TO:        Vijay Nair, Senate President

FROM:    Josie Hamer, Chair of the UAC    

DATE:    March 15, 2004 

The following is an update of the presidential search.  Please feel free to share this with the University Senate.

We have started receiving resumes from the search firm and members of the committees have the opportunity to review them.  

The committees will meet jointly on April 2 where the consultant, Chuck Bunting, will outline the top 20-25 candidates as screened by the firm as those candidates they believe best meet the stated criteria and who would be qualified to fill the presidency.  The criteria were developed by the Trustees' Search Committee with input from the University Advisory Committee and the various open forum opportunities held at the university.

After further screening, up to five candidates will be invited to campus to meet with faculty, staff, students and other constituencies and formal interviews by the Trustees' Search Committee and the University Advisory Committee.  The projected dates for the visits are:  May 3, May 4, May 5, May 11 and May 14.

Resumes of each of those candidates will be made available prior to their arrival.

As you know the ad is available through the system office link from Western's homepage. A profile of Western is also available on this link. This profile was developed from the various open discussions held on campus, and I think it fairly represents the university and the role of the president here.

Regarding your question about the Advisory Committee, we all feel that we can fairly represent our constituencies. We have discussed whether there needs to be further open meetings, and we all agree that these would serve no further purpose at this point. However, we do want to stress that each of us is willing to speak with any member of the university regarding that person's concerns. We recommend that such correspondence be done via e-mail to me, but if any group would like to meet with me (or any other member of the committee), I (we) will try our best to schedule a time to do so. However, realize that time is short, and so scheduling full meetings may be impossible.