Social Work

Transfer students

Welcome to the Social Work Program at WCSU!

We have many students who transfer from community colleges and other universities each year.  Students come to WCSU to study social work for our hands on approach to learning and our commitment to helping students grow into professional social workers.  Most of your credits will transfer easily into our program, but here are some tips to help you move toward graduating with a BSW more smoothly.

Please take the following courses at your current school:

These classes require C+ or better in order to have the credits count toward a social work major:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • American Government
  • Introduction to Human Services/Social Work (if available at your college)

If you have not met the grade requirements for the classes above, you can retake them. 



Other required courses you might want to take before transferring are:

  • Math 100 (intermediate math) and Math 110 (Great Ideas in Math) or Math 120 (Elementary Statistics)
  • 2 years of college foreign language (if you didn’t complete 3 years of high school foreign language with a B average)


To find out out which courses at your institution match up with our requirements, check out this link:







You will be advised by the Social Work Department Chair of your best options when you enter our program. If you have any questions about transferring into the social work major, please contact our Department Secretary at