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Office of the Registrar

Spring 2021 Pass/Fail FAQ’s

The Faculty Senate approved an expanded Pass/Fail policy for the Spring 2021 semester due to the changes in the teaching modality due to COVID 19. This policy allows a student to take a class as Pass/Fail after consultation with their academic advisor or department chair.

Where do I find the Pass/Fail form?
The Pass/Fail form can be accessed HERE and also on the Registrar’s Office Forms page.

It is a fillable form that should be completed and sent to your academic advisor or department chairperson for approval.

When is the deadline to select a class as Pass/Fail?
The deadline to select a class as Pass/Fail is May 7, 2021. Students should start the process prior to that date to ensure that the faculty member enters the correct grade.

What classes can be taken as pass/fail?
You may take a free elective, general education requirement, minor requirement or major elective as pass/fail with the approval of your academic advisor or major department chair.

What does taking a class as Pass/Fail mean for courses requiring a prerequisite?
If a course you wish to take as Pass/Fail is a prerequisite for another class, there are a few things you must keep in mind. First, a Pass will count towards a prerequisite as long as the grade requirement for the prerequisite is a D- or better. If the prerequisite required is anything other than a D-, such as a C grade, you will not have met the prerequisites and must either retake the course, or ask the department chair for permission to take the course without the minimum grade.

How does taking a class as Pass/Fail impact my GPA?
A student’s GPAs will not be impacted by taking a class as Pass/Fail. Although a P or PF will appear on your transcript, the grade will not be factored into your cumulative or term GPA.

If a take a class as Pass/Fail, will I be eligible for the Spring 2021 Deans list?
If you decide to take a class as pass/Fail, you may not be eligible for the Dean’s list since there is no grade associated with the course.

Can I change my class back to an earned grade after May 7, 2021?
No, Pass/Fail grades may not be changed back to standard grades after May 7, 2021. We urge you to think carefully about your decision before selecting this option.

How will Pass/Fail impact my academic standing?

Rules for Academic Probation have not been changed or suspended this semester (https://www.wcsu.edu/registrar/policies/#Academic%20Standing). If you are on academic probation, you are still required to demonstrate academic improvement in the form of an improved overall GPA. Please be sure to discuss the implications of pass/fail for your overall GPA with your advisor.