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Theatre Arts : Theatre Arts – BA in Theatre Arts

BA Theatre Arts – Design/Tech Option


Description: This BA in Theatre Arts Option is appropriate for students who wish to study theatre within the broader context of a liberal arts education and to emphasize their area of concentration within theatrical design/technology.  In addition to this concentration of study, BA students are encouraged to explore breadth and variety in their educational pursuits to enhance their understanding of the world around them and to give them greater career versatility as a graduate.

Degree Requirements: All degrees at WCSU require 120 semester hours (SH). This includes major requirements, general education requirements, cognates (where applicable), and free electives. This structure provides room for minors, internships, and study abroad.

Student Standing: Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0, with 2.5 in courses used to satisfy major requirements. Theatre courses with grades lower than “C” will not be accepted as meeting the requirements for the major.

General Education: All students must complete the General Education curriculum. General Education Requirements include both competency and breadth requirements. In some cases, major courses will satisfy competencies. These are indicated in the parentheses after the course title. For a complete description of the General Education program, follow this link.

Cognates: In some programs there are courses outside of the major that are required as pre-requisites or enhancements to the major course work. These courses may satisfy competencies and they will count toward the general education breadth requirement. If cognate courses are required, they are included in the list of courses required in the major.

Electives: All degrees require 120 semester hours.  Elective credits are opportunities for minors, internships, study abroad, and just following general interests. We encourage all students to speak with their advisors about great opportunities for their elective courses.





THR 100 Introduction to Theatre Production (FY) OR THR 300 (1-3) 1 SH
THR 181 Acting I: An Introduction (CP) 3 SH
THR 182 Technical Theatre I 3 SH
THR 201 Playmaking with Children OR THR 289 Children’s Theatre Practicum 3 SH
THR 202 Technical Theatre II OR THR 306 Costume Technology II 3 SH
THR 279 History of Theatre OR THR 286 Theatre History II 3 SH
THR 383 Methods of Scenic Arts/Crafts 3 SH
THR 284 Costume Technology 3 SH
THR 300 Theatre Production Lab (at least 1 SH for 6 semesters). THR 300 may taken for 1-3 SH each semester. Students must still participate for 6 semesters. 6 SH
THR 390 Play Production 3 SH
THR 387 Devised Theatre Workshop 3 SH
THR 490 Senior Portfolio in Theatre Arts (CE, W3) 3 SH


THR 125 Theatre Design Fundamentals 3 SH
THR 304 Computer Drafting 3 SH
THR 283 Scenic Design 3 SH
THR 384 Fundamentals of Stage Lighting 3 SH
Design/Tech Elective from the following: ART 141 Drawing I, COM 146 Basic Video Production, THR 297 Cooperative Education, THR 302 Costume Design, THR 307 Allied Craft in 3D for Stage, THR 402 Special Topics in Design/Tech. 3 SH


ART 100 Hist. of Western Art: Beg. to Ren. OR ART 101 Hist. of Art: Ren to Present. 3 SH
ENG 107W Intro to Drama (W2) 3 SH

Minimum GPA for the BA in Theatre Arts = 2.5 in the major and a “C” or better in all courses within the major. 2.0 overall..



SAMPLE 4-YEAR PLAN OF STUDY – Design/Tech Option