousa
(203) 200-0822
E-mail addressBrennansousaj@wcsu.edu

Martha Cagliostro

(203) 837-8470

E-mail addressmkcagliostro@wcsu.edu

Jocelyn Chen
(203) 837-847

E-mail address: chenj@wcsu.edu

Joseph Conrad
(203) 755-8874 x115 w
E-mail address: conradj@wcsu.edu

Rosa Fernandes
(203) 648-2463
E-mail address: Fernandesrt@wcsu.edu

Ruth Grant
(203) 261-1940
E-mail address: GrantRM@wcsu.edu

James Julian
(203) 910-6755
E-mail address: julianj@wcsu.edu

Patricia LeMay
(203) 837-8470
E-mail address: lemayp@wcsu.edu

Stephanie Lyons Keeley
(203) 482-6250
E-mail address: lyonss@wcsu.edu

Maud MacArthur
(203) 792-9282
E-mail address: macarthurm@wcsu.edu

Annemarie Murphy

(203) 895-0311

E-mail address: murphya@wcsu.edu

Diana Naddeo

(203) 837-8470
E-mail address: naddeod@wcsu.edu

David Rentler
(203) 805-6445 (W)
E-mail address: rentlerp@wcsu.edu

Michael Rieve
(203) 241-0808
E-mail address: rievem@wcsu.edu

Maggie Sachse-Skidd
(860) 868-6028
E-mail address: sachseskiddm@wcsu.edu

Anthony Santucci
(914) 323-5359
E-mail address: santuccia@wcsu.edu

Amber Saracino
E-mail address: saracinoa@wcsu.edu

Kim Sharpe
(203) 860-692-6904 (W)
E-mail address: sharpek@wcsu.edu

Mathilde Tarsi-Addessi
(203) 794-1759
E-mail address: tarsim@wcsu.edu


All our faculty can be found on the third floor of Warner Hall, along with our always-smiling and indispensable Department Secretary, Carol O’Connor: Phone: (203)837-8470 E-mail: oconnorc@wcsu.edu