A light on in an empty room. Single-sided copies instead of double. Sending mailers to people you could communicate with electronically. Traveling to meet someone in person instead of talking over the phone.

All these things cost money that could be spent in other ways. A committee of WCSU faculty, students and staff want to hear your ideas about how WestConn can save — and use that money instead on crucial services. As we start planning for the next fiscal year, finances will be thoroughly scrutinized. Any savings we can find now will make the process easier.

Use the link below to tell the WestConnserve Committee your ideas about how the university can save money. The efficiencies might be found by eliminating a task that is no longer relevant, or by many little steps that add up to big savings. Nothing is too small to mention; all suggestions will be investigated. And a member of the committee will report back to you.

So share your ideas with us. Then we can put your ideas to work and start spending that extra cash to make a better future for everyone at WestConn.