OCTOBER 28, 2023

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Ancell School of Business
Preview Day

10 A.M. – 1 P.M.

Learn more about Accounting, Cybersecurity, Economics, Finance, Management, & Marketing.



Communication, Media Arts, & Creative / Professional Writing Preview Day

12 – 3 P.M.

Learn more about Communication Studies, Media Arts, Digital and Interactive Media Arts & Professional Writing.



Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences Preview Day

10 A.M. – 1 P.M.

Learn more about Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, History, Mathematics, Meteorology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology / Anthropology, Social Sciences & Spanish.


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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Simon DeLeon '25, Music Education, Minor in Art
My favorite thing about Hispanic heritage and my culture is that we’re very family-oriented. I just love spending time with my family.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Erika Yunga '24, Accounting
My name is Erika and my favorite things about my culture, Ecuador, are the values and the beliefs that they hold, the tradition and the history.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Peter Julian DeLeon '27, Audio Production/Voice Concentration
Hispanic Heritage Month is the celebration and acknowledgement of Hispanic heritage, as well as the celebration of all Hispanics who have led the way for other Hispanics to excel at music, work, food and more.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Kelly Figueroa '27, Marketing, Minor in Spanish
My name is Kelly and my favorite thing about my culture is that the food is great and I like the aesthetic and the history.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Sebastian Sanchez '27, Music Education
Embrace the culture you grew up with. Look at it like it’s beautiful.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Joshua Burke '27 Meterology
Never sell yourself short.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
Juan Mendez '27 Music Education/Music Production
Your heritage is everything. It’s never going away. It’s what defines you and it’s really good to be in touch with it.

Happy Pride!

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