WCSU Covid-19 Information Fall 2021

Westside Nature Preserve


Monday, 4/5/04– Happily, for the past week nocturnal visits have revealed 7-8 adult Spotted Salamanders, as well as numerous spermatophores, at each of the two vernal pools observed- this is comforting (see March 20th, below).  However, since these observations have been made, no egg masses have been found- this may be a cause for concern.  For pictures of Wood Frogs and Spotted Salamanders, as well as egg masses, go to www.wcsu.edu/wnp and scroll down to Vertebrate Animals.

Saturday, 3/20/04– First day of spring; tonight (about 8 pm), about 35 oF and drizzling, at the Westside Campus vernal pool one could hear frog (one Wood Frog, Ranasylvatica, was observed) and Spring Peeper vocalizations.  Although looked for, neither adult Spotted Salamanders, Ambystoma maculatum, nor spermatophores were found)