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Finding Our Way - WCSU STEM

Important Dates

SY 2018-19

Time Frame Event Desired Outcome
June 13,

6:30 – 8:30pm

Pre-program Meeting for Participating Families


Parents and students will learn about watershed stewardship and specifics of the Saturday Science programs, details of the overnight travel trip to Wallop’s Island, and planned two-week summer experience. Consent and permission forms will be fully explained. The USGS Water Science School Pre-test and Motivational Science Surveys (i.e. http://water.usgs.gov/edu/msac.html) completed independently by guardians and student participants. Conclude with Introduction to Concept Mapping for all. Introduction to Stewardship Competition.  Bilingual translator will be present.
Twelve Days in July 5 – 20, 2018 Family evening journaling Reflective experiences shared between students and guardians. Documentation of engagement and completion of on-line tutorials. Concept Mapping Support.


July 6th

6am – 6pm

All day Field Trip  Turtleback Zoo, West Orange, NJ Parents will be invited to accompany students (First Come First Serve.) Intro to sea turtles, habitat, environmental concerns, satellite tagging.
July 13, 2018

4pm – 7pm


Finding Our Waythrough scent Family Evening Families will be invited to WCSU science building and then participate in an animal migration activity using chemical stimuli. Families introduced to the following concepts: 1) the anadromous life-cycle of Atlantic salmon, 2) salmon anatomy and physiology, 3) salmon migration, 4) factors influencing salmon decline in the Northeast, and 5) salmon conservation and restoration efforts in the Northeast.


July 20, 2018


Culminating Symposium and Bilingual poster Family Evening Parents invited to dinner and listen to children explain their Bilingual stewardship posters/videos/brochures. Parents and participants comment on their experiences, complete post – motivational science surveys to measure changes in attitude about science. Evaluator interviews parents, children, university faculty, and teachers on their experiences. Mudwatt Display. Culminating Event that Teachers should Attend.
September 18, 2018

6:00 – 9:00PM


Fall Science Family Weather program

NWS Severe Weather Training. The attendees, all that pass the test, will get a card with a registered id number from the NWS that certifies they are severe weather trained and then they can report to the NWS weather conditions that they observe during storms.  Teachers should attend.  All past teachers and families invited to participate.
 Saturday, October 6, 2018

9am – noon


Family Science Saturday & Program Reflection 1.     Program will begin with a review of Summer program, lessons learned and stewardship updates. List of stewardship opportunities provided.

2.     Microbial Batteries re-examined – Data Collected.

3.     Travel Information to Wallops Provided.

4.     Parents informed about WCSU support for completing on-line learning modules and certifications.  Surveys (i.e. http://water.usgs.gov/edu/msac.html



October 19 – 20, 2018

Depart at 4am Friday. Return at approx. 6pm Saturday.




Overnight trip and travel to

Wallops Island and Chincoteague Island, VA



The travel experience will reinforce the unifying features of water systems,

particularly the relationships among the New England watershed the Long Island Sound, and changing landscape of the Atlantic Coast line. Parents will be invited to accompany students on their field trip to Wallops Island Va. to visit NASA Flight Center and NOAA Satellite Center, and learn about the mission of both federal agencies. They will meet astronauts, pilots, computer scientists, and engineers, expanding their knowledge of STEM careers. Teachers invited to participate.  Parents invited.

Spring Science Saturday

Feb. 2; March 2, 2019



9am -noon

Sea turtle tracking, applied mathematics, and story telling Parents will be invited to a day of sea turtle migration data analysis.  Families will work collaboratively with scientists and mathematicians to map sea turtle travels in Long Island Sound and along the Atlantic coastline, and answer questions about sea turtle behavior.  They will overlay these patterns to eel grass maps, and recreational and commercial boating lanes. Families will discuss life history lessons learned, and conclusions will be summarized in journals.  This activity will be a modification of Lener’s & Pinou’s published activity using Loggerhead Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico (Lener & Pinou, 2007, Science and Children 2007: 24 – 28.)
March 23, 2019



9am – noon

Online training

Stewardship Volunteering Opportunities

Feedback & Additional Educational Options

1. Family online stewardship training in computer lab.


2. Families asked to volunteer for scheduled stewardship activities (i.e., clean-up day, trail preparation, vernal pool monitoring, removing invasive plant species).

3. Discussion of additional opportunities that exist for children during high school and college. Continued Education support will also be provided for guardians at this event.  Post motivational science surveys and concept mapping completed.

May 29, 2019 Stewardship competition deadline. Reflection on Implementation of Watershed Stewardship Family Pledge. All documents must be submitted.
June 5th, 2019 Awards and Farewell. Stewardship completion award ceremony.