Tutoring Resource Center

General Policies

The Tutoring Resource Center provides students with academic support in keeping with our mission to promote collaborative learning and empowerment with the highest standards of integrity. 

These policies are designed with this goal in mind.

General Policies:
  • Students must book a tutoring appointments at least the day prior to give tutors enough time to prepare for the session.
  • Tutoring sessions can range between 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours in length
  • Students are allotted up to 3 active appointments at any given time
  • Appointments may be scheduled in advance
  • The schedule rotation starts on Sunday
  • The Center is closed on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Appointment forms should be conscience and as specific as possible
  • Contact the TRC Coordinator to request small group sessions or tutor lead study groups
  • Most tutoring sessions occur in the TRC on the 2nd floor of the Haas Library but can occur in other public, academic locations on campus and only as approved by the coordinator. Other locations include: 
    • Visual & Performing Arts practice rooms
    • Study rooms within the Haas or Young libraries
    • NO dormitories, residential halls, or off campus locations will be allowed
    • if needing assistance on an assignment while in a residential hall, please see your Academic Resource Mentor on staff at the front desk.Please use the printer responsibly. Students are asked to print anything larger than 20 pages on the printers downstairs
  • Respect other students. While we encourage collaborative learning in the TRC, please keep conversations quiet and focused on academics. Disrupting students will be asked to leave.
  • Computers and TRC supplies to be used for academic work only.


Additional Policies:

Scheduling Appointments


Holidays and inclement Weather

Confidentiality in the TRC

Academic Honesty

Frequently Asked Questions