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School of Professional Studies

Teacher Certification Only Program

Certification Only Program in Education Announcement

Beginning the Spring 2009 semester, WestConn is no longer accepting any new applications to its Certification Only Program in Education. This change is being implemented so that WestConn is in compliance with the new proposed regulation changes by Connecticut State Department of Education, as well as the requirements of national accreditation standards. We are pleased to offer our new Masters of Arts in Teaching Program (M.A.T.) for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education and are interested in obtaining Secondary Education Certification in Biology, Mathematics or Spanish. We strongly encourage these individuals to apply to the M.A.T. Program (www.wcsu.edu/mat).

WestConn has received approval from the Connecticut State Department of Education and is currently awaiting final approval from the Connecticut Department of Higher Education to its proposed M.A.T. Program in Elementary Education which we hope to offer in the near future.  Prospective students interested in this M.A.T. Program should contact WestConn’s Division of Graduate Studies (203-837- 8244), and Dr. Bonnie Rabe, M.A.T. Program Coordinator at rabeb@wcsu.edu, or call (203-837-3206).

Individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree and are currently interested in becoming certified in Elementary Education, Secondary Education-Chemistry, Earth Science, English and History/Social Sciences, Music Education or Health Education should consider WestConn’s second bachelor’s degree option.  For more information on earning a second degree bachelor’s degree from WestConn, please contact the Undergraduate Admission Office (203-837-9000).

All students currently enrolled in WestConn’s Certification Only Program have until May 2012 to complete all program requirements.