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WCSU Student Handbook 2019-20

Graduate Studies

Provost Dr. Missy AlexanderDr. Missy Alexander, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jennifer Cunningham, CSU Administrative Assistant
UH 322
(203) 837-8487


Ed. D. in Instructional Leadership
Dr. Marcia Delcourt, Program Coordinator (203) 837-9121
Ed. D. in Nursing Education
Dr. Susan Burger, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8866
Master of Business Administration
Dr. Yaseen Hayajneh, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8183
Master of Health Administration
Dr. Yaseen Hayajneh, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8183
Master of Arts in Earth and Planetary Sciences
Dr. Dennis Dawson, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8671
Master of Arts in English
Dr. Shouhua Qi, Department Chair (203) 837-9048
Master of Arts in History
Dr. Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8565
Master of Arts in Mathematics
Dr. Charles Rocca, Program Coordinator (203) 837-9360
Master of Arts in Teaching/TESOL
Professor Sandra Atanasoff, Program Coordinator (203) 837-9116
Master of Fine Arts in Creative & Professional Writing
Professor Anthony D’Aries, Program Coordinator (203) 837-3252
Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Professor Darby Cardonsky, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8881
Master of Science in Counselor Education
Dr. Gabe Lomas, Program Coordinator, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (203) 837-8512
Dr. Nicole DeRonck, Program Coordinator, School Counseling (203) 837-8513
Master of Science in Education
Dr. Catherine O’Callahan, Program Coordinator, Curriculum Options (203) 837-3267
Dr. Pauline Goolkasian, Program Coordinator, Special Education (203) 837-8939
Dr. AnnMarie Spatola, Program Coordinator, Literacy & Language (203) 837-8938
Master of Science in Music Education
Dr. Kevin Jay Isaacs, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8355
Dr. Jeremy Wiggins, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8354
Master of Science in Nursing
Dr. Mary Nielson, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8888
Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis
Dr. Stephanie Kuhn, Program Coordinator (203) 837-3206
Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Study Certificate
Master of Science in Integrative Biological Diversity
Dr. Theodora Pinou, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8793
Master of Science in Addiction Studies
Dr. Shane Murphy, Program Coordinator (203) 837-9398