Student Affairs

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Spring Student CenterWHAT IS THE BIT?

Mission Statement

The mission of Western Connecticut State University’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to provide a coordinated and rapid response to students whose actions may be early warning signs of disruptive or violent behavior to self and/or others. Team members will implement a response to provide assistance to the individual student while mitigating risk in an effort to keep the WCSU community healthy and safe.

While there are no precise predictors of danger, there are behaviors and risk factors that might indicate an acute emergency. These might include:

  • past history of violent or aggressive behavior
  • stalking
  • evidence of significant impulsivity
  • erratic behavior due to substance abuse
  • psychosis
  • bizarre and inappropriate affect
  • fascination with guns or violence


Faculty, staff, and students with concerns for student behavior are encouraged to provide a written and documented description of the concern and communicate this to a dean or a member of the BIT. Please note: If you perceive an imminent threat to self or others, immediately call 911 or the WCSU Police Department.

Once the BIT has received and assessed written documentation from a member of the university community, it will consider whether further action or monitoring is needed — and what form it should take. Each situation will be examined from the following perspectives: a) health and safety of the student and the community; b) psychosocial and educational situation of the student; and c) legal ramifications of the specific situation. The BIT will assess each case based on its particular set of needs, concerns, and circumstances.



Dr. Missy Alexander, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Keith Betts, Vice President for Student Affairs

Core Team Members:

Charles Alexander, Director of Judicial Affairs
Richard Guerrera, Chief of University Police
Dr. Walter Cramer, Dean of Students
Dr. Ree Gunter, Director, Counseling Services
Ron Mason, Director, Housing and Residence Life


Ad Hoc Members:

Sharon Lawler, Coordinator, CHOICES
Jesenia Minier, University’s Title IX Officer
Elisabeth Morel, Director, AccessAbility Services
Ernestine Weaver, Counsel, CSCU