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WCSU Shuttle Schedule 2016 - 2017

Monday-Friday Schedule

The shuttle begins its run at 7am. The shuttle's final pickup is at 12:15am from both campuses. The shuttles will run continuously throughout the day in order to provide better service. Always use the shuttle app to track the current location  of the shuttle.

Plan for the shuttle to take 30 minutes between campuses.  The shuttle will complete its final run at approximately 12:45am.

Note: Pickup times are subject to change due to traffic conditions, weather and other unforeseen circumstances. Please allow for a few minutes in order to ensure a shuttle will be able to pick you up.  WCSU is not responsible for anyone missing the shuttle. Remember to always check the app for shuttle location.Download the DoubleMap Mobile App

For Real Time GPS tracking of the Colonial Shuttle, download the Mobile App on your iOS or Android devices. Or click here for our Web App.

Weekend Schedule

On Saturday, the shuttle will run from 9:00am to 12:30am. A second shuttle will run from 11am to 11pm. On Sunday the shuttle will run between 10am and 12:30pm.

The shuttle begins its weekend run at 9:00am (10:00am on Sunday) from Midtown. The shuttle's final pickup is at 12:15am from the Westside Campus.  The standard trip takes 45 minutes.  The schedule is affected by traffic, weather, passenger load and if the bus makes one of the two optional stops.

(click here for a map of the Shuttle Stops on Midtown)

(click here for a map of the Shuttle Stops on Westside)

For calendar of shuttle operation Click here .

Danbury Fair Mall Times

As a general guide:  The shuttle should arrive at the Danbury Fair Mall approximately 20-25 minutes after it begins it run from Midtown and 10-15 minutes after it begins its run from Westside.  Remember these are only estimates.  Actual times are based on ridership, traffic and weather conditions.  WCSU is not responsible for anyone missing the shuttle.  The last shuttle to leave for the Danbury Fair Mall will be the 6:45pm from the Westside Campus.

Final Exam Period

The shuttle will run on the regular schedule.

Early Closing

In the event that classes are cancelled the shuttle bus will continue to run for one (1) hour after the cancellation time. This will allow students time to return to the residence halls.

Delayed Opening

If classes are delayed the bus will begin to run one (1) hour prior to the start of classes. The first run will leave from the Westside campus.

University Closure

If the University is closed for the day, there will be no shuttle service.


Holiday Adjustments

Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend (January 16, 2016)

The shuttle will not operate on January 16th.

President's Weekend (February 17, 2015 through February 20, 2017)

The shuttle will not operate from February 17th-20th.

Spring Break (March 10, 2017 through March 19, 2017)

On March 10th, the Shuttle will operate until 7pm. There will be no Shuttle service over Spring Break.

Day of Reflection Weekend(April 14, 2017 through April 16, 2017)

The shuttle will have limited service on April 14th - April 16th.

Last Day of Semester (May 12, 2017)

The shuttle will operate until 7pm. The shuttle will not resume operations until the Fall 2017 semester.




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