Office of the Registrar

Changing Your Schedule

***You must have your student ID available anytime you change your schedule***

Adding and Dropping a Course
Already-registered students may come to the Registrar’s Office to add or drop courses.  Throughout the registration period and up until the first five days of the semester students may change their schedules at the registration area or on the Web.

Withdrawing from a Course
Students may withdraw from a full-semester course, without penalty, until the day before the start of finals week.  For five week courses, it is the last day of the third week; for three week courses, it is the last day of the second week.  Contact the Registrar’s Office for specific dates for each semester.  Withdrawals are recorded on your transcript with a grade of “W”.  There is no penalty attached to this grade.

Part-time students pay tuition for each credit for which they are registered.  Full-time students are eligible for a refund only if they withdraw from school. If students drop/withdraw from a course within the refund deadlines, they will receive the appropriate refund as indicated on guidelines on the Cashier’s web page.

It is possible to withdraw without penalty from a course through the withdrawal deadline by coming to the Registrar’s Office and completing the necessary procedure. Withdrawal “without penalty” refers only to academic penalty (i.e., failure). Withdrawal may affect the attainment of satisfactory progress as defined by financial aid, housing, athletic eligibility, and other policies.

If you wish to withdraw without penalty from a course after the deadline, you will have to have the written approval of your instructor. Otherwise, you will receive a WF, a failing grade. Check with your instructors to make certain that you understand their policies with regard to withdrawal after the deadline.

NOTE: You must officially withdraw from a course to avoid receiving a failing grade. If you just stop attending the class without following the necessary procedure, you may be given a failing grade.

Withdrawal from the University
To officially withdraw from the University and/or request a Leave of Absence, you must go to the Registrar’s Office to fill out the appropriate forms.  They can also be found on our Forms webpage.

Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC)
Air Force ROTC is offered at the University of Connecticut and is available to Western Connecticut students in all majors. AFROTC prepares students for careers as Air Force officers who may serve as pilots, navigators, engineers, nurses, etc. The program consists of a basic and an advanced course, each of two years duration. The former may be replaced by a six week summer program (with pay) between the student’s sophomore and junior years. One must meet entrance criteria for admission to the advanced course. Those participating in the advanced course receive a monthly stipend. In addition, enrolled students are eligible for a variety of scholarships.

You must be certain to register at UConn for your ROTC classes and that you transfer your earned credits back to Western.

For information, call collect University of Connecticut’s Department of Aerospace Studies at (860) 486-2224

Cancellation of Courses
The Academic Deans reserve the right to make changes in personnel to teach a course and to cancel or reschedule any course offered should the change become necessary.

Student Developed Study, Guided Reading, Independent Study
This course option is available only to matriculated students. Students registering for Student Developed Study (DEPT X99), Guided Reading or Independent Study do so only with the written approval of the sponsoring staff member and the Department Chair. Final approval must come from the appropriate school dean. Once approved, the course will be added to your schedule.

Applied Music Courses
Students enrolled in Applied Music courses are required to pay an additional fee of $150 per semester for one-hour lessons and $100 for half-hour lessons.  All applied Music registration, including Add/Drop, is handled directly between the Department of Music and the Registrar.  Students may not register for Applied Music via the Banner registration system.  For specific information regarding the Applied Lesson Fee please see page 20 of the 2008-20010 Undergraduate Catalog or go to

Music Majors Note:
Music majors must reserve the twelve to one o’clock hour on Monday and Wednesday afternoons for attendance at the Convocation in Ives Auditorium. It is a requirement in your program.