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Your WESTCONNect Card is your school ID and gives you access to meal plans and discretionary funds, the ability to unlock secured areas, print, attend activities and events and more.

You can manage your card through the WESTCONNect WebCard Center. See your balances and transaction history, report your card as lost, activate your most recently issued card, set your door security PIN and more. Students may deposit money into their accounts and/or set up authorized payers for others to deposit money into their CONNect Cash (discretionary funds) accounts.

Issuance of cards has changed.

Commuter students will be notified that their card is ready to be picked up.
Resident students pick up their cards in the office. Cards may be issued in the residence halls only during move in day.


Follow the steps below to create your permanent WESTCONNect Card.

To start make sure you have activated your university computer accounts, including your university email account.

Newly enrolled students & newly hired faculty and staff are sent an email to the WCSU email address. If you do not know your WCSU computer account username and password, please contact our service desk at RequestIT@wcsu.edu or call (203) 837-8467.

In order to log in to the WESTCONNect WebCard Center, you must have a WCSU university account.

See below for photo submission guidelines and how to set your Door Security PIN.

———    SUBMITTING A PHOTO    You may submit a photo & ID verification document online at the WESTCONNect WebCard Center or visit our office to have a photo taken. For instructions on how to submit a photo online Click Here

You must submit your photo & ID verification document together. Check your WCSU email account to confirm your photo was approved!

  • Use a recent, color photo. You may smile, or not. Do not make facial expressions that distort your facial features.
  • A white, or light colored background is required. (Tip: Use a towel, sheet, or large piece of paper as a background.)
  • Bright, even lighting is required. The photo may not be too bright, too dark, or too blurry.
  • Use a centered, frontal view of your full face, no profiles. Do not use angles or head tilt poses.
  • The photo must be a head shot only, and include the area from your collarbone to the top of your head.
  • No hats, head coverings, sunglasses, or Snapchat/Instagram filters.
  • Eyes must be open. Wear prescription glasses if you normally do so.
  • Only include yourself in the photo. Photos that include other individuals or pets will not be accepted.
  • Inappropriate photos will be denied and may be referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action.


  • Acceptable file formats include: jpg, jpeg, .gif, and .png.
  • Maximum pixel size: 600px by 400px.
  • Maximum file size: 2 MB.

Submit a valid ID. This ID may be a driver’s license, state ID card, passport, military ID or other school ID card. This information is required so that we are able to virtually confirm your identity in order to issue you the WESTCONNect Card. If you do not upload an ID, then your photo will be rejected. Your ID document is deleted automatically when your photo is approved. If your photo is rejected, the ID document is saved for 48 hours to allow time for you to submit a new photo for approval. If no action is taken, the ID document will be deleted after 48 hours.

Check your WCSU email for a confirmation that your submitted photo was approved or rejected. If rejected, please submit a new photo following the requirements.


All cardholders must select a 4-digit PIN that they use with their cards to unlock secured doors.

You may set your own PIN, or change your PIN at any time using the WESTCONNect WebCard Center. You may not use “0000” as your PIN.

To create or reset your Door Security PIN:

  1. Log in to the WESTCONNect Web Card Center
  2. Enter the 4 digit PIN of your choosing, and enter it a second time to confirm

How to use your card and PIN at a card reader:

  1. Present your WESTCONNect Card to the reader. When the light begins to flash, take the card away from the reader
  2. With the hand that is NOT holding the card, enter your 4-digit PIN on the card reader key pad
  3. When the light display is green you may open the door

The WESTCONNect Card is also used for various activity and event check-ins. For example, cards have been used at Student Employment Job Fairs, Academic Advisement Offices, and more.

Also, Box Office event payments are possible using CONNect Cash.

⏤ CONNECT CASHCONNect Cash is a discretionary spending program that allows any person with a valid university ID to deposit money on their card for use at a variety of locations.

CONNect Cash does not expire, and remains valid as long as you are an enrolled student, or active employee. The balance rolls semester to semester.

Remember that you can manage your card account online via the WESTCONNect WebCard Center. to see your balances and transactions history or mark your card as lost.

⏤ CONNECT PRINTCONNect Print credits are automatically loaded on registered students’ WESTCONNect Cards and can be used at designated locations.

CONNect Print Credits ARE NOT the same as CONNect Cash.

You cannot use CONNect Print credits anywhere except CONNect Print locations and your CONNect Cash is currently not accepted at CONNect Print locations.

If you experience any problems while trying to print, please visit one of the staffed computer labs and ask the lab assistant for help.

For further information, click here to view the University’s IT&I Support Help Page.

⏤ Fitness FacilitiesFitness Rooms

Students, faculty, and staff who wish to use the fitness facilities on campus must present their WESTCONNect Card to the staff to validate their status as a current member of the campus community.

⏤ HARD KEY ISSUANCE & CARD ACCESSThe WESTCONNect Card Office coordinates the physical security of the university’s facilities.

This includes locksets and physical keys, stand-alone electronic locksets, on-line card access control systems and security camera systems.

The WESTCONNect team strives to make facility security as convenient as possible without compromising security. Keys and access to restricted areas are all provided by the WESTCONNect Office upon the approval of Deans, department chairs, directors or club advisors.

⏤ KEY BOX MANAGEMENTWestern Connecticut State University utilizes the Traka™ Key Cabinet system.

Key cabinets are deployed in each building and allow the university to inventory and manage high security keys such as master and sub-master level keys.

Keys are not to leave the buildings in which they are being utilized. Keys must stay in the possession of the authorized individual at all times, and are never to be left on carts, shelves, or other unattended areas.

For directions on how to access the key boxes visit the Locksmith Services & Facility Security Systems Page.

⏤ LAUNDRYResident students may use the laundry facilities on campus, and they may now pay using touch less payment options.

Using the web based interface students can manage laundry with the ability to see the status of machines, place a hold on machines, and set up notification preferences related to laundry.

Instructions on how to access and pay for laundry online:

Check status and place holds  WCSU WebCard Center

Pay for laundry using your mobile device CBORD MOBILE ID APP

⏤ MEAL PLANYour WESTCONNect Card also serves as your meal plan card, if you have purchased a plan.

Meal plans are a products that are pre-purchased in full, and all meal plans have expiration dates. Meal plans are typically a combination of meals and flex points. Flex points are intended to be used for what is considered “retail” purchases.

Please note that meal plans funds, both meal and flex points, may only be used at on-campus food service locations.

Resident students are required to have a meal plan, and the plans are assigned based on residence hall placement. Changes to meal plans for resident students should be requested trough the Housing and Residence Life Office.

Commuter students may choose to have a meal plan. Commuter students who wish to purchase a meal plan should do so via the Cashiers Office.

Faculty and staff may choose to have a meal plan and they may purchase the plans at the food service payment register locations.

Detailed meal plan information is available at the Food Services website or at the Food Services Office located in the midtown Student Center by the Student Restaurant.

Do you need to know how many meals or flex points you have left? Do you want to know where you spent your funds? You may view your meal plan information through the WESTCONNect WebCard Center.

⏤ NEW TO WCSUWelcome to WCSU! We look forward to meeting you on campus.

The WCSU identification card is called the WESTCONNect Card. The card offers you access to spending funds and purchases (meal plan money and discretionary funds), unlocking secured areas, printing, attending activities and events, and more. You will come to rely on your card during your everyday life at the university, so you will need to keep it safe and secured.

For information about how to obtain your card and the services it provides as well as campus security and access, click on the links below:


  1. A List of WESTCONNect's Security and Card Services
  2. Hours & Location
  3. Staff Contact Information

Activate My Card   VISIT PAGE

  1. Steps to Get your Card
  2. Submitting your Photo
  3. Setting your Pin


  1. WESTCONNect WebCard Center


  1. On and Off Campus CONNect Cash Locations
  2. Depositing Money into your Account

Student, Faculty & Staff Access  VISIT PAGE

  1. Your Access
  2. Requesting Access
  3. Reporting an Access Problem (Faculty&Staff)  * Resident Students must report a problem to their Resident Director.
  4. Access & Security Policies

Report & Replace  VISIT PAGE

  1. Report your Lost Card
  2. Replace your Card

Locksmith Services &
Facility Security Systems  VISIT PAGE

  1. Key Boxes
  2. Security Cameras
  3. Shelter in Place & Emergency Break Glass Devices

For any Questions or inquiries not answered, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page, or contact us at Request_WestConnect@wcsu.edu  /  (203) 837-9311

⏤ PHYSICAL DOOR ACCESSThe WESTCONNect Card is literally your access to a world of services here at the university

Including but not limited to physical door access, meal plans, the debit card program (CONNect Cash), ConnectPrint credits which allow on campus printing, entry to campus fitness facilities, campus library use, access to special events, and off campus community spending programs.

⏤ RESIDENCE HALLS ACCESSThe university’s residence halls are secured at all times.

 All residents’ cards are programmed for access to their assigned buildings. A WESTCONNect Card must be presented in order to enter the building, at no time should anyone hold open a door to allow another person to enter the building without using a card. If you are visiting someone in the residence hall, please call the person whom you are visiting to coordinate entry and visitor check in at the main desk.

Access to individual residence rooms and bathrooms is managed by the Residence Life staff. Lost cards should be reported immediately using the WESTCONNect WebCard Center. Instructions may be found here.

Temporary cards are available from the Resident Directors until a replacement card may be obtained at the WESTCONNect Card Office during the next business day. Temporary cards must be returned to the Resident Director, or a replacement fee will be assessed to the student.

If there is a problem with the security system, the Resident Director may issue a physical key to the student. Keys must be returned to the Resident Director, or a replacement fee will be assessed to the student.

Security Tips

Do not hold doors open to let others into the buildings. Each person should use their own card to enter

Do not prop open doors or tamper with doors to keep them unlocked

Have all visitors check in with the front desk, and follow all residence hall policies and procedures

Do not give your card to others to gain access to your building or room

Keep your room doors closed and secured, do not walk away and leave your room unsecured

Problems with Access or Security?

Start by reporting all problems to the Resident Director. They are able to troubleshoot and resolve most access problems. If they are not able to resolve the issue, they will report the problem using the work order system.

⏤ SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEMSSecurity cameras are in use in various public areas on both campuses.

Typical surveillance areas include parking garages, lobbies of residence halls, 24-hour computer labs, elevators, and exteriors of buildings.

All cameras are recording and may be monitored.

Retrieval of video may be conducted by the University Police Department as it relates to criminal investigations. Human Resources and Judicial Affairs may request video for case investigations as well.

All other requests for video would be processed via a Freedom of Information request made to the university.

⏤ WESTCONNECT CARDYour WESTCONNect Card is your school ID and gives you access to meal plans and discretionary funds, the ability to unlock secured areas, print, attend activities and events and more.

You can manage your card through the WESTCONNect WebCard Center. See your balances and transaction history, report your card as lost, activate your most recently issued card, set your door security PIN and more. Students may deposit money into their accounts and/or set up authorized payers for others to deposit money into their CONNect Cash (discretionary funds) accounts.