Honors Classes in Action

HON 100 – The Nature of Inquiry  – Dr. Christopher Kukk

Course Description: This purpose of this course is to examine some of the methodologies various academic disciplines use to understand topics.  Each semester the course will examine a different topic, such as crime, mental illness or sexuality, by applying various disciplinary techniques and perspectives.  The course is also designed to expose student to some of the key informational resources available in various fields (Prerequisite:  Admission into the University Honors Program or Permission of lnstructor, every fall semester).

The following videos were completed by honors students in the introductory honors class, The Nature of Inquiry, during the fall 2015 semester. Students had to choose a brain rule from John Medina’s book Brain Rules and show how it is related to a subject, analyzing the relationship and connections using the four modes of inquiry.

HON 398 – Crossing the Danger Water – Dr. Donald Gagnon

Course Description: The slave trade between Africa and the Americas marked the Atlantic Ocean as the site of what Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and others have called “the largest unmarked graveyard in the world.”  Whether referred to as “The Danger Water,” “The Middle Passage” or “The City of Bones,” among other designations, the Atlantic serves as an unmarked gravesite for more than a million Africans who died of either physical trauma and deprivation or intentional self-sacrifice.  As such, it has since become a fertile ground for African American literature in its task of reviving the spiritual power of the ancestors in order to enrich the lives of their descendants.  In particular, African American writers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have consecrated the experience of the Middle Passage as a sacred one and its Atlantic geography as a sacred site, marked by monuments and literary tributes to its spiritual value in acknowledging the value of the lives lost in attempt to restore visibility and therefore power to the souls lost along the journey.


HON398 – Stop Motion Animation – Professor Sabrina Marques

Course Description: This course will investigate information we consume from news coverage to social media and visually respond to current event issues through the medium of stop motion animation. Students will create artwork to socially engage an audience of their peers. Through the process of making art, students will begin to see the world differently as the medium of drawing- specifically charcoal-rendered stop motion animation, becomes a tool for communicating ideas. Students will choose a current crisis (consumer culture or global warming, for instance) that they will turn into their stop motion animation.


HON400 – The Science and Art of Learning – Dr. Christopher Kukk

The following videos were completed by honors students in the spring 2016 capstone course, The Science and Art of Learning, taught by Dr. Kukk. For this assignment, students had to solve a complex problem on a subject of their choice and analyze the problem and possible solutions using the four modes of inquiry.